eak it and you get the book. There are 108 sculptures. Each sculpture cannot be more than one month, after one month, the sculpture will destruct itself. ”

NIMA! What the hell! Are you kidding me? If I don break the sculpture with one month it will destruct itself? Why don you suicide?

He feels very distressed. Anyway its better than nothing, he must see every book and learn everything. At least it makes worthwhile.

”This book is the mystery of medicine and human physiology, Massages and Cupping. It also contains various acupoints, which 108 are the main acupoints of human body. This technique is lost in the annals of time. It is called - ”Five Astronomical Seals of Human Body ”, ”Five Divine Auspicious Needle ”, ”108 Netherworld Needle ” and ”108 Yin-Yang Needle ”. As for Massaging and Cupping techniques, one is related to accupunture technique but mainly relies on hand rather than needle so this method is called ”216-Heavenly Desire ”, as for Cupping, it is called ”321-Fire world. ” These techniques must never be shared outside, once shared, catastrophe is imminent. If one has to share, it only must be shared to those who come with the destined person. ”

It means that he can only share it to those two ancestral creatures. Maybe they are lucky.

”Read carefully, once read, this book will disappear from this world. ”

What! Are you still kidding me? One month to finish each sculpture, once you read, it will disappear? Are you killing me or what? He finally has no tears but want to cry now.

This is torturing too much. Anyway there is no loss.

”The body of all living beings are the same. Only it has different structures. For example animal and humans does not have same structure, but foundation is same. So either of the bodies are the most complicated. To learn all 4 accupunture techniques, use your own body as an experiment, know your body well then only you can treat others. It is also….. ”

After long time, he finally closed his eyes, digesting whatever its written in the book tested himself by pressing the acupoints. Slowly slowly he became familiar with it after all his background was traditional medicine so he quickly grasped the information. What he must do now is that he must break all these sculptures and take away all the books. And digest one by one.

Eventhough he digested the book of medicinal knowledge it takes too much time. So he can only hope to digest as far as possible.

After three days, he digested all the knowledge of medicine and he became familiar with it.

He does not feel hungry, does not know why but he feels very energetic.

He still saw that these two ancestors were still sleeping, so he did not bother them.

He continued onto the next.

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