(The episode opens with Luke, Grey, Adam, Don, and Den walking in the hallway)

A voice: Excuse me

(The boys turn around to see a girl who has long blonde hair, white skin, wearing a white shirt, blue skirt, and green shoes holding books)

Adam: Oh, how may we help you?

(Don and Den disappears)

The girl: Well. I was wondering, have you ever heard of aliens?

(Everybody gave odd looks to each other)

Luke: Why do you ask?

Grey: Hold it (puts on his glasses)

(Greys glasses reflect a red light, that shows the girls skeleton as a human-sized chameleon)

Grey (glasses): Guys, we need to go

(A rainbow umbrella is thrown at the girl)

(The girl is knocked out)

Don and Den (with umbrellas): Back off, Alien scum

(The girl growls with yellow eyes)

Luke: Wait, how did you know?

Don and Den: The smell

(The girl runs towards Don and Den)

(Don and Den turns their umbrellas inside and out, which reveals swords)

(The girl tries to whip Don and Den with her tail)

(Don and Den slice the girls tail off)

(The girl runs to Grey)

(Grey shines a mirror in the girls face)

(The girl screams in pain)

(A bunch of teachers come out of their classroom with students poking out the windows)

Don: Great, we are causing a scene

A teacher: Whats going on?

Den: Its nothing

(The girl knocks Luke with her tail)

Another teacher (shocked): Goodness, is that a tail?

(Den knocks the girl out)

A female student: Is it some kind of alien?

Adam: Pretty much, (avoiding the girls attacks) Grey any ideas

Grey (glasses): Hmmm. Don, Den, plan pink

A female teacher: I hope you two aren planning anything drastic

(Don and Den smirk and reveals two viles full of pink liquid)

Don and Den: Don worry

(Don and Den surround)

(The girl uses her tail to try to fight Don and Den at the same time)

(Don and Den put pink liquid on The girl)

(The girl turns into a human-sized chameleon, then changes into a human boy and got turned into a stone fish)

(The students cheer)

Don and Den: Is it over?

Grey (scans the area): Im not picking up any other aliens

Luke (sighs in relief): Thank goodness

Adam: Alright, its over

The principal: Okay, so you boys want to explain why they were after you

Grey (glasses): Okay, but maam its very (whispers) R rated

The principal: All students back in your classrooms, teacher we will discuss what has happened later

(Everybody else disappears)

The principal: Now

Grey (glasses): Well, we got captured by these erotic aliens

(Episode ends with The boys talking to the principal)

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