The heartless alpha

Chapter 1: Prologue

”Adeline… ” The soft voice forced my eyes open, as I sat up to look around. I wasn in my bedroom, but in a green field with a large pond that glimmered silver in the full moon light. Suddenly I caught sight of a silver figure in front of me. The beautiful silver figure smiled down at me holding out her hand. I reached out grasping it as I stood unable to take my eyes off this silver woman in front of me. ”Adeline, I don have long, you must listen carefully. ”

”Who are you? ” I whispered in wonder, almost to myself as I stared up into her liquid silver eyes.

”I am the Mother of All, I am known to you as the Moon Goddess my child. ” I blinked letting the information register before I fell to my knees bowing low.

”Forgive me my Lady, forgive me… ” I whimpered but the silver figure just laughed softly, lifting my head until I was standing again.

”You bow to no one my child; you are my chosen one. I blessed you when you were born. Now my blessing will change your life, but for better or worse is up to you. ” She placed a finger on my forehead as she grinned down at me

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