The heartless alpha

Chapter 4: Apples and Honey

Adeline POV

Once we had finally finished getting dressed, we had managed to slip into the back of the dining room without too many of the already waiting pack members noticing. Izzie introduced me to several members from her pack and I chatted with a few of the other Lunas that were friends of my mothers who greeted me warmly. But I could still hear the general whisper around the room about me. I had always been in the mix with my family when it came to visiting neighboring packs or allies, but there had been long periods of time where I would disappear from any public eye. Usually when I would be with the vampires or witches for training or hidden away due to another attempt on my life. But those that knew me greeting me like it hadn probably been months if not years since they had seen me last. I was finally feeling more relaxed when finally, the meeting hall doors opened, as the men started pouring in from the adjoining room where my father had held the signing. Suddenly my heart caught in my throat as my wolf howled in my head. I saw the tall man from earlier I my fathers study stride into the room next to my father. His entire body seemed to pulse with power and strength as he loomed over my father and even my brother standing head and shoulders over most everyone else. His black hair was short on the sides and a bit longer on the top, which had been smoothed back except for a few rebellious curls that brushed against his forehead, but I couldn see his eyes as I turned away my heart hammering in my chest. My wolf was howling for me to go to him. Mate! Adeline! Go to him, then we won have to endure this ball by ourselves!

I can just interrupt them right now, we can wait till after dinner Sky, Im not ready, please! I pleaded with her as I held my breath as they strode towards the dinner table, shrinking behind Izzie as my wolf just rolled her eyes at me.

For all your strengths, I can understand how you could get nervous over meeting our mate. You better go to him after dinner, I won dance with anyone else. I could feel her laughter at my childish behavior but she understood where I was coming from. Wed been rejected multiple times by our own people because of our markings, because they didn want to believe we were chosen by the Moon Goddess. Wolves were superstitious when it came to being different, nothing new was good and we both worried even our mate would be the same as the others that had challenged my claim and called me a liar.

My father clapped his hands, and it broke my train of thought as everyone took their seats. I held my breath trying not to breath in the alluring scent of my mate who sat to the right of my father and only a few seats to my left. I was grateful to have Izzie and her mate as well as my brother between us. I avoided looking at the alpha throughout the dinner though I could have sworn his eyes were on me making me blush lightly and the smell of him was making my wolf crazy. The men left the dinner hall first and made their way to the dance hall while the ladies went to freshen up. I was one of the last ones in the restroom and I made my way slowly towards the dance hall struggling to walk in the heels Id bought.

”Curse these dreadful things. ” I mumbled to myself as I straightened myself as I turned down the hall to the dance hall. At the door was my eldest brother and I groaned. ”No, hes going to do this now? I thought Id have more time to get away. ” I whimpered as I tried to turn back the way Id come but my oldest brothers arm looped around me pulling me back. I saw his eyes unfocus for a moment before refocusing on me as he grinned.

”Sorry little sis, but all of this was technically for you, the Alphas have a right to meet you since it was all because of you that we signed this alliance to begin with. ” I heard the general noise in the ball room go silent as my fathers voice called for attention. My mind was racing as I heard him thank everyone for coming and after a few more words I heard him start my introduction. I squeezed my brothers arm gently and he gave me a soft smile. ”They will love you Addie, you know we
e here for you no matter what. Well fight till the end. ” I smiled up at my brother, he always knew what to say to make everything ok again. We are strong because of your dedication. You have worked harder than anyone before you to ensure the strength of your people, no one will ever be able to say otherwise. And with our mate beside us we won lose. Skyes voice filled me warmth as she pressed against my mind and I could feel my aura shift and I let it. I could feel the power of the Moon Goddess coursing threw me as I let her gift fill me with its strength. I looked up at my brother and smiled again and I could see my slightly glowing form reflected in his eyes.

”I would like to introduce my daughter to you all. Adeline Mist Night, the chosen child of the Moon Goddess. ” I managed to catch the end of my fathers introduction as the ball room doors opened and my brother lead me into the room. I breathed deeply letting my senses find the person I would need the most by my side soon. There at the back of the room looking as shocked as most everyone else was my mate. His green eyes held my gaze steadily and I smiled at him softly. Together, we can do anything.

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