”Ferrari, you- ”

Should I punch him in the face?

”Don you dare, bitch! ”

I don care about the neighbors hearing this extreme profanity from me, I just want to get this **er of a best friend back here to the mansion.

”Imma make you swirl around yourself like a bee until you tell me how the heck you did that! ” Scoffing sarcastically, I stop chasing him.

”You know what? You
e going to come back sooner or later; you can go on without me, dumbass. ” His silence satisfies me as he realizes the plan goes with two.

”Shit! ” I let out a breathy chuckle seeing his figure approaching with a sulky face. ”You
e a damn devil! ” He shoves me on his way back to the mansion.

”You, boys, are extremely indecent. Your choice of language is horrible. Where are your parents, for heavens sake? ” Rolling our eyes, we go on our way pretending not to take notice to the old lady, Ms. Raileys, our ultimate complainer.

”My bad, Ms. Raileys, Shall I make you some morning tea? ” She throws a watering pot at Ferrari, which he dodges. ”Im already done with it, stupid, such a daft.

”What was that? ” He turns to me with furrowed eyebrows. I shrug pressing my lips together, suppressing a laughter. ”Dude, you know what she said?! ”

”I won tell you, DAFT. ” Shoving me again, he walks forward in frustration with my laughers ringing behind him. ”Daft means stupid, LAMBO! ” He stops for a moment, shifting glances between me and her.

”Im learning these slangs! I ain keepin myself messed between yall! PLUS, I AINT A LAMBO, IF YOU PLEASE! ” Though life sucks sometimes, but this comedy is worth living. Weve been best friends since we were first graders, met through a school fight and this whole chaotic, full-of-trouble friendship happened.

”Auf wiedersehen, Ms. Raileys! ” Sticking his tongue out to her, he runs off quickly when she lifts her golf bat up, ready to throw it. ”Is that one of your filthy swears, boy?! ”

”No, Raileys, it means goodbye in German! ” I run off, too, when she throws the other watering pot at me. I run a little further until I reach the neighboring mansion in which the Grahams live.

Ive always found this family weird and creepy. The eerie quietness they hold and that witch of a lady, Wendy Grahams, who seduces my urge to pull on her hair until it flees out of her scalp strand by strand or maybe throw a penknife to her cheek pretending it was a dart target.

”Oh! H-How b-beautiful! ” Says a young girly voice in awe, interrupting my vengeful thoughts of Wendy. I look over to see a girls cute little face pressed against the glass, making her cheeks squished together, watching the freshly grown flowers of the spring with wide, astonished eyes. She seems familiar?

Oh yeah, I know her.

I once saw her from our backyard begging her parents to have a garden for which shed take full responsibility, but they still refused, which made me grow even more hateful towards them. I mean whats the big deal in letting the girl do what she likes?

By the look in her eyes, I think all shes doing now to satisfy her urge to pursue her gardening hobby is watching the flowers grow out their colourful petals, wishing shed have her own.

”Stop sticking your face up to the window like that, Autumn! Youd scare the neighbors and make them think weve a creep of a daughter! ” I hide behind the back door of our mansion, hearing the voice. I don want to be seen, especially if its Wendy. I wonder who shes in this family to be so freaking arrogant.

And whyd a little girl be called ugly and creep for looking through HER mansions window?

”I-I apologize, m-mommy. I-I just l-love these f-f-flowers so much. ” She sounds like she doesn want to let out a sob. Wait…

Her mom? Wendy is her mom?


”I don care! Don ruin our reputation and dare speak to anyone with that stutter, people would think weve a retarded daughter. ” Wow, shes much more bitchy than I thought. Shes her daughter, she shouldn give a shit about what others think about her stutter. But apparently, she cares for others thoughts than the girls feelings.

Taking a glimpse afar, through their windows transparent glass, the so-called mom is bent down to the girl with her face threateningly close. ”And stop that accent of yours! ”

”I-I-I had it f-from g-grandma, w-wasn her a-accent s-so beautiful? ”

”Ouch! ”


I hear some muffles and uneven motion, like the girl is moving away from something or freeing herself from someone. ”Y-Y-Yes, I w-won . I-Im sorry, p-p-please. ” Shes in pain, apparently. What is Wendy doing to her? Is she hitting her?

”Ow! P-Please, m-mom! ”

Such a-

”Ow! ”

”Im just letting you go now for my appointment. ”

Should I do something?


”What are these cries, Ferrari?! ” Deliberately dropping that question loudly. Though, he isn even listening, I want to grab attention to what seems like abuse right there. ”Whoah? ” Ferrari comes in the balcony, leaning half of his body to check whats down.

”Psst! ” He catches my sign, responding with another; asking whats going on. I motion with my thumb pointing back to the mansion.

”Is everyone okay? ” He yells as I sneak inside our gate. The response is utter silence. Seconds later, a lady comes out, shutting her mansions gate behind. Her eyes catches Ferrari in the balcony and me peeking from behind the gate; throws some dirty glares at us, before flipping back her hair arrogantly, walking forward making her high heels click on the ceramic floor.

”Shouldn respectful Hawks keep their noses off others businesses? ” Looking at each other, we prefer not replying.

Actually, silence keeps our mouths from cussing the shit out of people especially if its someone like Ms. Karen-like Wendy. Our eyes follow her getting into a BMW with my lips scrunched up in disgust and Ferraris eyebrows raised.

”Whats with her bitchy arrogance? ” I murmur to myself, frustrated, when a tsk sound catches my attention. I look down to see whats there; to see…

My shirt?!

My head snaps up at the certain culprit.

”IswearMiracletoldmetogetthelaundry! ”

(*I swear Miracle told me to get the laundry*)


”I didn - ”

”MY SHIRT! ” Eyeing my shirt, whichs now drenched in mud and dirt, feeling like Im going to blow fire from my nose and ears.

”You owe me THREE! ”

”No, Im broke, dude, no! ”

”End. Of. The. Discussion! ”

”Axel, for real, I- ”

”I-It c-can be w-washed, though. ” A sweet, young voice interrupts from aside. I turn around to meet a pair of honey brown orbs, eyeing us both with an innocent grin, showing her pearl white teeth. She slides her face out of the window, resting it between her hands over the windows edge. How does Wendy have such an angelic daughter?

”You c-c-can give it to m-me. Itll even be b-better than b-before! ” Her innocent excitement makes her seem like shes waiting for her favorite cookie.

”Woah, what an accent! ” She flinches a little at Ferraris remark, making me shoot him a death glare. ”No, n-not really. I-I-I just acquired it f-from my g-grandma. ” Wow, so innocent.

”Weird. You sound like Ms. Raileys. ” She nods excitedly, making her hazel brown locks bounce along.

”W-What are your n-n-names? Mine is A-Autumn, nice to m-meet you. ” She extends her little right hand in between me and Ferrari.

”Im Ferrari and dare tease me about it. ” She giggles shaking his hand when he, shamelessly, takes her hand first.

”Axel. ” I say taking her little hand in mine, shaking it lightly. Her hand feels so soft and small in mine. Her touch sends me goosebumps, making feel like I don want to let go.

”Alright, Spring, weve got moms beat our asses up for being late; we gotta go. ” Her – once was smiling – eyes go wide, slightly slamming a hand on her mouth in, what seems like, a shock. Ferrari furrows his eyebrows, then rolls his eyes realizing why, ”Here we go. ”

”Y-You can j-just say that. How old a-are you? ” He tilts his head to me in frustration, pointing at her.

”YOU handle that, I ain gettin another lecture for my BAD MOUTH! NOT from a….a what? A 6-year old? Plus, you say worse shit and you never get questioned for it! DAMN! ” He scoffs, bratily shutting the balconys slides.

”Is h-he always that a-angry? ” Before I answer her, the bitch comes out again upon hearing her comment.

”NO! WHOM YOURE TALKING TO ACTS LIKE 40 WHEN HES JUST 18! ” Rolling my eyes, I gently place her both hands on her ears. I don want her to hear what filth Im about to say right now.

”IMMA SHOW YOU WHOS THE 40, FUCKER! ” He shoots me a middle finger before he disappears behind the slides, getting inside.

Turning back to Autumn, I take off her hands, smiling.

”I-If you c-can give m-me the shirt, I can tell you what detergent you s-should use to get it all fresh and new without ruining the brands original fabrics. ” Now, I don feel like anything matters but these orbs, sweet voice and innocent soul.

”I don give a ** about the shirt. ” That whisper slips off my lips which she heard.

”I beg your pardon? ” Her head tilt making her look extra cute. Shit, shut up, Axel.

”No, no, its nothing. ” She giggles at my, seemingly, failed attempt to get her accent which I used to diverge her thoughts around my dirty choice of language.

”You s-sound good. Maybe, Ms. Raileys w-would help you at it. ” Shaking my head dramatically, she giggles even more. ”Ms. Raileys isn a good idea at all. ” I pretend to whisper in her ear as if its a big secret, making her let out a shy laugh.

In my world, full of cruelty, profanity, indecency, evil and twists, how would this girl cross my path?

”How old a-are you, Axel? ” Oh, that name…that name sounds illegal out of those rosey, small lips. No, she can be driving me crazy in such a young age. Before I reply, she points her finger up as if something just clicked in her mind.

”You are 18. I heard Ferrari saying! ” I nod, high-fiving her, praising her wittiness. ”And you, sugar? ” A pink tint brushes over her cheeks, making me want to put her in my pocket.

”Im 15. And you
e four years older, hehe. ” Im questioning myself. I never possibly grin to anyone, not even to my mom. No one is able to make me feel like Im really enjoying the moment to the point of cracking a small smile, not to mention Im grinning now.

Its just moments with you and you
e cracking my walls, Autumn.

Who are you?

And why are you such a sweetheart?

”Oh! Let me just come out to be face to face. ” She closes the window as the front door opens, making out her figure.

Average height, white floral dress down to her legs, long braided hair.

Pure angel.

”Awww is s-stuttery stuttering s-s-still? ” Couple of teenage boys say in unison, standing in her front yard, mocking and laughing with their fingers pointed at Autumn. Whats their problem? And from where did they even show up?

I look over to her to find her eyes getting teary making some type of anger rise inside me.

”Don listen to them. Everything about you is undeniably beautiful. And those? Those are bullies, who ever listens to bullies, hmm? ” She nods wiping the escaped tears. I pat the top of her head, gesturing to her to put her hands on her ears again. Once she does, I turn to the boys who are still laughing as if they
e in some sort of a comic theatre or they
e so cool for being bullies.

”She stutters all she wants, mother**ers. ” I say with a threatening gaze solidified on their figures. Their laughers stop at once, staring at me. One backs off and turns to his friend, whispering in his ear, ”Hes Hawks. Hes bad news, weve to go now. ”

Ha, privileges of being ad news finally show up.

They both nod, signaling to the others to go. I stand watching them go a reasonable distance afar from Autumn to make sure they aren coming back again.

”So you, too, say bad words like Ferrari? ” Smart enough to get why I shut her ears. I nod to her question, sitting back next to her. ”Why do you guys swear alot? ” I shrug, staring at her, taking in her details.

Shes so beautiful. Not just physically, its just something about her.

True innocence and purity beam out of her. The thought of some **ers who would date her just for her beauty boils my blood, and this innocence of hers getting her to eat up any sweet shit faked to take advantage of her tenses me up even more. I don even guarantee sticking around enough to the point Id be protecting her always from everything and everyone, but If I could, I thoughtlessly would.

The world is full of so much darkness for you to exist so carefree, so innocently in it, Autumn.

”Do these boys bother you often? ” I ask, breaking out of my thoughts. She nods, shrugging. ”Some of them are from school. But, Im getting used to them laughing whenever I speak up, so yeah. ” Her eyes flashes sadness as if shes recalling every time they make fun of her.

”Bullies are bad. No one listens or believes them. Their opinions shouldn be anything for you to think about. Okay, sugar? ” She smiles, standing up. I look into her eyes as her height makes her meet my eyes when Im sitting. Her eyes are warm, happy and pure. She doesn hold any sinister, hatred, or even grudge. Nothing, but, what seems like, abundant warmth.

”Axel, ” I hum, smiling a little at her shy call of my name.

”C-Can I hug you? ”

My heartbeats excite up at her request, making me grin without even thinking of holding it back. ”You don even have to ask. ”

I pull her gently into my arms as she tip toes to engulf her face in the crook of my neck, tightening the brace with all the strength she has. Its endearing how small she feels in my arms which spikes up that need to protect her. I barely spent any time with her, but those couple hours that seem to have flied away with her have to be the most precious time Ive had in so long.

”T-Thank you for standing up for m-me and accompanying me t-today. I-I hope Im not s-so boring. ” I place a kiss on the top of her head, letting the scent of her hair tickle my nose, getting straight to my senses. ”Youve no idea how much I enjoy being here with you, sugar. ” She smiles at her nickname with her cheeks fully painted in pink.

She parts the hug, smiling shyly, sitting on the grassy ground crossing her legs. ”Is Ferrari your b-brother? ” She asks with alittle bit of curiousity. I shake my head no, kneeling down on the ground infront of her. ”Biologically not, but weve been best friends since we were first graders, so hes more like my brother. ” She nods understandingly.

”What about you? Do you have any siblings? ” A sigh escapes her lips as she looks down. Wow, one more unpleasant thing in her life. What, siblings as crappy as their mom.

”Ive three siblings; two brothers and a sister. Wolf, hes 19. Rebel, hes 18. And…S-Savannah, shes 20. ” Wolf Grahams? Rebel Grahams? Those names sound oddly familiar. Though, I don recall meeting them. Maybe Id ask Ferrari.

And the way she introduced Savannah makes me feel like she isn so close to her. ”Which one do you find yourself the closest to? ” She looks to me, fiddling with her fingers thinking.

”Honestly, Wolf and Rebel. I love the three of them, but I feel like they understand me more than Savannah does. Maybe because of the age gap. ” I knew it. The eldest daughter must have become a carbon-copy of her mom. ”Do you have other than F-Ferrari? ” I nod, smiling with a secret hope that this smile comforts her.

”Miracle, shes 16. ” She claps excitedly, grinning. ”Id love to meet her! If…if thats o-okay. ” I ruffle her hair gently, nodding reassuringly. ”Well, Id love to meet your folks, too. ” She nods repeatedly, giggling.

”They swear alot, just like you, guys. They try not to infront of me, but sometimes their tongue slips, hehe. ” Well guess now shes got me and Ferrari cussing around her, too and the angel still keeps her mouth clean and pure.

”You left Autumn alone?! Mom seriously, what the **ing **?! ” Now, I know how they do. A male voice says aloud with an edgy tone like hes about to throw a serious fit.

”Savannah! SAVANNAH! ” His yell makes Autumn give me an apologetic look at how loud it was. When he receives no response, he lets out a tsk sound. ”Of course, the bitch isn here to keep an eye for her younger sister. ” Autumn stands up, straightening the wrinkles on her dress.

”Thats Wolf, he came back finally! Lets meet him. ” She takes my hand as I stand up. ”Autumn, baby are you here? ” His voice softens at the call of her name, making me smile lightly. But, wait? Baby? I can help the little burning which aroused inside me at the name. Well, yeah, shes his little sister, but still…ugh, Axel, whats wrong with you?

”Wolf, Im here! ” Hurried footsteps come through the hall to the front yard. A tall, black-haired young guy steps in with his clenched jaw relaxing when his eyes meet her. ”Autumn! ” He hurries towards her and in a swift taking her into his arms, lifting her body off ground. She giggles, placing a kiss on his cheek. He returns it as his eyes catch my standing figure. He puts Autumn down, gazing at me with a hint of dislike. Alright, he seems the overprotective type. Not going to judge him, I mean, who wouldn if he has such an angel of a sister?

”Is he bothering you, sweetie? ” The way he asks, hints that if she says yes, hes full ready to a murder. ”No, Wolfie, hes Axel, my friend. Hes so nice and sweet. He even stood up for me against the boys who make fun of me. ” He nods to her, still staring at me.

”Axel…Axel Hawks? ” I nod, extending a hand to shake. He takes it, smiling alittle. ”Yeah, I know you. Youve got a brother named Ferrari, right? ” I nod, chuckling at the common mistake everybody seem to make about me and Ferrari.

”No! Ferrari is his bestfriend, but they
e more like brothers. ” Autumn gives the information with so much delight in answering her brothers question. ”Oh, seems that you met Ferrari as well. ” She nods, giggling. ”Hes so angry. ” Its Wolfs turn to chuckle at her cuteness, patting her head. ”I think you
e familiar. Weve met at Marcelinos? ” Oh yeah, now I know him. I was sent to gather particular information about Marcelino and those who attended his party, Rebel and Wolf Grahams were one of his guests.

”Anyways, its nice to meet you again. Keep an eye on these boys, they
e planning to throw stones at you or something. ” I smirk at Wolfs sarcasm as I look back at Autumn. ”Ill see you around, sugar. ” She nods shyly, hugging me. I hug her back noticing Wolf trying not to roll his eyes.

”Watch out for whom you call sugar, huh. ” Chuckling at his remark, I nod. He takes her hand in his, walking back to the mansion.

Even if she has two elder brothers, I still urge to be the one protecting her from each and everyone.

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