Chapter 8: Heartache

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Feng Qing was back. Everything about Feng Jianing, including her fiancé, Cao Beining, had to be settled.

At the thought of Cao Beining, Feng Qing frowned. She really did not fancy this man. Besides, his couple name with Feng Jianing was too boring!

“3.5 million going once!”

Cao Beining had already raised the price of the ruby bracelet, exceeding its original value. All he wanted was a smile from the beauty.

“Beining, its more than three million yuan. Isnt it a little expensive? Would Auntie He mind?”

Feng Jianing had a smile on her face. Although the Feng family was very rich, those two old fogeys kept a tight grip on the money.. She didnt get much money, and her daily expenses were all thanks to Cao Beining. Luckily, Cao Beining was careless and didnt realize it.

Feng Jianing knew that the more she said this, the more Cao Beining wanted to show off. Even if this bracelet was more expensive, he would buy it and give it to her.

“She wont, my mother likes you so much. Are you not worthy of a bracelet worth more than three million?” When Feng Jianing heard Cao Beinings words, the corners of her mouth nearly reached her ears.

It was just that when the final hammer was about to strike, someone suddenly increased the price!

“Seven million!” Feng Qing lazily raised the price and doubled it. Everyone was shocked. That bracelet wasnt worth that much…

Cao Beining was stunned by the bid.

“Seven million going once. Any more bids?” The auctioneer asked with a professional smile.

“Beining? Its too expensive. Lets give up…” Feng Jianing didnt look happy.

Cao Beining consoled her. “This isnt a matter of giving up. Why dont you take a look at who raised the price? Its already been a night. Lets just bid once and forget it.”

Feng Jianing was truly indignant, but she didnt want to go against her dignified and sensible image. She could only watch helplessly as the things she liked were taken away. Looking at Madam Xies side profile, Feng Jianing felt that she was mocking her. Ruby had the meaning of victory, but she was a loser!

“Jianing, wait a moment. The auction in the Capital cannot be compared to the one in Jiangdu. There are many good things. Lets wait for the next one.” Cao Beining had always been a warm man. He did not mind saying a few more words to any good-looking woman around him. As long as she was obedient, especially since she was his fiancee, Cao Beining was very patient. Other than her finding trouble for herself.

Feng Jianing knew that she couldnt make a scene. She could only watch as the bodyguards placed the bangle they bought into Madam Xies hands.

The auctioneer on the stage was even more attentive. “Madam Xie, you have good taste. This bracelet suits your skin color very well.”

Feng Qing couldnt see what the bracelet looked like, so she naturally couldnt see how it suited her skin color. She just listened to the auctioneers introduction and felt that it was not bad. Then, she handed it to Xie Qi. “The texture is not bad. Take it back and give it to your mother. Its almost Mothers Day, you can give her a gift!”

Although Feng Qings voice wasnt loud, but who was she? And how many people were staring at her? As the sound of her voice rang out, the surrounding people instantly fell silent.

Giving something worth seven million to a bodyguard?

Especially Feng Jianing. When she heard this, she was so angry that her mouth almost turned crooked.

“Jianing, dont look anymore. That Buddha Jade Pendant isnt bad either. Its made of dark jade and has a good quality. Its also the work of a famous master…” Cao Beining frowned and pulled Feng Jianings attention back.

“Thats right, its not bad either. The man wears a Guanyin and the woman carries a Buddha. I think this suits Auntie very well!” The auntie Feng Jianing was referring to was Cao Beinings mother, He Caifan.

“Alright, then lets take a photo first. Well give it to Auntie Lan first, then choose one for my mother!”

Feng Qing was thinking about how she had recently opened a piece of black jade and heard that it had been carved into Buddha. She did not know if it was because of this, but when she suddenly heard Cao Beining call her Auntie Lan, her body stiffened.

Feng Qing, Feng Qing, why are you still so stubborn!?Although you say you dont care, you still have a grudge in your heart. However, that mother, Fu Anlan, whom she had been looking forward to for seventeen years, had never once looked her in the eye!

“4.5 million…”

Without waiting for the auctioneer to finish bidding Cao Beining, Feng Qing raised her bid again. “9 million!”

A soft voice rang out, and the crowd was stunned once again. 4.5 million was already a high price, but why was Madam Xie always increasing the price by double?

The smile on Feng Jianings face froze completely!

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