“Little Yeya Will Bless You and Your Black Raven.” (1)

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Yeya is a monster.
Even though she possessed a human body, she can still see things that ordinary humans can’t see.
For example, guardian spirits.

Guardian spirits only protect the most sincere and benevolent humans, as well as the most wicked and fearsome humans.
It is very rare for a human to have a guardian spirit.
Only one in one hundred humans have a guardian spirit protecting them.

She raised her head and widened her eyes in surprise at the sight of a black raven with crimson eyes standing on the young boy’s shoulder.
The black mist from the raven shrouded the young boy like an ominous dark cloud.

Yeya remembered that her mother told her that ravens are inauspicious.
As such, humans with ravens as guardian spirits are bad people.
If she ever encounters someone like that, she should stay as far away as possible to avoid attracting trouble.

She gulped and hid her hands behind her back.
Yeya turned sideways to prevent herself from blocking his path.

Shen Zhou picked up his bicycle indifferently and casually threw his schoolbooks into the basket.
He pushed his bicycle forward to leave when he suddenly stopped and turned around.

“What’s your name?” he asked.

Yeya was afraid of the raven, so she obediently answered, “Yeya.”

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Shen Zhou raised an eyebrow and scanned her surrounding before focusing his gaze on her again.

Shen Zhou parked his bicycle and squatted down in front of her, “where are your parents?”

Yeya’s gaze was focused on his shoulder.

The raven was probably tired as it remained standing on the young man’s shoulder, pecking at its black feathered wings with its beak.
When the raven noticed Yeya’s gaze on it, its beady crimson eyes stared back before opening its beak and letting out a fierce caw at her.

Yeya’s shoulders trembled and she covered her eyes with her small hands.

Shen Zhou pursed his lips.
He had been unlikeable ever since he was a child.
So it wasn’t a surprise that Yeya was scared of him.
After all, even cats and dogs would actively avoid him.

When he saw Yeya’s dry and cracked lips, he stood up and entered the convenience store nearby.

He took out the five remaining dollars he had in his pocket and lingered in front of the shelf for a while.
Finally, he reluctantly bought a bottle of milk with some of his wrinkled bills.

“Here.” Shen Zhou walked up to Yeya and held the milk he bought in front of her.

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Yeya peeked between her fingers.
She stared at the milk with curiosity but she didn’t take it.

Shen Zhou took the initiative to insert a straw into the drink for her.
He said in a light tone, “Drink this.
After you’re finished drinking, I’ll take you to the police station and they will help you find your parents.”

Yeya’s long eyelashes trembled faintly before she took the drink from him carefully and took a small sip.

So sweet! It was a delicious flavour that she had never tasted before.

“Thank you, big brother.” The corners of Yeya’s mouth curved into a smile.
Her bright and innocent smile lit up her entire face.
The same face and body were still covered in dirt.
It seemed as though she had just crawled out of a trash can.

Shen Zhou felt somewhat uncomfortable.
He took out a napkin and dipped it in what was left of his thermos bottle.
Then he proceeded to wipe the dirt and dust off her face gradually revealing her bare face.

Yeya grew up beautifully.

Her eyebrows are shapely and her eyes are bright.
There is a red teardrop-shaped mole below her left eye.
Anyone who saw her appearance would undoubtedly praise her for her beautiful and adorable appearance.
The only shortcoming is that she was too thin and frail-looking.
Her skin is pale due to malnutrition and it seemed like she has been abused for a while.

Yeya quickly finished drinking the milk.
After she finished, she licked the corners of her lips longingly.

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“Follow me, I’ll take you to the police station.”

The police station is just around the corner.

Yeya held the empty bottle and limped beside him.

Even though Shen Zhou walked slowly, Yeya still couldn’t keep up.
He glanced at her out of the corner of his eye.
He noticed that her body was very thin, so thin that the overly large gown was about to slide off her shoulders.
She was walking barefoot, so her feet were exceptionally dirty.
Shen Zhou pursed his lips and took off his school uniform jacket.
He then proceeded to wrap the jacket around her and held out his arm to pick her up.

Yeya wrapped her two short arms around the young boy’s neck.
But when her gaze fell on the sleeping raven, she closed her eyes in fear and buried her head in his shoulder.

The three-year-old girl was as light as a feather and it didn’t take much for him to hold her.

He has a five-year-old brother.
Due to the sudden death of his parents, he raised his younger brother all by himself.
He remembered that his younger brother was much heavier than her when he was three years old.
It seemed like the young girl’s living situation was not ideal.

“Where do you live?”

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Yeya pondered for a moment before she earnestly answered, “In the soil.”

Shen Zhou fell silent.

He didn’t take her response seriously.
He thought she was joking.

The police station was close by but there was only one policeman on duty.
Zhen Shou headed in with Yeya and greeted the policeman, “Hello.
This child is lost.
Can you help her contact her parents?”

This road is the busiest commercial street in Longchen.
One or two children would often get separated from their parents every few months, so the policeman was not surprised.

“Okay.” The policeman nodded, “Student, you can put her down and leave your contact information here.
Once I find her parents, I’ll give you a call.”

There was a hint of embarrassment when he responded, “I’m sorry, I don’t have a cell phone.” After the death of his parents, his relatives drained the remainder of the funds his parents left behind and skipped town.
Since then, he and his brother have lived a difficult life.
They even had to rely on others to finance their schooling.
Even though cell phones are a necessity in today’s society, it was but a luxury for them.

“My name is Shen Zhou.
I attend No.
1 Middle School.
If you have any news, you can contact me via my school.”

With that said, Shen Zhou placed Yeya on one of the chairs in the police station and turned to leave.

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