His body fell down, laying on the floor, his body twitching uncontronllably with the blood flowing from his mouth.

His blood slowly goes into the soil.

Unaware of his own consciouness, his blood slowly, penetrates and drips on the underground.

Deep in the underground, there lay a tomb. As his blood slowly drips down drop by drop.

Unaware of his own body, the ground shakes and suddenly opened and made a passage of its own.

His body is carried into deep grounds. There lay an majestic warrior, unkown of the time behind!

As time passes, his body is now so thin like a skeleton, even his bones are visible.

As time passes,

He woke up. He saw that his body was like mummy, his body so light now. When he woke up, he stomach started growling full of hunger, unable to control himself, he walks to the podium, eats whatever he finds.

Unaware of the episode behind, he now felt that his stomach is full and burped loudly.

When he burped, black gas came out, without noticing himself.

He now walks and suddenly noticed the changes in the surroundings. He saw that this was a very large tomb. A lot of unique statues lay here.

Not wantingly to disturb, he kowtowed and said: ”Ancestors, Im sorry that I have disturbed your tomb. Im an old man, a mere mortal, please don have grievances with me who is going to die. ”

With that he got up and got himself to get ready to go out of the tomb.

He saw that exit where the ray of light comes in, so he ran fast to escape himself from dangers.

What he did not know is that this tomb opened because of his blood. Its so funny that he ran away unaware of his body that has changed when he ate those foods.

The foods he ate are all elixir medicines!

If these are auctioned into the mortal world, who knows that rich people are willing to pay billions of money for such an medicine!

With that said, he walked towards the exit, and noticed that he does not need walking stick anymore.

He walked towards the hut and sees that both the babies are sleeping and he smiled.

He noticed that the passage of tomb is still open. He does not know what to do. He is very scared now.

What if someone comes and intervens his peaceful life? He does not want that.

Unable to think himself, he holds both the babies and enters the tomb.

The passage of tomb is suddenly closed. He was stupified.

NIMA! Are you kidding me? When I go out you don close the passage, now I entered with the babies, you closed? How the ** should I go out when i need to?

He was very distressed. Forget it, who cares, at least people won disturb me here. He thought so himself.

He put babies down who were still sleeping and walked around.

He saw that these were all the significant figures in ancient chinese mythologies. It was sculptured.

Big hats off to the sculpture who sculptured these mythological creatures.

One by one he walked passed them, kowtowed them saying: ”Ancestors, I was bought here by mistake, so I can only live here for few more days and these two babies are the one I adopted as they were thrown away in jungle. Please do forgive us for the disturbance. ”

With that he bowed to each statue with a sincere manner.

After a long time, the wails of babies came as they were hungry, he did not find any food, he just picked up some medicinal materials, he just sniffed and fed the two children.

After feeding them, they went back to sleep. As for him, he went around the tomb again and again.

Finally he got tired and felt asleep on the floor.

While he was laying on the floor, he felt that his body has undergone certain changes.

Unaware of himself, after a long time he got up and rubbed his eyes.

He again saw these sculptures with awe and worship.

Each sculpture has a certain unique edge and flow.

Its like one who see the oldest calligraphy written on paper and seeing it daily never gets bored.

Each sculpture, he stands silly for a long time, wondering whether these creatures existed or not!

Eventhough its a sculpture sculpted from an unknown being, the works that were done here are one of a kind.

Unaware of the time, at the corner, suddenly, he saw that there was a pill with red colour.

By seeing the pill, his heart throb as if its calling him.

Unconsciously, he went, picked up the pill and swallowed.

After swallowing, he felt the changes in his body.

He saw that his body which some blood vessels were clogged some injuries which were not curable, all cured.

As he was enjoying the pleasure, there was an heavy knock on his head.

It was full of knowledge, unable to bear the pain, he passed out.

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