They Call Me Small Ancestor

Chapter 5: Painting scroll.

The second one he observed the sculpture for more than two weeks but he still could not find it how to break. He sighed and decided to take a break.

He got up and went towards the exit, washed himself up and came back refreshingly. He stuffed some food on his mouth.

Its been two weeks and remembered that he is still a mortal.

He still saw that these two ancestral lords woke up last week, crying loudly, making him afraid. He stuffed some food on their mouths and they finally went asleep.

I hope that they won wake up. Its too tiring. These two lords sleep like a log all day, see how I torture you after you grow up. Hmph. He sneered on his heart. His revenge is going to come soon.

This is the last week of the month, if he does not succeed, he can only blame himself for his eyesight.

With that, he sat down, removing all the unwanted thoughts and he observe carefully this time.

He still could not see it. He is soo helpless. He stood up and imitated the posture of the sculpture.

He felt the pains in his bones. He hurriedly grabbed some medicines which were available and digested it.

He saw that the sculpture was begining to break into pieces.

Does it mean that I must imitate these postures?

He is old now, how can he imitate? Plus he is too tired.

NIMA! You are too ruthless! One day I will find you and beat your ass up.

Forget it, for the sake of these two ancestors let me learn.

After three days, he got the posture correctly and the sculpture began to break.

He saw that there was a book fallen on the floor. The book in cover written as - ”Cooking recipes ”.

Fuck! I thought it would be something horrible and you give me this recipes? He finally cried without tears.

Finally he could not bear with it and what he must do is foremost break all the sculptures, collect all the books and read it.

He went to the third sculpture.

For the third sculpture, it took him two weeks.

After one year, he was too tired everyday with less sleep, he goes on to break the sculpture.

Even the two ancestors woke up in middle, disturbing him. He could only feed them for sometime or knock them out but in return their stomach betrayed and wailed more aggrievely.

Finally after one year, he broke the last sculpture and did not even bother to take a look on the book, he just lay on the floor, slept soundly for one week.

He did not even notice the time. He was too tired. After one week of sleep, he felt refreshed and went towards the exit, washed himself on the river, wore another sets of clothes.

How can he exactly say one year because its by seeing the full moon. Every month there will be a full moon. 12 full moon, 12 months. In case if one day we all forget the days, we can only see the moon and count.

Regarding these two ancestors, they have been grown up a little, he don know whether its partly because of medicine or whether their metabolism.

Never mind, in another two or three years, he will leave this place and travel the world.

He shook his head, and saw that the last book has fallen. So he picked up and patted the dust.

After patting the dust, he just put the book aside.

He saw that there are no more sculptures and he felt satisfied.

He went around and saw there this was a huge area. How long does this take to dug this mud? If by using modern equioments it may take at least 2-3 years. How did this ancient character dig out so much?

He can even imagine that this is an underground.

At the corner he saw that there was a door. He strode towards the door and opened it gently. Who knows if he uses some strength the door will break into pieces. So he just pushes gently.

After he opened the door, he saw that this was a room, with a bed, table, chair and book shelf. On the table he saw that there was a book.

He picked up and saw that the it says- ”Rewards ”.

His eyes enthusiastically brimmed with delight. Does it mean rewards for finishing all these sculptures? If so, then it is worth it.

He opened the book and started to read: ”Destined person, if you have finished breaking all the sculptures into pieces, it means that you have collected all the books. I know that you may be resenting but each sculpture is a different form of fighting style, be sure to practice well. And also these books must be read as soon as possible because they won last long. ”

Are you still playing with me? These books won last long? Then will I last long? What the hell? Too many rules.

One day I will smash your face, hmph! You wait!

It then continued: ”As for the rewards, there is a painting scroll on the book shelf, drip a drop of your blood and it will recgnize you as master. One day outside is equal to 100 times inside. And there are some miscellaneous items. Everything I planted in the space is all your gift. Be sure to use it well. And to increase your memory, better take all the medicinal materials, leave one leaf and plant in inside space. So that you can take it after growing. As for the body, well figure it out on your own! ”

It seems that this person was in a hurry. Maybe the enemy was chasing him? He could not figure it out. He saw that the book disappeared and turned into ashes.

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