“Yeya has to study.” (1)

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It took a while for the system to adjust its mentality and coax her with gentle words; [Ya’er, I think it’s best if uncle keeps the seed for you.
Planting the seed on your head is…] isn’t a rational option.

“No! No! I want to plant it on my head!” Yeya shook her head fiercely and pointed to the top of her head, “Here! Plant it here!”


It didn’t matter where, as long as the seed is planted.

The system sighed deeply and placed the small seed an inch above her head.
The green seed was very small and it glowed faintly in a white light.
This is a special seed; aside from Yeya, ordinary humans won’t notice it.

Yeya quickly ran to the mirror.
She tilted her head as she stared at her reflection.
She watched as the small seed on top of her head tilt in the same direction.
Then, she spun around, watching as the seed on top of her head remained on her head.

“Wow~~~” Yeya’s eyes widened as she let out an excited exclamation.

She shouted excitedly, “I want the seed to sprout and bloom! Uncle, I want the seeds to bloom!”

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——That’s not necessary!!

The system was extremely tired as he explained; [As long as Yaya completed the assigned tasks, the seed would grow and eventually bloom into a four-leaf clover.
Each clover leaf represents a wish as well as a different form of luck.
Once all four of the clover leaf blooms, Yaya can make a wish to return home.

Yeya touched the small seed on top of her head and suddenly asked, “When Yaya goes back home, what happens to uncle?”

After a long moment of silence, the system responded; [Uncle will continue aiding other hosts.]

Yeya didn’t quite understand his response, “Uncle won’t go home?”

[I can’t go back home and I don’t have a home.]

It had committed a mistake, so fate had punished it; [I will aid others into reincarnation but I will never enter the reincarnation cycle.]

Yeya was the youngest host the system had, but she definitely won’t be the last host he will aid.

Yeya seemed to have understood the gist of his explanation, so she didn’t ask the system any more questions.

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[Yaya, why don’t we study in your free time?]

Young Yeya’s illiteracy was starting to pose a big problem.
Although it is fine for now, it isn’t ideal for her to stay illiterate long-term.

“Okay.” She responded, “Yeya wants to study.”

Mhm, she’s such a well-behaved kid.

Since she agreed without hesitation, the system began to look for online classes for Yaya.
The system itself doesn’t have an education function, so the system needed to find a professional early childhood training system to teach her words and skills unique to humans.
The system remembers that one class costs 2,000 code points.
2,000 code points are enough for the system to upgrade itself once.
The system’s heart ached at how expensive those classes are.

However, for her to complete the mission quickly, the system was even willing to fork out 20,000 points!

The system registered Yeya for three classes: preschool math class, preschool language class, and preschool human interactions for monster cubs.
The three classes cost the system 5,000 code points.
The system endured its heartache and paid the tuition.

The online classes are held three times a week and each for three hours.
Due to the difference between space-time and earth-time, three minutes in space-time is equivalent to three hours in the real world.Therefore, it won’t interfere with Yeya’s tasks.

The first class is mathematics and it will start in five minutes.
The system made Yeya sit on a chair and then connect her brain to the learning space.
Yeya was the only person in the learning space.
There was a small electronic tablet with a floating screen in front of her.
The teacher taught the students remotely.

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The system wasn’t worried that Yeya will have trouble learning.
After all, monsters have higher IQs than humans, so it shouldn’t take her long to master preschool mathematics.

[The teacher won’t allow uncle to stay with you while you attend class, so uncle will come back once the class is over.
Ya’er, be good and listen to the teacher.]

“Okay.” Yeya nodded her head, “Ya’er will be a good kid.”

The teacher starts teaching the class after the system leaves.

Yeya sat in front of the small table and listened closely to the teacher’s lecture.

Since the students come from various places, the teacher’s language will automatically switch to the language understood by the student.
Yeya is currently listening to the teacher lecture in the demon tongue.

A demon’s memory and learning ability are extraordinary.
Yeya quickly memorized all 100 numbers and can write them out perfectly.
The teacher was very pleased with Yeya’s progress and wrote down SSS on Yeya’s evaluation column.

The class took a five-minute break before approaching the subject of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
Three questions appeared on the tablet in front of Yeya.

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Yeya pondered deeply for a while before she picked up her pen and started solving the math questions.
She murmured as she wrote: 3+7 is equal to 37.
8-0 is equal to 0.
7+1 is equal to…” She tilted her head before she drew a weird symbol on it.

7+1 = ▽.

7+1 is equal to… an inverted triangle???

The teacher in charge of the remote learning class fell silent.

“Student Yeya, aren’t you going to…”

Before the teacher could finish speaking, Yeya put her pen down on the table and handed in her homework without any hesitation.

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