Chapter 18: Im Looking forward to It

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He Xu heard Shen Suyings words and suddenly turned to look at Gu Qingye who was standing at the door and watching the fun. Gu Qingyes appearance and professional results were actually very suitable to be the representative of the freshmen.

“I can be the representative too. I will let everyone have a good time!” Gu Qingye noticed He Xus gaze and adjusted his tie and acted like he was another modest young master.

However, this guy was a wolf in sheeps clothing. On the first day of military training, he had brought a large group of students to dance! He almost went on the current news!

He Xu gave up on the idea.

“Director, I have a suggestion. Lets use Student Feng Qing as a substitute! Our school only has one special admissions student like her. I believe the students will be greatly moved by her speech, which represents the freshmen.” Shen Suyings eyes were filled with evil intentions.


“Thats not appropriate! Chief Shen, watch your words. Theres a big shot here today, how can you mess around?” He Xu looked at Shen Suying disapprovingly. This Chief Shen, other than her harsh words, she was very strict in other areas.

“Dean He, how is this nonsense? I think shes the most suitable candidate to represent us. Otherwise, all the students would not be hardworking. Student Feng Qing hasnt even taken the college entrance examination yet, and her body is in such a state. How can she come to school? She has to prove herself. Otherwise, how can she be fair to the other students?

“Besides, theres still half an hour left. Where can I find someone as suitable as Student Feng Qing? Just nice, I still have Student Feng Jianings video speech from before. Student Feng Qing, listen to it a few times and go on stage in half an hour. I wont make things difficult for you. When the time comes, if you really cant do it, just move your lips. That should be enough, right? Well settle the rest.”

Shen Suying looked forward to Feng Qing messing things up so that she would have a reason to chase this blind girl away.

“Dean, please dont waste any more time. If you continue to hesitate, Student Feng Qing will have even less time left. It will be the same as finding other students. Besides, even though Feng Qing cant see, her temperament and appearance are still quite good. Doesnt the freshman representative also represent the schools face?

“What do you think, Student Feng Qing? If you are willing, I can consider the fact that you have contributed to the school and not ask Principal Di to withdraw you from the school. After all, your results in the cultural subjects are zero. No matter how I look at it, you are not qualified to stand on the campus of the Capital University.”

Shen Suying directly said what was on her mind. She did not feel that it was cruel to treat a blind person like this at all. She had held it in for a long time, and no matter how she looked at Feng Qing, she did not like her.

“Sure, Dean He. If you dont object, Im willing to be the representative of the freshmen.” Feng Qing said to He Xu.

Xie Jiuhan had asked her to come because he wanted her to experience what people her age should have. She also wanted to experience the life of a normal person. It was not like those little monsters in A Dark Organization. Not everyone in this world was respectful to her. There were also different people.

March raised his head and firmly remembered this old woman who had always been rude to his young master. He wanted to go back and complain to his master.

Standing at the door, Gu Qingye suddenly walked over to Feng Qing and glanced at March, who was on the ground, before he arrogantly whispered in Feng Qings ear, “Im looking forward to it, little blind girl. Im not going to participate in any boring welcoming ceremony, but Ill be looking at you in the first row. Dont disappoint me.”

Half an hour later, the field of the Capital University was filled with people. The freshmen were beaming with youthful smiles, looking forward to their university life.

In the crowd, some girls were stealing glances in the direction of the music school. One of the two boys in the first row was the violin prince. He was already famous as the school bully during military training, Gu Qingye. The other was the medical genius, Xie Shihao.

Both of them were the most handsome guys in school.

“Why are you standing so close? Do you really want to see Feng Jianing? I think shes just average-looking. Shes so unpresentable. How is she good-looking? Your aesthetic standards have improved,” Xie Shihao teased.

“If you dont speak, no one will think youre mute…”

Gu Qingye ignored him and tugged at his tie. If not for the fact that he was curious about the blind girl, he would not have come over to act like a human. The tie was restraining him and he felt like he was about to die.

Before Gu Qingye could finish his words, he noticed that the commotion around him had suddenly stopped. He felt that it was a little strange since the principal wasnt here yet. Who could be so intimidating?

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