The system wasn’t aware of Yeya’s fear of the black raven and continued urging her, [Ya’er, hurry up! Show off the vicious Corpse Flower genetics that you’ve inherited from your mother!]

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She isn’t a Corpse Flower.

Yeya pursed her lips and did her best to resist her fear of the raven.
She stepped forward and introduced herself, “M-my…my name is Yeya.” The black raven remained on top of her head and started pecking at the small flower on the hat.

Before she could continue, tears welled up in her eyes.
Before she burst into tears, she managed to shout, “I, I’m super fierce!”

Her sudden outburst successfully shocked Shen Ran, even Shen Zhou and Ye Qinghe were surprised.

[Ding! Your mission is complete.
You have received x30 watering points]

System: […???]


How does this count as a completion?! Just because she said she’s super fierce, it counts?

The system was extremely puzzled by its own rating system.

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Yeya tugged the brim of her hat and cried.
She let out intermittent sobs, “Big brother, plwease don’t let the black raven peck meee…plwease don’t let it eat Yeya’s little leaves~”

She burst into uncontrollable sobs.

Shen Ran stared at her and couldn’t help but tug on Shen Zhou’s sleeve, urging him to help her.

Yeya’s shoulders trembled as she cried.
Her face flushed red and her eyelashes were wet with shiny tears.

——Since she’s such an adorable young kid, she still looked pretty to the eye while crying.

The tip of Shen Ran’s ear…turned red.

“Yaya, what’s wrong?” Ye Qinghe squatted down and picked her up.
He took out a pack of tissue from his pocket and wiped away her tears.

“There aren’t any black ravens here.
See? No black ravens.”

The sky was a beautiful shade of blue and cloudless.
There aren’t any ravens or sparrows in sight.

Yaya didn’t respond and continued sobbing.

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Yeya’s field of vision became blurry from her tears, but she could make out that the white cat lounging on her older brother’s shoulder had suddenly opened its eyes.
It stretched gracefully before extending its paws to scratch at the raven.
The raven couldn’t dodge in time and was injured by the white cat.


The raven flapped its wings and croaked in anger.

The white cat’s pupils shrank, bared her fangs, and extended its paws to attack again.

The raven feared the cat, so it flapped its wings and flew back to Shen Zhou.
Its dark wings covered its whole body and the raven’s figure became more and more transparent, before completely disappearing.

——The raven made itself invisible.

After driving the raven away, the white cat appeared in front of Yeya and licked her face.
Then, it quickly retreated and disappeared.

The tip of Yeya’s nose twitched slightly and then she stopped crying.

“Are you going to stop crying now?” Ye Qinghe wiped away her tears stains.

Yeya wrapped an arm tightly around Ye Qinghe’s neck and used her free hand to take off her hate.
She patted the top of her head and after feeling that the seeds were still there, she let out a long sigh of relief.

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Since the raven disappeared, her fear melted away.

Yeya left Ye Qinghe’s embrace and headed toward Shen Ran.
Meanwhile, Shen Ran trembled and hid more securely behind Shen Zhou.

“Did I act superly fiercely just now?” Yeya asked with a serious expression on her face.
Her round and pitch-black eyes sparkled with anticipation.

Shen Ran’s breathing abruptly paused at her question.
He originally wanted to deny it, but he suddenly changed his mind.

“You were quite… fierce.” Shen Ran lowered his head in response; his voice was soft and quiet like a mosquito.

He was afraid that Yeya would start crying again, she had no choice but to lie.

A smile bloomed on Yeya’s face as she silently grabbed Ye Qinghe’s arm and walked forward.

Ye Qinghe and Shen Zhou glanced at each other and after a short discussion, they settled on heading to another location together.

“Uncle, Yeya completed her mission!” Yeya’s eyes shone brightly and her voice was brimming with excitement when she spoke to the system in her mind.

The system did not respond; it continued to doubt life.

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The system wondered whether there was a bug or error with its own program.
Yeya’s self-introduction could only be considered cute.
How was it considered to be a fierce self-introduction? How was it enough to intimidate the male protagonist?! How could the mission be considered completed???

While it was doubting itself, the system seemed to have grasped a sense of reasoning.

[A super fierce self-introduction…]

[To intimidate him…]

Yeya’s self-introduction was indeed fierce, even the system was shocked…

There isn’t anything wrong since she completed the mission literally.
But why did the system have a weird sense of foreboding?

“Uncle, why aren’t you talking to Yaya?” Yeya pouted unhappily, “Did the small seeds on my head grow?”

The system snapped out of its self-induced trance and replied: [It has grown.
You did a great job, Yaya.]

A warm smile bloomed across Yeya’s face after she was praised.

Ye Qinghe came out today to study with Shen Zhou.
They originally wanted to study at the library, but they were afraid that the two children would cause a racket, so they settled on a shop that sells cold beverages.
When they arrived, Ye Qinghe ordered milkshakes for the entire party.
After he finished ordering, he walked to the corner table and hung his school bag on the chair.

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