Shen Zhou felt rather embarrassed by the amount of food, “This is too much, we definitely won’t be able to finish it.
Why don’t we refund one of the buckets?”

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“I already ordered it.” Ye Qinghe scratched his head, “If you can’t finish it, then you can just pack it and take it home.
You can still eat it for dinner.”

Shen Zhou didn’t respond, he silently gave Yeya the toy that came with his order.
It was a small figurine with a Japanese-style emoticon, but the small green leaves on top of the figurine instantly attracted Yeya’s attention.

Her eyes shone brightly, “This looked exactly like Yaya.”

Ye Qinghe looked at the figurine and then at Yeya’s head.
He pondered for a while before he said, “I think Yaya is cuter than the figurine.”

“I still like it.” Yeya hugged and kissed the figurine.
She smiled sweetly at Shen Zhou, “Thank you, Brother Shen Zhou.”

The young girl looked like an innocent little angel.
Whenever she smiles, beautiful spring flowers would bloom.
Anyone who sees her smile will feel their heart warm up.

The four of them ate very quietly after that.
When they were about to finish eating, Ye Qinghe caught a glimpse of a QR code on the family bucket which stated: [Scan the QR code for a chance to win a DAMI1 phone, ipad, smart watch and other great prizes.]

Ye Qinghe’s pupils flashed, “You can scan the QR code for a chance to win a prize.
Classmate Shen Zhou, do you want to try?”

Shen Zhou shook his head and refused, “I don’t have a phone.”

“It’s okay.
You can use mine.” Ye Qinghe handed him his cell phone, “Won’t you have a cell phone if you win?”

“…” How could there be such a lucky coincidence?

There was only about a 1% chance of winning this kind of lottery…

Ye Qinghe’s gaze was full of anticipation, which made Shen Zhou quite stressed.

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At this time, Yeya had finished eating the food on her plate.
She sucked the remaining tomato juice from her finger and looked at Shen Zhou and Ye Qinghe with her big eyes, “Brother, I also want to play.”

Yeya’s voice made Shen Zhou heave a sigh of relief, “Why don’t we let Yaya try first?”

Ye Qinghe handed his phone to Yeya, “Okay.
Yaya, you can scan my QR code, and then afterward, let Brother Shen Zhou scan his.”

Yeya held the phone and hesitated when she saw the advertisement on the bucket.

“What’s wrong?” Ye Qinghe asked.

Yeya frowned, “Brother, which one should I get? This one or the other one?”

She pointed at the smart watch and then at the DAMI learning robot.
The appearances of both items were extremely cute.

Ye Qinghe smiled and responded, “That’s not how it works.
You can’t just wish for it and get it.
Yaya, you can just scan the QR code.
If you don’t win a prize, then brother will buy the prize for you.”

Yeya didn’t seem to have heard what he said.
She pointed her finger at the prize shown on the left, “Yaya wants this one.” Then, she scan the QR code on the bucket.


The screen loaded the result.

The other three people crowded around the screen.

[Congratulations on winning the fifth-place prize.]

The fifth prize is… a smart watch.

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The other three were extremely shocked by her luck.

A c-coincidence.
It must be a coincidence.

Ye Qinghe entered his phone number in a dazed manner before handing his phone to Shen Zhou, “Why don’t you give it a try?”

Yeya jumped off her chair and rubbed her head against Shen Zhou.
She tapped her hand on the table and said in a childish tone, “I hope Brother Shen Zhou wins the phone.”

She didn’t quite understand what a phone was used for, but she can sense that it was an item that adults need.
Brother Shen Zhou doesn’t have a phone, so she simply wants him to win one.

Shen Zhou touched the pig tails on her head and then scanned the QR code without any expectation.

[Congratulations on winning the first-place prize.]

The first-place prize is a set of ipad and phone.


Ye Qinghe sucked in a breath of cold air.

Shen Zhou stared at the screen and began to doubt life——

Could it be…

Could it be that he actually has extremely good luck???

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“This is great! We can contact each other by phone now.” Although he was jealous of Shen Zhou’s luck, Ye Qinghe expressed his joy for him from the bottom of his heart.

Shen Zhou came back to his senses, “You were the one who invited us to a meal…” So it should be considered Ye Qinghe’s prize.

Ye Qinghe pinched Yeya’s chubby little face and said, “Yaya is the one treating us to this meal.
And since you scan and won by yourself, it should be considered yours.” He looked at Yeya and asked, “Am I right, Yaya?”

Yeya quickly nodded her head.

DAMI’s flagship store is located in the commercial district.
They could go to the physical store to redeem their prizes.
After he called the store, the four people headed over to redeem their prize.
On their way there, they also got a SIM card.

After exchanging contact information with Shen Zhou, Ye Qinghe sent a WeChat2 message to his driver and asked him to come pick him up.

It was time for them to part.
Ye Qinghe hugged Yeya and waved at Shen Zhou who was riding his electric motorbike, “See you on Monday.”

Yeya was already sleepy after playing outside all day.
She laid on Ye Qinghe’s shoulder and forced herself to wave goodbye to the two brothers, “Brother Shen Zhou and Brother Shen Ran, you have to call me.” She wore the smart watch on her left wrist; it was bright pink and matched Yeya’s appearance very well.

Shen Ran leaned on Shen Zhou and had long fell asleep, so he didn’t respond at all.

Shen Zhou put on his helmet and nodded, “Okay.” He grabbed the handle of the motorbike and slowly drove away.

“Drive carefully,” Ye Qinghe reminded him kindly as he watched them drive away.

But just as he finished speaking, Shen Zhou and his younger brother fell to the ground along with the motorbike.
The two brothers didn’t seem fazed at all, instead, they seemed rather used to it.
The two figure stood up calmly from the ground, dusted their bottom, got back on the motorbike, and continued driving away.

“I understand.”

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Shen Zhou replied while they were still within hearing distance.

Ye Qinghe, “…”

It seemed like it hadn’t been easy for the two young boys to grow up by themselves.


The driver soon arrived to pick them up.

Yeya fell asleep in Ye Qinghe’s arms not long after they got into the car.

He didn’t want to disturb her and gently patted Yeya’s back to coax her.

An abrupt cell phone notification disrupted the silence in the car.

Ye Qinghe yawned and tapped on the screen.
When he read the message he just received, he became wide awake.

[Father: I’ll be heading home the day after tomorrow.
Do you or Ziyu want anything?]

His father is coming back.


1 DAMI is a Chinese electronics brand.

2 WeChat is a social media, messaging, and mobile payment app.
It’s extremely popular in China.
Most people use WeChat to communicate in China.

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