An elegant and dignified young woman walking with a smile on her face that the shiny skin will attract attention first.

The sexy black short dress with her delicate face.

Her figure could be described as almost flawless.

e playing together! ”

Emily, who was lying on the bed, picked up Alex with a hand and

and put him to the side and said.

Play? How come I didn know we were playing?

Alexs tender face has a puzzled face.

”I m just worried about your reckless behavior and wild personality, ” Alexs mother, Claire, explained with a smile.

”Isn that because hes so cute? Don worry Im very close to him.

Don you see he doesn cry? ”

Emily explained as she walked towards Claire.

”Long time friend, I know your character well! ”

Claire said with a bitter smile helplessly.

Friends! So the one in the sexy red cheongsam is my mothers friend.

Alex walked on all fours, suddenly a inattentive he fell on the bed, because the muscles did not develop solid, he could not get up himself.

Damn, this shell is not what I want, Alex struggled helplessly.

Seeing Alexs reaction, Claire rushed over to him and picked him up.

My mother, is it my mother? So beautiful!

Alex couldn help but stare at Claire, dumbfounded.

Sleep! Sleep! My good baby! ….

Claire looked at her baby, sang a lullaby and rocked Alex.

Stroking Alexs head.

Kissed Alexs forehead and continued to sing the lullaby in a glorious harmony.

What the hell! Let me sleep, no!

I don want to sleep!

But as if his brain was out of control, Alexs eyes gradually closed and he fell into sleep.

A few hours later

Alexs mouth touched, followed by confused open eyes, he was actually in the middle of the rocking bed.

Seeing Alex wake up, the maids who were serving in front of him reacted.

”Master Alex, its time for you to take a bath. ”

Alex! My name from my previous life.

And young master what the hell?

Alex looked at, in a trance.

There were several girls standing in front of him, each with a tall and and attractive.


They must have been carefully selected for their positions.

Alexs heart rippled and he couldn help but exclaim.

”Master Alex! …. ”

The maid gently picked Alex up and walked him to the bathroom.

What are you doing?

Alex looked at the maids breasts and thought about it.

The maids helped Alex to strip naked, and Alex looked at his currently underdeveloped body with a sad face that

It was too small.

But then Alex was dazzled by the scene that followed.

Several maids have taken off their outer clothes to accompany Alex to take a bath together.

Seeing the proud curves of the maids bodies, their ample breasts and firm hips.

Alexs nose was bleeding.

It was acceptable to give me a bath, but why.

But why…? You are naked.

Today Alex had an almost crazy shower that he hadn experienced before.

Does it have to be like this every day?

After the bath, Alex sat on the bed while the maids wiped his hair and body.

Alexs memories of his past life came flooding back to him.

He wanted to show his discontent, but because he was too young and underdeveloped, and the expression he presented was somewhat comical.

The supreme soul!

Activation of the Supreme Soul requires a high enough level of skill, and he was still a child.

The magic power was not yet solid, and an impulsive activation would only put oneself in trouble.

At that time, when the supreme soul came out, the whole continent was shaken by it. In order to seize this soul power, they would not hesitate to betray Alex.

Those high rulers and mages, you wait for me.

I will kill you before you are ready.

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