Yeya slept soundly and didnt wake up until eight oclock in the morning.

When the sunlight shined into the room from the window, Yeya reflexively wanted to stretch her branches and perform photosynthesis. But she forgot that she no longer have leaves, and could only stretch her arms and kick around with her short legs.

[Did you sleep well?] The systems voice was filled with resentment.

“Good morning, uncle.” Yeya greeted him politely, “Youre still here!”

Youre still here?


What does she mean?!

The system was depressed. He originally wanted Yeya to meet Xia Qings parents and get into their car. That way, the plot can finally get started. But now, she went straight back to the Ye Family!

In the original plot, the villainess was 14 years old when Ye Qinghe finally found out about her existence and brought her back home.

When she returned to the Ye Family, she turned the entire Ye Household upside down. There wasnt a day that went by without drama. Younger brother, Ye Ziyu, suffers from severe mania. The two siblings had completely different personalities, causing them to clash day and night. Sometimes, the fights would even become physical.

Ye Linchuan never liked the clone of his daughter since the beginning. He was extremely cold towards her. The villainess knew that it was Ye Linchuan that asked someone to destroy her. As a result, she held no affection for him as well. She only felt hatred and planned on taking revenge on him. On the other hand, Ye Qinghe wanted to restore peace to the family. However, he never thought that the situation would only worsen over time. He died at the young age of 23.

But that doesnt matter. Since shed returned home, she can just finish that part of the plot ahead of time!

These cannon characters are going to die anyway. It makes no difference whether they die sooner or later.

The system accepted the situation and moved on. He began issuing todays task.

[Host needs to commit bad deeds to make the Ye brothers hate you. Now, please choose any of the four tasks below to complete. You need to receive an SSS grade to receive the task reward: Wish Seed.]

A light blue panel appeared in front of Yeya and four options were written on the panel.

Yeya looked carefully at the small text on the screen for a while until she began to nibble her fingers with a confused expression on her face.

[Yeya, whats wrong?]

Since Yeya is still a child, the tasks assigned by the system werent too vicious. For example, tasks like ripping up a homework notebook were simple and can be completed in a minute.

Yeyas eyelashes trembled slightly as she said in a sweet voice, “Uncle, I dont know how to read this language.”


She asked sincerely, “Can you write it in the demon languages language?”

System: [¥%…&&#¥%%@!]

[Do you recognize those characters?]

Yeya shook her head.

The system accepted his fate and gave up. He said: [Just choose the one that looks most pleasing to you.]

“Okay~” Yeya responded warmly and tapped the third option with her short fingers.

Her mother told her that it was always the best to choose the shortest option~

[The task has been selected successfully. Please complete the task within 12 hours.]

Yeya seemed to understand, but——

“Uncle, whats the third option? You didnt explain it to me.”

The system held onto what little patience it had left and said, “Yeya, you have to tell your brother to get lost.”

Yeya tilted her head in confusion. She wanted to talk more with the system but she heard footsteps coming from outside the door. Yeya hopped off the bed, grabbed the uniform handing on the chair, and hid behind the curtain.

She covered her head and shut her eyes tightly, but one can immediately spot her legs sticking out from under the curtain.

Ye Qinghe who had just entered the room stared at her legs. He stood silently in front of the door, genuinely pondering whether he should inform her that he could see her legs.

If he informs her, will it break her heart?


After pondering for a few seconds, Ye Qinghe decided to play along, “How strange. Where is Yaya? Did she sneak away?”

Yeya, who thought she had successfully hidden, carefully took the school uniform off her head and peeked from the curtain. Her eyes shone brightly as she asked, “How do you know that my name is Yaya?”

Ye Qinghe pursed his lips as he held back a chuckle. He walked over and squatted down in front of her, “Are you hungry?”

Yeya rubbed her stomach and responded, “Im hungry.”

Ye Qinghe held her soft little hand and placed the breakfast that the chef prepared on the table. He rested his chin on his hands and he smiled at her, “Eat.”

Yeya was wary of him but when she saw the white kitten lying on top of Ye Qinghes head, she was no longer afraid.

A persons guardian spirit reflects the persons nature. She can tell that hes not a bad person from his guardian spirit.

“Do you want me to feed you?” Ye Qinghe thought that it was difficult for young children to hold a spoon and eat by themselves, so he was eager to help.

Yeya shook her head, “Im a 100-year-old adult. I dont need you to feed me.”

She had secretly remembered the words that the system had once told her.

Ye Qinghe felt a sense of loss at her response when he noticed the school uniform from the corner of his eyes. It looked oddly familiar.

Isnt that…the uniform from his school?

“Yaya, where did this uniform come from?”

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