They Call Me Small Ancestor

Chapter 2: Inheritance.

Deep in the mountains, located far far away from the villages, towns and cities.

At dawn,

There is an old hut made up of wood blocks. Don know how many years this old man has been staying.

The old man lay on bed, with his old body who is near death.

On the side of his bed, there lay two children, who just looked like they were born.

Infact they are one year old who is a boy and one and half years old which is a girl. When he was travelling in the mountains last year, he saw these three children were abandoned and their parents don know whether its alive or dead.

So he took care of them carefully. Since then he never wandered off far from the hut. Everything is done nearby, collecting food, making fire, cooking, etc.

His body worsened day by day and saw that his death is coming near.

If he was staying alone, he could accept the death but these two unknown children, who knows that his body worsened and his death door came before they opened their eyes.

He seemed to be a bit unwilling.

Slowly, slowly, he got up from bed, and walked out of the hut with a walking stick.

He saw that his eyes were a little bit dim and his conscious were a bit dizzy. He seemed to be hazy.

It seemed to be a long time. To take a step, it doesn take that long but when you are old and near death, it seemed to be a long time.

He suddenly coughed out blood and fell down. He seemed to be a bit unwilling!

He woke up after long hours and with the help of his walking stick he strode forwardly very slowly.

He lay on bed for resting. From time to time he could hear both the babies voice sometimes crying, sometimes wailing.

He smiled and looked at them affectionately, grab some food and fed them.

It is touching. When one is about to die, they reminiscent of the past!

He was born in Ganzi village of Hanpu Subdistrict in Yuelu District, Changsha, Hunan province.

His old life has nothing, he is not married and has no grandchildren, took care of his parents until death. Donated all his earnings for the village development and village education of youngsters.

When he was young he was still a farmer and a physician. Eventhough he did not study, he was still proficient in some traditional medical field. He could cure some mild diseases like cold, fever, cough, etc. They don have to go to the city to see a doctor.

In his mid-thirties, he left the Ganzi vilage, where he stayed most of the time. Even his parents were fallen to the roots.

He went deep into the mountains and was never seen again.

Slowly, feeding the babies, his emotions became sober.

He even forgot his name and age. In long time for another 30 years if we stay in forest alone where there is no people, we forget our own name and age!

He likes to live the life of hermit.

They can give you the meaning of life and understand the true nature rather than the artificial created ones that are in the cities!

After feeding the babies, his whole body now is very weak, supported by his walking stick, went out of the hut again, for a breeze.

Now its morning. He went to the river, washed his face and smiled himself by looking at the reflection of his at the river.

Its clean without any suspense.

With his trembling hands, he scouped another bowl of water and poured onto himself.

The cold drizzling water, made his body shake, feeling the true roots!

Even though it was cold, and his body was old, this small movement was exciting.

Again slowly, he poured another one onto his body.

His whole body now is wet dripping with water, even his clothes soaked with water.

Took off his clothes and went inside the hut slowly with the help of his walking stick and wiped his body with a towel made of cloth and put on another set of clothes.

He walked out of the hut, with the help of walking stick, and lit up a bonfire by gathering the old twigs.

He warmed himself and saw the babies sleeping which made him smile even more.

In these past few years, the babies noise made him smile more frequently.

When he was lonely, he saw true loneliness. Never been bothered even by the society or laws!

It seems to be cool and his days were very welcoming.

He sat near the bonfire, making his body warm, feeling the heat.

Even though he don taste the world cuisine dishes, this simple living made him feel worth it.

Whats the point of eating those delicacies? Whats the point of having money? None of these can satisfy the true nature.

When people die, everything is gone. People die day by die.

Either by accidents, disease, natural deaths, or killers.

He saw these news when he was a teenager, these wordly desires made him tired.

He closed his eyes when he was reminiscenting about these thoughts, his body was warm and suddenly he coughed out a lot of blood.

Seems that his death can be avoided, he seemed a bit sad when he thought how those two children will live without him.

He felt that this is one of his regrets that and was a bit unwilling to die and wanted to watch these two children grow up.

Natural deaths can be avoided because its also one of the laws of heaven.

No one can avoid death.

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