(The episode opens with Luke and Grey playing a game of cards)

Grey: How is it possible you bet me three times in row

Luke: That just proves your glasses are just for show

Grey: Speaking of show, where is Jay, Don, and Den?

Luke: You know they are still watching their favorite show Lovers in Space

Grey: After what we have been through they still want to watch adventures in space, thats too crazy

Luke: Please, you know Adam is the one that roped them in it

Grey: So, how are things going in the photography club?

Luke: Pretty well and you know this cute guy was checking me out.

Grey: Who? You have to tell me

Luke: You won get jealous

Grey: Me never besides its not like we are in a relationship

Luke: I mean we could be

Grey: Are you serious?

Luke: Yeah

(The screen switches to Adam, Jay, Don, and Den looking at the Tv, close together)

Den (looking at Adam) (thought): Why does he always convince us to do this?

(Everybody else are distracted with the TV)

Adam: Den, why are you staring at me?

Den (blushes): I…I…

Adam (smirks): What were you thinking about?

Den (backs up) (nervous): Nothing

Adam (smirks): What is it?

Don: Den, Adam, make out in the hallway, we are trying to see if Tye going to stay with Benson or play with Rye

Jay (eating a cookie): My bet is Rye

Don: Mine is Tye

Jay (eating a cookie): Are we going to argue about this again?

Don: Tye is cute, nice, and mischievous

Jay: But, Rye is strong, bad, yet fair

Den: You two are crazy

Adam (drags Don away): Well discuss this later

Don (being dragged): Where are you taking me?

(Adam closes the door)

Den: Should we help him?

Jay: Nah, Adam is harmless

(The screen switches to Adam and Don in the hallway)

Adam: You were quiet during the whole show, why?

Don: Uh… well… Adam, do you ever think about watching something else?

Adam (smiles): You don like romantic comedies

Don: (with a finger on his lips) Sssh! (Quietly) Don tell Den

Adam (quietly): Why? Don you two share

Don (quietly): everything except that, I actually like dark romance

Adam (quietly): That seems ironic, given what weve been through

Don (angry) (walking up to Adam): That is totally different, I like it, when it is fiction not real life

Adam: Fair enough, so you want to go on a date?

Don (confused): What?

Adam: You know, me and you date

Don (suspicious): Are you messing with me?

Adam: No

Don (suspicious): Why me?

Adam: I just want to give it a try

Don: Fine, but I kill you if this is a trick.

(Episode ends)

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