They Call Me Small Ancestor

Chapter 8: The cure.

After he finished reading, he sat there motionlessly, digested all the knowledge.

After a long time, he got up and was satisfied. Now only he needs to practice.

He stood up walked around the field and enjoys the scenery.

In addition to medicinal fields and rice fields, there were other fields such as vegetable fields, Flower fields.

Seems that he can enjoy such a scenery.

As for the two ancestors, they are very lucky.

Every now and then he used to drink the water which contains aura of life, even feeding both the two ancestors.

Due to this, their body physique, organs, eyesight brain power changed drastically.

Now they are grown up.

One week outside is equal to 700 days inside, and approaximately 2 years.

They both are three years old now and only half a year difference between the siblings- the girl being elder than her younger brother.

Now they were all sleeping, these years. Finally they awakened now and they are lively.

He saw them and smiled.

”Come here, let grandpa give you a hug and let you start practicing! ”

They were both happy. They giggled and laughed all around.

He gave them water to drink for both of them and gave them some medicines to eat for another few days.

As for the names he got a headache. How to name them?

He walked around with these two ancestors and he was absent minded that he did not notice there was another chamber inside this space.

He walked inside carefully and saw that there were brushes of all different sizes, different types of ancient kitchen knives, different types of ancient cooking wares and some musical instruments.

He saw that this musical instruments are Guzheng, Flute, Guqin, Zither, Harp, Paiban, Erhu and Pipa, which are very ancient.

He was very excited that these were there. He was wondering that when he got these inheritances, how should he practice the musics, even if he buys the modern one, it won fit him.

Now he needs to practice daily here and does not need to worry.

He taught of the names- one must be cure all diseases and one must learn the art of music. He saw both of them and asked: ”What do you want to learn? ”

The boy replied: ”I will follow my sister. ”

He was stupified! Never mind, first he can teach all three skills- ”Self defence, Path of medicine and Path of arts. ”

As for the later pick, just let them.

”Come here. ” He called both of them.

”From today you will be called Wu Yinyue and Wu Yisheng! ” He pointed to the girl and the boy.

They blinked their eyes unaware of what he is saying.

He pointed started teaching them the three skills. While teaching them he gave each of them to eat medicinal materials and water to drink, with the help of these, they started learning their lessons.

And he finally felt satisfied as if taking revenge on them.

As for him, he called himself- ”Zhai Bai Bing ”. He felt satisfied with his name.

Now that his body is healthy, and his old illness are cured, he must make his appearance like an old man.

He remembered that there was a skill called ”Body Transformation. ” He planned to use this skill.

Day by day, when he was preaching them medical skills and self defence skills, he would go and learn the cooking skills of different recipes and work on musical instruments.

He won bother to take out these instruments, who knows that once taken out, there will be many eyes around.

And these two ancestors, their body is full of black dregs when they started practicing, so he just took them outside and made them jump into river and wash their body clean.

He made took out another set of clothes for both of them and made them practice outside.

Now he sees that there are not many clothes. He must go out and start buying clothes.

Thinking whether he should admit these little guys to school or not?

Modern society, modern technology, he does not like it at all.

Thinking of this he gave up.


For another three months, he practiced all the skills and became proficeint in it. Whether be it Cooking or Acupuncture or Self-defence or Instrumental or Calligraphy, he is very satisfied.

As for these two ancestors, now they are around six years old and six-half years old.

During these months, they are also proficient in all three skills and even their minds are matured.

Not only they learnt the ancient chinese language, they also aware of their own bodies and different Acupoints.

And they are aware that they must not tell these secrets to anyone except their group of three.

Everyday they would be beaten up by the old man and deep in their bones, it also made them afraid. For them, he is like their father.


Another one year, After being proficient they became experts.

He also gained some insights.

He wondered whether he should make some sets of these Acupuncture needles and another set of Instruments.

But where to find these materials. He remembered that except for these people, these inheritances can be shared or told to outside world.

Rummaging his brain, he suddenly became ecstatic, he rembered that in the 70th book, there were descriptions and materials required. These materials can also be found inside of scroll but it must be ugraded.

By ugradation meaning, his strength must be sufficient then only he can make these required sets.

He is very happy now. Right now, he knows that his strength is not enough, so he can only wait.

The clothes no longer fit these two ancestors. And for him, he does not care about his clothes. Eventhough his body is youthful like appearance now, he does not want to be bothered by it. So he always kept practising, ”Body transformation ”.

After drinking a lot of water and eating a lot of medicines from scroll, he body has undergone changes. Thats why his body now is like youthful appearance.

He looked at the two ancestors, they were both running around and playing.

Nowadays he cooks himself and felt satisfied with this craft. Even these two ancestors would wait for him to cook.

He, sometimes used food as a punishment in case if they don answer, so he punished them without food for few days.

Thinking about this he finally rejoiced and laughed.


And today it is time to leave this mountain.

He solemnly bowed to this place, burned some twigs as incense and finally kowtowed three times and left this place without looking back.

Followed by two little ancestors.

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