The woman stood by the door frozen by the pain. He was still speaking, still trying to justify his decision. His words were like thorns, spears even, that sliced through flesh and found their way to the heart. The ring was glittering in his hand, reflecting all the dreams and hopes she had had.

– You do understand my reasons, don you? Under the circumstances this is the best choice for both of us. Besides you
e still young and beautiful, and will certainly find yourself another man.

He smiled that dashing smile that made you want to believe his every word. Bitterness filled her heart. She had believed his words. She had given her vows, had kept them, and had waited for the right time for them to marry. And now he was leaving him, like if she was a broken toy or a tool no more needed.

She didn say anything, just looked. Her eyes were dark and haunted, her face expressionless. It was all she did and enough to make him turn away. Slowly, so slowly she started to take off her jewellery. Piece by piece she dropped them in her feet, not caring of their age or value. Murmurs and whispers in the reception hall were filled with astonishment – and fear. She undressed her beautiful over coat, took of her shoes and socks, dropped her gown off her shoulders and left only the linen chemise on. But she didn stop there. She couldn , wouldn stop there.

The dagger, little silver thing she always had on her belt gleamed in the candle light. She reached for her head and cut off her hair, small amounts at a time. The man kept talking to the onlookers. He kept repeating the reasons for abandoning her, his back towards her. But the murmurs and whispers among the nobility grew stronger no matter what he said.Behind him she cut the last wisp of her hair. It glistened like gold, and fell in the ground, next to the others. He was still talking to the nobles, and didn see how she threw her hair and clothing in the fire with the jewels.

Everyone could se

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