Chapter 29: I Advise You to Behave Yourself

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When Feng Qing woke up, Xie Jiuhan had already taken his private jet and left. After Feng Qing finished her breakfast, she heard Xie Qi say to her excitedly, “Madam, you dont have to take the bus today.”

“Why?” As soon as Feng Qing finished speaking, she was brought to the underground warehouse by Xie Qi.

Then, Xie Qi introduced eagerly and excitedly, “Because Ninth Master personally modified a voice-activated motorcycle for you!

“This motorbike is much cooler than that kid from the Gu family! And its speed can reach 260 kilometers per hour!

“Most importantly, this model is an unmanned version personally modified by Ninth Master. As long as you sit on it, your helmet will be connected to your earpiece. Through the satellite navigation, it can send you to any destination.

“Dont worry, ma am. Its the most advanced sensory type, automatic operating system. You can go up the road without any burden.


“And I think the coolest thing about this model is that it has self-defense capabilities!

“It can shoot!” As Xie Qi spoke, his saliva flew everywhere. Feng Qing felt that her brain hurt a little bit.

Meanwhile, Xie Qi was still excitedly demonstrating to Feng Qing. “Madam, the buttons below the two handles have this function! Listen…”

As soon as Xie Qi finished speaking, several bullets pierced through the air and broke the steel plate in front of him.

Feng Qing was a little shocked by the effect. The little thing that Xie Jiuhan had modified for her was very powerful.

“Madam, you can rest assured and ride it to school! If you meet any bad guys again, you dont have to dirty your hands. Just shoot a hole in them and youll still be satisfied!”

Feng Qing: “…”

Feng Qing rode her motorbike across the road. The thrill of flying through life made her feel relaxed and happy. Her black hair flew up, and the sunlight shone on her face. It was as if she was covered in a layer of golden light. Feng Qing could even smell the scent of soil and grass.

A flashy pink sports car suddenly drove over and walked beside her. In the car was Xie Shihao, who had a foul mouth!

“Feng Qing, stop! What are you doing?! Ill report you to the police! Why are you riding a motorcycle when youre blind? Arent you afraid that youll throw yourself out?!” Xie Shihao shouted at Feng Qing.

Feng Qing snorted. “Your uncle modified it for me. Its an automatic driving system! I can drive it even without seeing it.”

“This is crazy!” Xie Shihao was speechless. He felt a little sour in his heart. When had his uncle ever been so attentive to him?

“Even if its auto-pilot, you still cant see it. What if theres an accident on the road? What are you going to do?! Besides, did you write the traffic laws? How can a blind person get onto the road!”

Feng Qing knew that Xie Shihao was jealous of her because he didnt get the same treatment. Feng Qing then sped up and overtook Xie Shihaos sports car. She didnt want to hear his envious voice.

“Damn!” Xie Shihao couldnt stand being overtaken by Feng Qings motorcycle. He sped up and overtook Feng Qing. He even pointed his middle finger at Feng Qing! Just the thought of Feng Qing not being able to see made him feel frustrated!

At this moment, Xie Shihaos jinx was right. There was a traffic accident ahead, so Xie Shihaos sports car couldnt leave. They could only wait for the accident ahead to be resolved.

However, Feng Qing didnt have to wait. She sped through the gap between the two cars and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Capitals number one university

Feng Qing parked her motorcycle in the parking lot and walked towards the school building.

“Look, Feng Qing is here! Shes Feng Jianings younger sister!”

“Impressive. Its only the second day since she came to school, and shes already hooked up with two male idols!”

“She cant see, but her nature is cheap! Thats right. After all, I heard that she can even capture an old man. How can a young man resist her temptation?”

Along the way, many boys who liked Feng Jianing and the girls who liked the two male idols didnt treat Feng Qing kindly at all! Because Feng Qing couldnt see, their voices werent restrained either. Those who didnt know would think that Feng Qing was blind and deaf.

As long as these people did not stand in front of her, Feng Qing could not be bothered with them. It would be a waste of time to speak to these brainless people. However, she only took a few steps and Feng Qing felt three people walking towards her.

One of them went straight for her shoulder, she was going to hit her, but Feng Qing dodged. The girl was a sports student who practiced lead shot. She knew that Feng Qing was blind and didnt retract her strength at all. After hitting the air, she fell to the ground and almost fell flat on her face.

The other two girls immediately stopped Feng Qing.

“Feng Qing! Were warning you to behave yourself. Although youve replaced Feng Jianing as the new student representative, your little bit of limelight wont be able to last for a few days!”

“Youre just a wild girl who came out of a ravine. In less than two days, youve caught the attention of two of the schools male idols. Are you very proud of yourself?”

“A loose woman like you is really embarrassing our Capital University! How dare you let Young Master Xie and Young Master Gu send you home when youre blind? Feng Qing, you cant afford such good fortune!”

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