The heartless alpha

Chapter 4: Apples and Honey

I turned to glare coldly down at her.

”I ordered you to stay home Harper, this is not a place for you to be. ” The words came out icy as I removed her hand from my arm and placed my hand on her back and pushed her towards the fourth floor. Leave this girl, we need to find out mate. Ares snarled in my head, he detested Harper who was always trying to find a way into a room alone with me. We have plenty of time Ares, everyone will be gathered tonight. Im sure she will be there. He growled again in my head but conceded knowing we needed to put Harper somewhere she couldn damage our packs reputation.

”But Alpha, I didn want you to have to spend all these nights away all on your own… ” she spun around while I was distracted with Ares and suddenly my hand was on her chest and not her back as she pressed herself against me again. ”I could always keep you company, Im quite attentive if you let me. ” I pulled my hand away from her chest and stepped back. Could this get any worse. I frowned down at her and shook my head.

”Harper. Stay in here and do not come out. I don want to see you again until we are leaving. Do I make myself clear. ” It wasn a question as I saw her bow her head deeply in response to my command. With a sharp shove I pushed her into my room and shut the door, grabbing the single bag Id brought that was still by the door. Sean Im using your room to shower. I linked with my Beta and I heard him chuckle.

I can believe you didn just lock her in the basement, this place is so big I doubt anyone would ever find her. Sean replied and I just shook my head.

She still part of our pack, I promised her dad I would look after her, its not my fault she is the way she is. I groaned internally still regretting the promise I made to her father 4 years ago to take his daughter into my pack for protection. Ill be quick Im sure we don have much time before the signing begins.

e just lucky Isabella is hanging out with her friend because she says the showers are great for… I cut off our link before he could go any further as I opened the door to his room and headed for the bathroom. Hurry up I want to find our mate. I rolled my eyes, Ares wasn usually this persistent unless someone was being disrespectful and he wanted to rip their throat open. You gotta chill Ares, we will find her when its the right time, and she might be an Omega for all we know. Her scent was practically non-existent she might not even be in this pack anymore. My words caused Ares to growl in anger and I felt him want to respond but I just put my barrier up and ignored him. I needed to hurry this meeting along so I could return to my pack, being gone for three days when so many rogue attacks had been accruing made me anxious and I did not want to be gone any longer than I had to be.

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