3 months have passed since the orphanage incident which became the talk of the town. Many speculations have appeared around me. ”The demi-fox murder her in cold blood ” or ”Its the Demis curse ”. Honestly, I didn expect them to be superstitious. Most mornings are spent in the library with the sole worker. Lily Steelsmith. Most interactions are small words, like ”Hello ” or ”Goodbye ” she even taught me another greeting which is more cultural and casual then the ones I was using, it was nod followed by either a smile or wave.

The library held more knowledge than I thought, particularly that most knowledge online but I can afford that neither can I use one due to poor eyesight which led me to the scrap yard. However before doing any of that I needed knowledge. Apparently, the federation has only been around for 80 years and was established 3 years after the first spirit break. Spirit breaks happen at 15 and are spirit weapons. It mostly consists of standard fantasy weaponry like daggers, swords, spears, bows and other weapons around that technology level. This includes staves and staff which boost magic. Magic exists in this world. My eyes have hope of fully recovering. Any way that all I can find about that the rest is online which due to holographic screens I can use. I need a laptop, an outdated system from 120 years ago. Thats 35 years before the federated calendar created after the first monster break and renamed to its current name after the federation founding.

In these months I also learnt another language binary. Simple particularly when Im good with numbers and have mental enchantments given to me by Gods. I even found some extremely old books about mechanical manufacturing, an outdated method. Oddly enough there are also forging techniques which are generally family secrets. Thats a wonder but who cares it benefits me, particularly since I need to build my own computer. The rest of the month was spent on studying the world general system which go.

Novice – first awaken and undergo 3 years of mandatory education funded by the federation.

Apprentice – Basic proficiency and understanding of your spirit weapon

Journeyman – Basic proficiency and moderate understanding of common types of spirit weapons.

Adept – Intermediate proficiency of spirit weapon + Knowledge of major monster threats.

Advance – Intermediate Proficiency and Large understanding of basic weapon type plus one exotic weapon type. (Not a personal spirit weapon.)

Master – Advance proficiency of spirit weapon + Advanced understanding of common and rare beast types.

Grandmaster – Unknown

This system is inconsistent for example, A new freshman from the academy can be Journeyman without decent understanding of spirit weapon types. The last thing I found is about Demi-humans, they aren well like because they are considered the cause of the monster breaks despite appearing after the first spirit break not only that there seems to be a dominant religion focused on extermination of monsters and demi-humans are considered offspring of the monsters.

At the end of the third month something unexpected occurred. The librarian came over which in of itself isn unusual but its that she sat across from me and started talking.

”Little one, why do you come here every day? ”

Lily asks, with a gentle tone

”I have nowhere to go with nothing to do during the day. Why? ”

I reply confused, due to most humans hate demi-humans and I can be sure of her motives.

”Im just curious where your parents are? ”

Lily asks with an unknown motive.

”Unknown, I was left at a closed down orphanage but I have no record of my name nor history. ”

”Huh. What do you call yourself? ”

”The people at the orphanage are called Nyx after the rumoured thief, but I go by Nova. ”

Nova replies, raising her guard up and putting her hand on the pencil that she often takes notes with.

”Do you have a home? ”

Lily asks with concern?

”Does a tree count? ”

Nova asks sarcastically

”No, it doesn young one. ”

”Do you wish to stay here? ”

Lily offers with an outstretched hand.

”I assume not for free? ”

”I can see why hardly anyone comes here so it gets lonely. ”

Lily makes a curious remark: usually everything comes with a price.

”I mean if you want you can work in the library. ”

Nova ponders the answer for a couple of minutes before agreeing after all she needs a place to build her computer.

After Nova acceptance, Nova was actually employed despite not expecting pay Lily still paid well enough and gave her a place to stay on the second floor of the library. Nova spends most nights in the Library anyway with the only nights she isn is weekend for her nightly activities, with the ever infamous legend of Nyx, The thief of the night. The only change in the nightly activities is that Nova isn bathing in the river and her hair and tail is receiving higher quality treatment. After all, its not constantly being used as a blanket.

A year passed like this, now 6 year Nova has a tough choice in front of her.

”Nova, would you like to become my child? ”

Nova looks at Lily in shock despite being unable to see her facial expressions Nova can still tell she is serious.

”Why? ”

”Hmmm, why? I was chased out of my family due to my sister accusing me of having a child and to hide the fact that she killed the child and disposed of the evidence. As such I always wondered what I would do if I had a child. The answer I came to is to raise them to the best of my ability. ”

Lily answers with honesty and a tune that makes my insides burn up.

”Yes! ”

Nova gave the answer immediately afterwards and with vigour.

”Put your shoes on and the dress I bought you last week. Well, go now and get it registered. ”

Nova looks toward Lily and asks

”Can you help, I have never worn a dress before. ”

In both of Novas lives she never had the luxury of wearing a dress growing up so this was a novel feeling and even when she grew up she joined the military and often wore the uniform.

Lily looks toward Nova with sympathy and says

”Sure ”

Minutes later, both Lily and Nova are dressed in a dress of matching colour, a pastel green. Matching Novas emerald eyes and contrasting the blakc hair. The white tips add a layer of cuteness. Lilys blue eyes portray her as a kind woman with confidence. Her brown hair fitting the dress look, making an active and naturally focused woman. Their pale skin makes them look fragile. Only faint scars are seen on the back of Novas neck and the back of her shoulders.

”Nova, why do you have so many scars and so much muscle? ”

”The orphanage mistress often whipped me and she fell down stairs whipping me. For the muscles, I could learn during the weekday as such I started training so I could defend myself. ”

Nova replies with a sad tone looking with tails and ears drooping. Lily suddenly hugs Nova, then kisses her forehead.

”You never have to worry about that when Im around. So don be scared and do what you like. ”

Lily confronts Nova

Nova than asks

”Can I learn martial arts, smithing and music? ”

”Yes, you can but first lets get you registered as my child. ”

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