Chapter 27: Complain to Xie Jiuhan

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It was also because of the Siren that Xie Shihaos insomnia was alleviated. Every night, he would fall asleep with the Sirens singing.

Just as Xie Shihao was intoxicated, the Siren suddenly stopped. Then, it showed that the host left the line!

Xie Shihao looked confused. At this moment, a servant rushed in and informed him, “Young Master Shihao, get up quickly. The Ninth Master is back!”

Upon hearing this, Xie Shihao immediately put his phone away and stood up straight to welcome his uncle.

The elevator suddenly opened, and Feng Qing ran out, panting. She ran towards Xie Jiuhan with a face full of joy and entered his arms precisely.

Xie Jiuhan was still wearing the dark blue suit he wore at school today. He reached out and picked Feng Qing up..

Feng Qing nestled in Xie Jiuhans embrace, feeling the mans body temperature and heartbeat. She raised her hand and touched the mans face along his neck. Feng Qing touched Xie Jiuhans brow bone every day, as if she was looking at a man with her eyes.

Xie Shihao, who was standing at the side, felt his mouth twitch. He had enough of this sweetness and the treatment of him like air.

Because Xie Jiuhan was here, Xie Shihao could only curse Feng Qing in his heart! “You vixen! You used your youth to seduce Little Uncle! Because of you, you vixen, Little Uncle doesnt even have a female mosquito by his side!”

Feng Qing caressed Xie Jiuhans eyebrows and leaned on his shoulder. She felt like she was in the warm sun and was extremely blissful.

“Jiuhan, Xie Shihao must be calling me a vixen!” Feng Qing leaned on Xie Jiuhans shoulder and complained.

Xie Shihao was instantly driven mad. Everyone said that a blind persons ears were sharp, but it wasnt to the extent that she could hear his own thoughts, right?

Although Feng Qing couldnt hear Xie Shihaos thoughts or see his expression, she was smart enough to guess. That was because Xie Shihao disliked her intimate contact with Xie Jiuhan!

When Xie Jiuhan heard Feng Qings words, he looked at Xie Shihao with an even more unfriendly gaze. Xie Shihaos legs immediately went weak. He was really too afraid of Little Uncle.

Xie Jiuhan couldnt be bothered with him. He carried Feng Qing to the dining room and sat her on his lap. He lowered his head to check Feng Qings injury.

“When I left the school, I asked the school doctor to check again. He said that it was fine and would heal in a few days!”

Xie Jiuhan listened to Feng Qings words and frowned as he looked at the wound on Feng Qings leg. His heart ached terribly, but he still looked cold.

“In the afternoon, I asked Xie Qi to check. Behind the big screen was the blind spot of the schools surveillance, but at that time, a woman wearing a hat entered.” Xie Jiuhans meaning was clear. The stage lights incident today had something to do with this woman.

“Who is it?” Feng Qing asked.

“Feng Jianing.” Xie Jiuhan knew what this name meant to Feng Qing!

Feng Qing was not surprised to hear this name.

“How is that possible? Is this matter really related to Feng Jianing? Could it be a misunderstanding? That woman isnt stupid. Doesnt she know that there are surveillance cameras everywhere?” Xie Shihao came over to interrupt.

He knew that as long as he did not come over, he would not have dinner. However, for Xie Jiuhan, the recipes were prepared according to Feng Qings preferences. Xie Shihao pouted.

Xie Jiuhan still ignored Xie Shihao. He was really anxious about Xie Shihaos intelligence. He asked Feng Qing directly, “How do you want to deal with the Feng family? Youve already let them live a relaxed life for three years.”

Feng Qing didnt answer this question. She merely raised her head and took a deep breath before saying, “Jiu Han, I want to eat sweet and sour fish!”

Xie Jiuhan picked up the chopsticks and picked out the fish bones for Feng Qing before feeding it to her.

Xie Shihao watched helplessly as his uncles decisive hands picked out fish bones for a woman. Anger surged in his heart.

Feng Qing, who was sitting on Xie Jiuhans lap, could clearly hear Xie Shihaos accelerated heartbeat and heavy breathing. She knew that he was angry again. However, she liked how Xie Shihao was extremely angry but couldnt do anything to her.

“Jiu Han, I still want to eat shredded sweet potatoes…”

Xie Jiuhan stretched out his chopsticks and was about to feed Feng Qing again. However, he suddenly thought of something and stopped. “You can continue eating if you want to. Please explain to me whats going on between you and that brat from the Gu family.”

Xie Shihao looked at Feng Qing nervously. At this moment, Xie Shihao sincerely hoped that Feng Qing could hear his thoughts.?Feng Qing! My dear lady, please tell the truth. You have nothing to do with Gu Qingye. If not, Little Uncle could just move his fingers and that brat would be finished!

Feng Qing took a bite of the delicious sweet potato that Xie Jiuhan had picked up. This was her favorite. It was her happiest time to be able to eat something like this when she was young.

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