Chapter 26: Sirens Singing

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“Let me remind you, youre my uncles woman. He has already announced to the public that youre his wife. Can we have some self-awareness as a married couple? Moreover, my uncle doesnt even touch the opposite sex. How can you do whatever you want?

“I really dont understand. What does a man like Little Uncle like you for? Do you think you two are compatible? Isnt this a joke?!” Feng Qing walked in front while Xie Shihao followed closely behind. As long as Feng Qing didnt answer him, Xie Shihao would continue.

Feng Qing suddenly stopped and turned to look behind Xie Shihao. “Jiuhan, youre back!”

Xie Shihao shuddered and didnt dare to move. He turned around stiffly with sweat all over his face. “Little Uncle! I didnt mean that. I… I…

“Uncle, I was wrong!” Xie Shihao jumped up in fright and immediately knelt down to apologize.. However, after waiting for a long time, he didnt hear any response from Xie Jiuhan. He secretly raised his head.?Was there anyone else in the courtyard?

Feng Qing brought March in.

“Damn! Feng Qing! Youre a witch! How dare you lie to me!” Xie Shihao gritted his teeth in hatred and walked in with a strong aura. Xie Jiuhan hadnt returned yet, so Xie Shihao wasnt afraid anymore. He sat on the sofa and took a deep breath. He had been scared to death just now.

Feng Qing, this woman, knew that he was afraid of his uncle. She did it on purpose. She was really too much.

At that moment, his cell phone rang with a notification. He immediately took out his cell phone and opened an appYou Can Sing Anytime You Want. He clicked into the goddesss live stream.

As usual, the goddess did not show her face. The background of the page was a sea elf. Although everyone said that it was a Siren, in Xie Shihaos eyes, it was an elf!

“Hello, everyone has been waiting for a long time.”

When Xie Shihao heard his goddess live stream, he was so excited that he started to crazily send gifts. Instantly, the screen was filled with small rockets! This kind of nouveau riche behavior caused the entire comment section to be filled with exclamations and comments.

“Daddy is here again!”

“I cant believe hes using the most expensive gift! Hes so rich…”

“May I ask if your family is still short of people? I can even clean the toilet…”

Half a year ago, a singer by the name of Siren sang at the most popular live-streaming platform and released an original song, “Wishful”.

In about a week, the song reached the top of the original music charts. The unique voice of the Siren was called attractive like diamonds, ethereal like the deep sea, passionate yet firm, gentle and grand.

The lyrics progressed layer by layer. The emotions were steady and restrained, and the emotions contained within were even more unfathomable. Under the commentary of “Wishful”, many people were saying that the singers voice was just like her name, like a siren singing.

From then on, the Siren released many original songs and attracted other original singers to imitate her. However, none of them could reach the pinnacle of the Sirens singing.

Of course, in this world, there were doubts when there was success. Many people said that the Siren was a team that used falsetto and voice. There were also people who said that she might be the queen of songs that had retired from the music industry. There were even people who pretended to be the Siren and took on commercial performances or even scams.

For a moment, because of who the Siren was, it even made it onto the hot search list.

Later on, the app officials invited the Siren to do a live broadcast. However, the Siren did not show her face on camera. Instead, she chose a deep sea demon persona as their representative.

As if she really was that Siren. It was a blurry oil painting. Under the deep blue sea, the weak sunlight shone on a blurry figure.

During the live broadcast, the Siren did not chat or reply to comments. She only played the piano, harp, guitar, and even the guqin…

Depending on the style, she would change her instruments and sing her own original songs. Because of this, many people marveled at the abilities of the Siren. After all, it was already very impressive for a person to know a few instruments, but the Siren was proficient in many kinds of instruments! Even the masters were amazed by her professionalism.

Not long after the live broadcast of the Siren, a fan called “Please call me rich daddy” suddenly appeared. Every day, he would send gifts to the Siren, and each time he made a move, it would not be less than two million. The rich daddys money toss caused a sensation on the entire platform and kept breaking the record.

“Ill be singing a new song for everyone today.”

The Sirens song rang out. It was as ethereal as ever, mesmerizing and intoxicating.

All kinds of comments flooded the screen. Xie Shihao was lying on the sofa and humming along with the Siren. He was sending gifts as he sang.

Ever since he became a fan of the Siren, Xie Shihao had spent all his pocket money on her. He was considered the number one fan of the Siren.

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