The assistant is very efficient. Everything was arranged quickly and completed the day after Ye Qinghe first proposed sponsoring Shen Zhou and his brother.

Shen Zhou was surprised by his sudden burst of good fortune. He was planning on dropping out of school to support his younger brother when he received the news that he has a new sponsor. He went to the headteacher to receive the contact information of his new sponsor, so he can personally thank him; however, the headteacher was reluctant to disclose any information. No matter how much Shen Zhou pesters the headteacher, the headteacher refuses to speak about it.

In the end, he had no choice but to return to class without any information.

But after pondering carefully about it, he realized that this is good news. As long as he has someone willing to sponsor him, he can go to college, get a decent paying job, and provide a better life for his younger brother…

Shen Zhou looked out the window. His obsidian pupils flickered with subtle light.

He is helpless in this world, without any relatives or friends to rely on.

He only has a younger brother…

While he was in a trance, someone bumped his arm lightly.

Shen Zhou frowned and raised his head. His gaze landed on Ye Qinghes fair face.

“Is something wrong?” Shen Zhous attitude was extremely cold.

He doesnt hate nor like Ye Qinghe. He merely rejects his friendliness because he knew they were from different worlds.

“Should we work on our group work at your house or mine this weekend?”

The teacher started to assign group work for them this semester. Each group originally should have four members, but due to the lack of students, Ye Qinghe and Shen Zhou became a group of two. They needed to work on the first assignment which required students to collaborate to complete this weekend. Ye Qinghe knew that Shen Zhou has a withdrawn personality and might not want to work with him. If he refuses to work with him, then he doesnt mind working on both parts of the assignment by himself.

Shen Zhou lowered his gaze and said in a low voice, “I have to take care of my younger brother during the weekends.”

Ye Qinghe was surprised.

He suddenly recalled that his younger brother needed to go to the hospital to get a checkup this weekend. The nanny will be accompanying his younger brother while the other staff have that day off. This means…

“I also have to take care of a child.”

Shen Zhou looked up.

When their gaze met, the two young boys tacitly looked away.

Finally, Shen Zhou said, “Then lets meet outside.” The place hes renting is small and dirty; the environment of his apartment is not ideal to have someone come over. Shen Zhou was not afraid that Ye Qinghe would look down on him, but rather, he didnt want to make this young master uncomfortable.

Ye Qinghe nodded in agreement, “Heres my phone number; you can call me.” As soon as he finished speaking, Ye Qinghe froze. He forgot that Shen Zhou didnt have a cell phone or a home phone. He usually copied his schoolwork by hand.

“How about we…”

“I will wait for you at ten oclock in the morning in the commercial area.” Shen Zhou quickly made a decision, so there wasnt enough time for Ye Qinghe to retort.


At seven oclock in the morning on the weekend, Ye Qinghe entered Yeyas room quietly.

She hadnt woken up yet, but the blanket was kicked to the side of her bed. She was sleeping on her stomach, and when he got closer, he could hear a gentle snoring sound.

Ye Qinghe squatted beside the bed and watched Yeya sleep while holding his face in his hands.

The young girl appeared extremely adorable while she slept. One side of her chubby cheeks was flattened because she was lying on that side. Her mouth was unconsciously pulled into a pout and her eyelashes trembled slightly as she slept. Ye Qinghe couldnt help but reach out his hand to touch a short strand of curl on top of her head.

Her hair was fluffy and soft, it felt similar to a kitten that one of his classmates is raising.

——My younger sister is so cute.

Ye Qinghe blinked. Just when he was about to lean over to kiss her on the cheeks, she slowly opened her eyes.

Ye Qinghe stiffened. When he saw that she was about to wake up, he slowly stepped back.

Yeya rolled over and sat up from the bed. Her body swayed side to side lightly due to her grogginess. She rubbed her eyes and began to recite a poem while in a daze, “Hoeing…a rice field in the noon-sun glare, my sweat drips down on the soil; the leaves will sprout, and grow into big squirrels.”

The young girl was probably still half-asleep.

But Ye Qinghe, who had heard the altered Tang poem, was confused.

The little dumpling sitting on the bed looked out the window and sighed. She imitated the deep voice of an old man, “Studying is very hard.”

“…???” What happened to his younger sister?


Studying is very hard.

Ye Qinghe suddenly felt sad.

Yeya took a language class yesterday. Even though demons have a good memory and can learn quickly, Yeya still cant stand the torture of learning Tang poetry. Just yesterday, she dreamt of counting numbers, and today, she dreamt of reciting poetry. At such a young age, she was already feeling the pressure of studying.

“Is the nanny teaching you Tang poetry?” Ye Qinghe pulled the curtains to the side, allowing the sunlight to fill the room. Then, he opened her closet to rummage for clean clothes for her.

It was the first time that he took his younger sister to meet one of his classmates, so he wanted to dress her up cutely.

“Yeya, dont wash your face or comb your hair yet. Let brother help you choose an outfit first.”

But as soon as he finished speaking, Yeya crawled out of bed and dragged a small stool to the bathroom while Ye Qinghe wasnt paying attention. She set the stool in front of the sink and carefully climbed on top of it with her small feet. Yeya made it on top of the chair with great effort before she washed her delicate fair face with running water.

After she washed her face, Yeya picked up a cup, filled it with water and then poured it directly on top of her head.

She was acting crazy.

The system couldnt help but ask: [Yaer, what are you doing?]

Yeya responded in a serious tone, “I want the small seed on top of my hair to grow quickly~”

The small seed on top of her head only sprouted slightly, but it didnt seem like it was going to grow anymore anytime soon.

Yeya remembered that her mother used to feed her dewdrops. After she drank dewdrops, she would grow. So, the small seed should also grow quickly after drinking some water.

The water droplets penetrated through the light surrounding the small seed and directly fell on top of Yeyas head.

The system suddenly felt exhausted after seeing her drenched hair: [Yaer, dont water the seed anymore. You will get sick. Have you brushed your teeth yet?]

Yeya tilted her head and pondered. It seemed like she hadnt brushed it yet.

After being successfully distracted by the system, Yeya immediately stopped watering the seed on her head. She grabbed a small toothbrush, squeezed some toothpaste on it and began brushing her teeth diligently.

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