The heartless alpha

Chapter 3: Alliance and Announcements

*12 years later*

Adeline POV

As I blocked the second fist aimed for my face I dropped to all fours and kicked out my left leg, my attacker found himself laying on his back with my knife against his throat. I smirked down at my teacher having bested him for the second time that day. ”I think youve had enough training for the day Kilian, why don you go back to Sarah and get your head looked at because you
e defiantly losing your touch. ” I smirked as he rolled his eyes, easily regaining his feet to clapped me on the back.

”Alright that will be enough for today, but be here tomorrow, same time, understood? ” Kilian stated giving me a hard glare.

”Of course, I wouldn miss kicking your butt even for a single day. ” I laughed as I snatched up my things and stuffed them into my backpack before strapping it tightly to my back. ”See you tonight, the Alphas are supposed to be here soon and father is holding a ball remember? ” I called over my shoulder seeing his shoulders slump. ”If Im being forced to go so, will you! ” I called as I raced away. I easily dodged the trees as I raced through the forest that surrounded my home. When the trees finally gave way, I entered the neighborhood that surrounded my house. My familys house was a huge five story mansion that was filled with hundreds of rooms that my pack lived in unless they had a family or just wanted a place of their own, then they would build a house and live in the neighborhood. I waved at the families that where outside, and they all bowed their heads and waved back smiling as I raced by. When I finally reached my house, I bounded up the front steps, shoving one of the huge wood doors open as I headed towards the stairs.

”Adeline! Is that you? ” My moms voice called from the kitchen, I groaned already knowing what was about to happen.

”Hey mom, hows everything going? ” I called as I entered the kitchen to find the cook and her helpers bustling around like crazy while my mom gave orders.

”Don even try sweet talking me, you better have a dress for tonight or your father will have my head. Your brothers and father all have tuxs and I have a very nice dress. You will have a dress as well. ”

”But mom, you know how much I hate dressing up, I don like everyone staring at me because of my markings. ” I mumbled and my mother turned to me and placed her hand on my shoulder.

”You shouldn be ashamed of your markings they are a gift from the Moon Goddess, you should display them proudly. ” My mom stated kissing my forehead. ”Anyway, if anyone is staring at you for too long it better be your mate, or your brothers might just rip their head off. ” She smirked remembering the last time someone had made a snarky remark about my markings, my oldest brother had put a few permeant marks on the young wolfs face. ”Now you have plenty of time take Izzie with you and pick out the most stunning dress you can find. ”

”Izzie isn here yet… ” my mom gave me a look and her eyes lifted heavenward. I grinned and raced for the staircase. I bounded to the third floor, down the hall before throwing my bedroom door open to find my best friend sitting on my bed with her phone in hand as she texted someone. ”IZZIE!!! ” I screamed as I leaped at her tackling her on the bed.

”ADDIE!!!! ” She yelled back as we hugged each other laughing at our own weirdness.

”Ive missed you so much! You must tell me everything! Getting letters from Sean is nice but this is much better. ” I gushed as I sat across from her on the bed still holding her hands, too happy to see her, to let go. My best friend grinned back at me before we hugged each other again.

”I know and Ive been meaning to visit but its been hard getting settled in with Seans pack their so different and even though this is my old pack the Alpha doesn like anyone leaving the territory for anything. ” She sighed rolling her eyes.

”Its ok Ive been pretty busy with training and getting everything ready for all the Alphas and their packs to visit for the alliance signing. ” I stated waving her apologies off as I grinned at her. ”But, on more important notes we need to go shopping because I don have anything to wear for tonight. Im sure youve procrastinated as well to go shopping. ” Izzie gave me a guilty look and nodded as I jumped off the bed, headed for my dresser. I pulled out a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt and changed my clothes pulling before pulling on my white sneakers. I grabbed my purse, checking for my keys. ”Ok lets go! ” Izzie finished her text and hopped off the bed grabbing her purse as well.

”Oh, this is just like old times!! ” She squealed before linking her arm in mine as we headed towards the garage on the first floor. We paused next to my fathers office when we heard several deep voices. I knocked on the door and the voices fell silent.

”Come in Addie. ” I smiled at my fathers voice. I opened the door just a crack and poked my head in.

”I just wanted to tell you Izzie and I are headed out and will be back soon. ” My father nodded before shooing me back out with his hand. I nodded back and just as I was closing the door my heart fluttered as my eyes drifted over a dark shadow in the corner, I felt my wolf stir in my mind, but I was already halfway down the hall before I could think anything else of it. All I could tell from my fleeting glance that this man was huge, and his aura was surrounded in darkness. Izzie drug me along to the garage as I tried to shake the feeling of wanting to go back, I finally did once I hopped up into the front seat of Jeep. I opened the garage door, turning over the key letting my baby snarl to life.

As I drove into town, I asked Izzie about her new life, she dove into every detail about her mate and where she lived, her new pack but mostly about the Alpha who no one ever saw except her mate who was the Beta of the pack. She said he stayed in his mansion most of the time only coming out when there was a major problem. She emphasized that even though he didn make a lot of appearances, everyone in the pack worshiped him, no one had a single negative thing to say about him except that they wish he could find a mate. I was intrigued but we reached the mall before I could press her for more information. It took us only a few hours to get what we needed from the mall before we headed back. I couldn help the unending smile on my face the entire, everything felt so perfect with my best friend back. I just listened to all the stories she had about her new pack until we finally got back to the pack house. We unloaded our things and raced for my room to get ready, but my father stood at the bottom of the stairway talking to Izzies mate and we stopped when my father motioned for me to wait. ”Adeline, you know Sean, right? ”

”Its nice to see you again Sean, Im glad to see your treating Izzie right I didn want to have to kill you before we became allies. ” I smirked and Sean chuckled and gave Izzie a quick kiss on the forehead before bowing to my father.

”Ean and I will be ready for the signing by 8 and then Izzie told me you were holding a ball to introduce someone and for the Alphas and their packs to mingle and get to know each other… ” he drifted off as he headed up the stairs to the fourth floor where his pack was staying while they were here. My father nodded before turning to me and Izzie.

”Did you girls get dresses for the ball tonight? ” My father asked and we both nodded, and he smiled down at us lovingly. ”Good, Izzie we
e introducing Adeline as the Moon Goddesss chose child. We can have her running around in shorts and a t-shirt. ” Izzie giggled and I elbowed her in the side making her laugh harder. ”Izzie its up to you to make her perfect for tonight. The Moon Goddess knows if she can find a mate tonight, Ill have to start making trips to all these packs and we know how much I love to travel. ”

”Don worry, I can feel that tonight is the night Mr. Night, I promise. ” With that my father shooed us up the stairs and we raced for my room.

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