Last night, the Ye Family’s mall sent a lot of clothes and dolls over.
Yeya was born with red lips, pearly white teeth and fair skin.
So no matter what she put on, she looked extremely adorable.
The nanny spent a long time picking and choosing an outfit for Yeya.
She finally decided on a pink and white princess dress for her.
Then, she helped Yeya wash her face and brush her teeth before heading downstairs for dinner.

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The two brothers who already started eating at the table looked up at the same time.

The young girl’s fluffy hair has been neatly combed by the nanny.
As Yeya’s hair was too short to be braided, the nanny tied her hair up into pigtails.
She was wearing a small gauze skirt and a pair of small leather shoes.
Her eyelashes fluttered like butterflies when she blinked.
Yeya looked like a fairy that had just descended to the human world as she stood there quietly.

“Yeya looks adorable.” Ye Qinghe smiled softly and nudged his younger brother, “Aren’t I right, Ziyu?”

Ziyu didn’t respond, he just continued chewing his bun.

The nanny picked Yeya up and put her down on a chair, “Does Yeya want to eat by herself or should nanny feed you?”

“Yeya is an adult and adults eat by themselves.” Then she glanced at Ye Ziyu who was being fed by Ye Qinghe, “Only children needs to be fed by others~”



The expression on Ye Ziyu’s face became twisted.
He was so angry that he snatched the spoon from Ye Qinghe’s hand and finished his soup in three scoops.
He wiped his mouth and glared at Yeya, “Only children wet the bed.
Don’t you feel ashamed? Shame on you!” Ye Ziyu stuck out his tongue at her and made a face.
He was mocking her.

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Yeya froze when she recalled the incident from earlier this morning.

Ye Ziyu smugly taunted her, “You wet the bed.
You’re a bedwetter.
A bedwetter…”

Yeya couldn’t refute him as he chanted on and on.
She puffed up her cheeks like a pufferfish.

Ye Qinghe pursed his lips, trying his best to hold back his chuckle.
He couldn’t help but add, “Yeya is a child.
It’s normal for a young kid to wet the bed.
Ziyu, you can’t make fun of your sister.”

“Hmph.” Ye Ziyu responded disdainfully, “I didn’t make fun of her.
I’m merely telling the truth.”

“Mom told me that children who wet the bed will be taken away by monsters.
I bet you will get captured tonight.”

Yeya pursed her lips and shook her head vigorously, “That’s nonsense! Monsters don’t capture humans! Brother, stop making ridiculous things up!”

Ye Ziyu refused to back down, “Hmph! You’ll know I’m telling the truth once you get captured by a monster tonight.”

Yeya felt wronged.

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She didn’t understand why her brother was talking nonsense.
She was a young monster and she knows that monsters don’t capture humans.

“Whatever! You still wet your bed!” Ye Ziyu insisted on emphasizing this point.
He repeated it multiple times.

The food in Yeya’s mouth suddenly became tasteless, her eyelashes trembled, and two drops of tears silently fell.

The rip of her nose turned red as she lowered her head.
She tearfully bit a mouthful of bread and more tears escaped her eyes when she bit another mouthful of bread and another.

Ye Ziyu hopped off his chair and walked over to her when he noticed that she hadn’t responded to him in a while.
He leaned over and asked, “Hey, are you crying?”

Yeya rubbed her eyes and didn’t respond.

“Wow! You are actually crying?!” Ye Ziyu squatted in front of her and watched her cry.

Yeya turned her head to the other side silently and Ye Ziyu walked to the other side in response.
She then turned to the other side, and Ye Ziyu ran to the other side again.


Yeya lost her rationality.

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She squeezed the bread in her hands, raised her head, and cried out, “I want my mommy…wuu…Yaya wants mommy.”

Yeya felt sad.

Yeya wants to return home to see her mother.

Once those thoughts crossed her mind, more tears welled up in her eyes and they flowed over like a surging river.

Yeya wouldn’t stop crying, causing Ye Ziyu, who had been teasing her, to freeze.
He was surprised by her sudden tears that he forgot to even blink.

“Yaya, you’re a good kid.
Don’t cry.” Ye Qinghe had been coaxing his younger brother all morning, but now, his younger sister is crying.
He was only twelve, but he was forced to act like a father to his younger siblings.

“Yaya, don’t cry.
Later, brother will buy you new toys, okay?”

Yeya sniffled and patted her own head, “Yaya…Yaya is a good kid.
I w-won’t cry anymore.” She blinked her eyes quickly, trying to force her tears back.

“Qinghe, you’re going to be late for school.” The nanny picked up Yeya and gently patted her back to comfort her.
She continued, “You should head to school now.
I’ll take care of Yaya.”

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Ye Qinghe looked at the clock.
If he dallies around any longer, he will definitely be late.

He stood up and gently touched Yeya’s face.
Yeya’s face was slightly warm from crying.
He said in a gentle tone, “Brother will head to school now.”

Yeya stopped crying.
Her eyes sparkled from the remaining tears in her eyes, “School?”

“Yes, I will be back in the evening.”

Yeya blinked her eyes and asked, “Then… is brother going to return big brother’s clothes?”

Ye Qinghe had forgotten about this matter but thanks to Yeya’s reminder, he remembered immediately.
He chuckled light and said, “Okay.
I’ll bring the clothes.”

Yeya sniffed, “And…and thank big brother for me.”

“Okay.” Ye Qinghe patted her head and glanced at Ye Ziyu who remained silent, “You have to listen to the nanny while I’m gone.”

“Mhm.” Ye Ziyu responded lightly and went upstairs.

Ye Qinghe stared at Yeya worriedly before putting on his school bag (which contains the uniform) and heading for the car outside.

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