She was extremely pissed off.

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This was the toy that was given to her by Brother Shen Zhou.
The figurine even had a small leaf on top of its head, just like her! But now, it’s all broken!

Yeya was so angry that she balled her hands into a fist.
She glared angrily at Ye Ziyu with her big eyes and said, “I’m going to break your things too!”

“Whatever.” Ye Ziyu didn’t bother to even look at her.
He flipped through his homework and continued trying to solve the math problems.

Yeya gritted her teeth, snuck up behind him, and grabbed his math workbook.
She then proceeded to tear the workbook in half.

Ye Ziyu sat there motionlessly while staring at her with a dumbfounded expression on his face.

Yeya’s behavior was immediately praised by the system: [Even though you’re still young, you already know that a student’s most valuable possession is their workbook.
You’re so terrifying!]

Tearing workbook = terrifying?


Realization suddenly dawned on Yeya as she reached out and grabbed the remaining homework from Ye Ziyu and shredded it into pieces.

“You…” Ye Ziyu was stunned speechless.

Yeya scowled at him and mumbled, “I’m a bad baby.
I’m not well-behaved at all.”

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[Great job, Ya’er! You need to start young if you want to become a full-fledged villainess.
What is the saying? Ah, even the most trivial evil deed matters!]

His little Ya’er will definitely achieve great things in the future!

As expected of the daughter of a Corpse Flower!

At this time, the task had been checked and completed, and the system did not hesitate to rate Ye Ya SSS; even the reward was doubled.

The room was silent.
There was only the constant sound of paper tearing.

Ye Ziyu sat stiffly in a chair, staring at the homework that was now misshapen on the ground.
The corners of his mouth lifted.
He smiled happily.

Ye Ziyu picked up a few more books next to him and handed them to her together, “Tear them all.
You’re welcome.”

Ye Ya held the homework book with two short arms and took two steps back, dazed.

Ye Ziyu smiled happily and squished her cheeks with both hands, “Yaya, remember to tear it to pieces as tiny as possible.
Or else the teacher would just let me use tape and paper to put it together again.” He was annoyed with this homework, but now it’s okay.
Someone solved the problem for him for free, and he no longer had to worry about the teacher scolding him.

There was really such a good thing in the world!

Ye Ziyu was in a great mood.
He even found Ye Ya more bearable.

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“I originally wanted to wait for my dad to come back and tell him about your hiding here, but forget it.” He shrugged, “I won’t snitch for your sake of helping me do my work.”

Ye Ya looked at his homework, then at the triumphant Ye Ziyu, was silent for a while, and then asked, “Well… well, if you don’t have your homework, will the teacher scold you?” ”

Ye Ziyu didn’t give it much thought, “You did just tear it up.”

Ye Ya said, “What if the teacher tells your father?”

Ye Ziyu directly replied, “What does your tearing my homework have to do with me?”

Ye Ya frowned and said in a low voice, “But you said you will help me hide?”

Ye Ziyu’s body trembled, and he jumped up from the chair as if he had been electrocuted.

He stared at the debris all over the floor with wide eyes.

In… in the end, he tore it up all by himself–!!

Ye Ziyu panicked.

Ye Ya covered her mouth and giggled, “Brother is a little fool.
His brain is not smart, and the grass on his head does not germinate.”

Before she finished speaking, he looked down at the homework all over the floor sadly, and after a few seconds, started crying.

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[System: Ya’er is great! You made him cry! ]

Ye Ya tilted her head, walked a few steps forward and bent over to put her head under his, looking up at him with big eyes.

“Are you crying?”

“My father left me the homework in that notebook.
He said that when I did all the answers correctly, he would take me out to play.”

After his mother died, his father rarely accompanied him.

He had no other wishes, he just wanted to stay with his father for a while.


Ye Ziyu felt sad.
He bit her lip and cried silently.

Ye Ya blinked, opened her arms, and hugged him.
Her small palms laboriously touched the top of his head, and after patting him twice, she comforted with her baby voice, “Don’t cry, don’t cry.
I’ll do it for you.”

Ye Ziyu was still sobbing, “You…can you do it?” He cried himself into a snot bubble, “You probably can’t even do one plus one.”

“I can!” Ye Ya was not happy with his misjudgment.
She raised her head a bit higher confidently, “One plus one equals two!”

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“What about two plus two?”


“Four plus four?”


“Eight plus eight?”

Ye Ya held out two hands, each holding the Chinese hand symbol of eight, and after counting them, she said, “Four!”

Ye Ziyu was shocked by this calculation.

“Two fingers plus two fingers equals four.”

Ye Ziyu looked at the four white and tender fingers, and thought for a while.

It kind of made sense?

He wiped away his tears, squatted down, and picked up all the homework on the ground.
The notebook his father gave him was not broken too badly, so he could still vaguely understand the handwriting when he put it together.
As long as he moved the questions to a clean book and did it again, he should be able to finish it when his father comes back tomorrow.

Ye Ziyu cheered up and found a notebook.
He immediately started carefully copying his homework.

Ye Ya stood beside him and looked at him quietly.

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