The weather in March was warm and comfortable.
The willow trees planted on the sides of the roads started budding, giving the city a touch of vitality.

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Ye Qinghe was casually looking out the window of the car when he spotted a pink motorbike passed by.
The person riding the motorbike looked vaguely familiar to someone he knows…isn’t that person his classmate, Shen Zhou?

The car came to a slow stop at the school gate.
Ye Qinghe cleared his mind, carried his school bag on his shoulders and exited the car.

When Ye Qinghe entered the classroom, he noticed that Shen Zhou was unpacking his books with an indifferent expression on his face.

He pursed his lips before heading over to his seat.
He pulled out his chair and sat down.

“Good morning, classmate Shen Zhou.”

Shen Zhou remained cold and indifferent; he acted as if he didn’t hear Ye Qinghe greet him.

Ye Qinghe had long been accustomed to his attitude since they sat at the same table, so he didn’t feel angry at all.

“Here’s your uniform.” Ye Qinghe pushed the bag containing the uniform jacket towards his deskmate, “It has been washed.
You should put it on, otherwise, the teacher will scold you.”

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Every Monday is a flag-raising day.
It was a school regulation that every student must wear their school uniform on mondays.
Anyone who violates the rules will be punished.

Shen Zhou took his school uniform jacket from the bag.
The previously wrinkled jacket had already been washed and ironed.
There was also a very faint pleasant scent from the jacket.

He was lost in thoughts while he stared at the uniform jacket.

“Yeya told me to thank you for helping her.”


Shen Zhou recalled the young kid with a dirty yet adorable face.

It seemed like she had returned home.

Shen Zhou was relieved.

“Um…” Ye Qinghe leaned towards him, “Can you tell me where you found Yaya?”

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Shen Zhou put on his jacket and lowered his head.
He responded coldly, “That depends on where you lost her.”

There was undisguised malice laced in his response.

Ye Qinghe knew that Shen Zhou had misunderstood him.

However, it’s natural for anyone who had seen Yeya’s condition at that time to misunderstand.

“Thank you again for your help, classmate Shen Zhou.” Ye Qinghe sighed and headed out to do the morning exercises.

Shen Zhou was suddenly called to the head teacher’s office when morning class was over.
Ye Qinghe happened to be heading there as well, to get the study materials he needed.
When he saw Shen Zhou inside, he paused and stood silently behind the door.

“Teacher, did you ask for me?”

The teacher sitting at the desk looked up and replied, “Sit down.”

Shen Zhou quietly sat down on the seat in front of her.

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The headteacher looked at the young thin quiet boy with pity.
She sighed deeply and said, “The gentleman who has been sponsoring you contacted me yesterday.
Due to special reasons, he will be canceling your sponsorship.“

Shen Zhou’s long eyelashes trembled slightly before his eyes drooped.

He and his younger brother were from the province outside of this city, so they can’t attend public schools in the city.
However, a kind-hearted person heard about his plight and provided him with academic and living support.
This allowed him to attend a private high school and his younger brother to attend a good kindergarten.

The sponsor had been keeping in contact with him regularly for the past two years through the school.
He doesn’t know the name or age of his sponsor but his sponsor’s kindness has been deeply etched in his heart.

He was grateful for everything his sponsor did for him and his brother.

“I understand.
Teacher, thank you for telling me.” Shen Zhou stood up and bowed deeply to the headteacher.
Then, he turned and left the office.

Shen Zhou was deep in thought, so he didn’t notice Ye Qinghe who had been eavesdropping in the corner.

When Shen Zhou left the office, Ye Qinghe knocked on the door lightly before entering.

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“Teacher, I’m here for the materials.”

The headteacher handed him a thick stack of paper.

But Ye Qinghe didn’t leave immediately.
He hesitated for a few seconds before asking, “Does classmate Shen Zhou… have no sponsors now?”

The teacher nodded her head and smiled at him, “Why are you asking about this?”

Ye Qinghe pondered for a moment and took a deep breath.
He stared at the headteacher and asked in a firm voice, “Teacher, can I sponsor classmate Shen Zhou?”


The headteacher had just sipped some tea, but in the next instant, she spat it all out.

Ye Qinghe’s expression was serious when he said firmly, “I will give him as much money and support as his previous sponsor gave him…” Wait, no.
It seemed that Shen Zhou’s previous sponsor didn’t give him much money.
Shen Zhou always appears malnourished and even in winter seasons, he isn’t dressed warmly.
Ye Qinghe immediately changed his mind, “I’ll give him five times the amount his previous sponsor gave him.”

The headteacher felt that children these days are too naive.
Do they honestly think sponsoring a person is the same as sponsoring a cat or dog?

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