Ye Qinghe couldn’t sleep all night due to his father’s sudden return.

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He knew that his father was a ruthless and cold person from his memory.

He is decisive and meticulous, so much so that he won’t tolerate even a grain of sand in his eyes.
In addition, he can’t be swayed by others at all.
He didn’t even hesitate to send Yeya away at that time, even though she looked exactly like his deceased daughter.

Ye Qinghe had been hiding Yeya’s existence from his father the entire time because he was afraid that his father would take Yeya away again when he was not around.

Ye Qinghe tossed and turned all night.
His younger sister was too young and she lacked the power to protect herself, much like a puppy.
His heart couldn’t help but ache when he recall the scars on her body.
No matter what, he will not let Yeya down again.

Ye Qinghe opened his eyes in the dark.

——He wanted to hide Yeya.

Ye Qinghe abruptly got up from his bed, put on his slippers, and headed for Ye Ziyu’s room.


Ye Ziyu was sound asleep on the bed.
Ye Qinghe climbed onto the bed and stretched out his hand and nudged him.

“What are you doing?” Ye Ziyu rolled away from him and waved his hand impatiently.

“Wake up.
I have something to tell you.”

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“Bro, I’m very sleepy.” Ye Ziyu rubbed his eyes, even his voice was muffled, “Tell me tomorrow…”

Ye Qinghe paused, “Get up and I’ll get you the limited edition Transformers set in my room.”

Limited edition.


That’s the item of his dreams!!!

Ye Ziyu was successfully tempted by this offer and immediately pushed away his blanket.
He sat up and said, “Okay, tell me.
I’ll listen.”

“Dad will return the day after tomorrow.”

“I know.” Ye Ziyu nodded and proudly said, “Once dad return, I’ll ask him to chase her away.”

The person he was referring to was Yeya.

Ye Qinghe pursed his lips, this was actually what he wanted to discuss…

His eyelashes trembled in unease when he suddenly took Ye Ziyu’s hand and asked in a low voice, “Can you hide Yaya in your secret room?”

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There was a secret room built behind Ye Ziyu’s room.
It was specially built by Ye Linchuan for Ye Ziyu to soothe his emotions every time his emotion gets out of control or when he’s in a bad mood.
There were his favorite books, toys, and items his late mother left behind inside the secret room.

Ye Qinghe had already thought it through.

He wanted to put Yeya there for the time being while he probed and persuade his father to let Yeya stay.

Ye Ziyu frowned, “Ah?”

He was unhappy about this, “I don’t want to.”

Ye Qinghe, “Transformers.”

Ye Ziyu, “But…”

Ye Qinghe, “Limited edition.”


“Then…j-just for one day.”

Ye Ziyu could only compromise in face of the toy he badly wanted, “Only for one day.”

“Okay.” Ye Qinghe smiled, “You also have to promise me that you won’t tell our dad about Yeya’s return yet.”

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“Okay.” Ye Ziyu was very sleepy; he yawned, “Brother, is there anything else to discuss? If not, then I’ll head to sleep now.”

“There’s nothing else.
Sleep well.” Ye Qinghe got off the bed and returned to his room.


The next day, when Ye Qinghe was heading to class, he decided to delete the surveillance footage at home when he returns.
After Ye Qinghe left, only two children were left in the house, Ye Ziyu and Yeya.

Ye Ziyu couldn’t attend kindergarten due to his illness, so he was homeschooled.
Yeya knew that Ye Ziyu didn’t like him, so she tried her best not to have contact with him while Ye Qinghe was away.

After she washed up and had her breakfast in her room, the system released the daily tasks for her.

Yeya can recognize some of the words already thanks to her online class.

She read each of the four options before settling on option number three without any thought: [Have a catfight with Ye Ziyu.]

Yeya barely recognized the first few words, but she was confused by the latter half of the sentence.
She closed the task panel and lay on the ground to play with a toy car.

[System: Ya’er, you will be attending your hobby class in a moment.]

Yeya spun the little toy car and let out a soft groan in response.

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[System: The teacher praised you yesterday.
The teacher said that you are a quick learner when it comes to language classes.
You should keep up the great work.]

Yeya felt proud after being praised by the system.
She raised her chin and pridefully said, “It’s because I’m the smartest little monster in the entire world!”

Her daddy and mommy used to compliment her like this.

They praised her for being smart and adorable.
They also praised her by comparing her lush green leaves to a divine bird’s tail feathers which are known for their splendor.

Yeya’s expression suddenly fell when she remembered her parents.
She squatted in a corner and silently wallowed in her sadness.

It’s hard to predict a child’s sudden change in emotion, but the system has long been accustomed to it.

[System: Ya’er, you’ll have to attend a hobby class soon.]

Yeya merely nodded her head and entered her online class.

Today, the hobby class is teaching students about nurturing.
In order for the students to adapt to the environment, the teacher transformed the space into a beautiful lush green garden.
Even the scent and atmosphere of the space are hyperrealistic.

Yeya chose to paint a variety of things.
A picture scroll suddenly appeared and slowly unfolded in front of her.
Yeya held a paintbrush and the paintbrush moved along with her hand to create the image in her mind.

It was magical.

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