you don do it, then he won , fine. I mean you didn except me to be kind

Den: Sounds so heartless, but kinda yes

Adam: Harsh, but I get that

(Den and Adam eat pizza separately)

(The screen switches to Adam and Den walking together)

Adam: And?

Den: The date was good, I actually had fun

Adam: Really? So, you want to be (put his arm around Dens wait) boyfriends for real

Den: Maybe, after all you aren as bad as I z thought you would be

Adam: Thank you and

Den: Fine, your lead or mine

Adam: Yours

(Den pulls Adam close and kisses him)

Adam: Impressive

Den: Thank you, but we should save the rest when we get home

Adam: Right

(The screen switches to Den and Adam kissing on the bed)

Den: Wait, should we be doing this if we are only boyfriends

Adam: I mean if you want that kind of relationship

Den: Nah

(They continue passionately kissing)

(Episode ends)

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