Rain poured down from the stormy sky onto the slaves backs, cooling down their bodies and wetting the dry mine.

Laughs and chatter resounded around the mine for the first time as all the slaves tilted their head back and let the fresh water collect into their mouths. After months of back breaking labour in the dry dirt the slaves could finally quench their thirst and feel a little cleaner.

He sighed in relief as the rain cooled his irritated red flesh. After months of non stopping mining in the heat, his skin had dried up causing all sorts of flesh wounds to fester on his body. He was sure he would have dropped dead in a few hours if it hadn been for the rain.

The whip lash wounds on his back stung every time the rain hit his skin, but nonetheless he was grateful for the water that soaked his filthy body.

He opened his mouth wide collecting the rain water on his parched tongue. He gulped it down and groaned in relief. For a moment his battered body didn ache so much and he forgot about how destitute he was, all he felt was the glorious rain as showered life into his destitute mind and body.

Suddenly a whip slashed into his back. He grunted in pain and fell forward into the dirt, scraping his leathered skin against the sharp loose stones on the ground. No matter how many times he was whipped, the pain never dulled.

”Get back to work! ” The handler shouted at him, furious that the slave had stopped working to drink the rain water.

With no other choice, he slowly picked himself up from the ground wincing as different parts of his body ached in protest and reached for his pick axe. Like the soulless slave he was he swung the axe into the mine wall.

He swung his axe again and again making almost no progress against the hard rock walls of the mine. It had been months already but very few gems had been found, everybody knew this mine was probably barren but alas as a slave he had no say. All he could do was avoid being whipped and continue to swing his axe.

His dull eyes glanced around at all the men wearing torn rags revealing their protruding ribs and raw wounds from being whipped. At least a hundred men were working the mines, a hundred lives coming from a hundred different families, and yet none of them were worth more than the whims of a stupid Prince.

The Prince of their kingdom decided to propose to a lady with the finest jewels from their lands. Despite this kingdom being known for its lack of gems, the obstinate prince refused to buy precious gems from the Kamascus empire that was only a boats ride away and insisted on resourcing the gems from this small kingdom, so slaves were dispatched to dig the mines until a suitable gem was found.

Tens of people died everyday, but that didn matter to the prince.

As a fourty year old slave without a name, he knew that their lives meant nothing to a love stricken prince in pursuit of his princess. They all starved and bled and worked to the bone to find a pretty rock for some spoilt woman to wear on her dainty finger.

He couldn understand why there had to be such disparity. People all bled the same blood and felt the same pain, so how could those born from different wombs be so unequal in power.

While he was whipped for daring to stop working for a moment to replenish his thirst, somewhere in the capital a pampered prince who had never suffered a day in his life was ordering slaves to mine jewels for him…

The hundreds of other slaves beside him did the same and continued working, not wanting to get the whip as punish

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