The Steelsmith’s Nova

4: Library and Adoption I

”What is this fluid? ”

”Oh ”

”All I can do is float and think? I wonder how long it will take for me to be born? ”

Nova waits reviewing memories about her life and how she should meet her mother.


”Madam push! ”

An unknown voice yells

”Oh, Im about to be born about time. ”

Nova complains to herself

”Ahhh ”

”Im gonna assume thats my mum. ”

”Madam, the baby is a girl. ”

The wet nurse said to my mother.

”But Madam… shes a demi-fox. ”

”Demi-fox, probably due to me messing with my soul form in the gods known how long ever expansive void. But why does she make it seem like a bad thing. ”

”Get rid of her! ”

My mother yelled at the wet nurse.

While Im blind by who knows what, whether its fluid or just underdeveloped I can even see my mothers face. Im already left to fight on my own. I know that I was fighting for my life since I was three but damn this is impossible even for me.

”Yes! Miss Steelsmith! ”


So thats how I ended up in an orphanage. I wasn even given a name, even in the orphanage everyone else had names all I was called was fox or demi-beast. Well, that was until I was four, I also was born with extremely poor eyesight, not outright blind but with less than 10 percent of normal sight, so reading in the orphanage became the hardest thing for me to do. But I did manage to learn the written language. Oddly related to my home countrys language making it easier to pick up.

Most people in the orphanage seem to think Im blind and mute just because I don talk much doesn mean one is mute especially when I did, I was punished.

So, my current lifestyle is spending the weekdays practising when everyone else is being taught something about the world. I wasn even allowed to listen. I tried. Is to practise my combat skills and parkour skills and train my senses. The sense of smell and sound is better probably due to being a fox. However, I noticed that my sense of touch is far more sensitive than my previous life, unsure if it is related to my demi characteristics.

Moving on the weekends at night because I ”hide during the day ” I become a thief. I started small, unguarded food and other easily sellable things allow me to amass a small amount of money often used on food, so I won starve like they tried to do.

Most of the time I don eat, especially after some of the kids tried to eat bugs at dinner. Must say I was already eating them to prevent starvation at that point anyway particularly in my previous life. Comparing the two, this life is more relaxed. Not worried about getting shot, still have to worry about being beaten to death which is why I sleep in the tree outside the orphanage main door on weekends, they gave me a scar last time, nothing new but this scar is visible not like the headmistress and her whip, whipping me not long after I could walk, scars down my back for that one.

Im now four, and have gained the nickname Nyx, the night thief. This was given due to my actions at night by the general populace and isn majorly an issue due to it being minor things and nothing major has been stolen… yet. After this the children started calling me Nyx due to my black hair and white tips, ears and tails. I like them. I don ever have to worry about the cold unlike the other children. I also stole some shampoo and other hair treatment items like brushes and things. Weekday nights I choose one to go to the local river and wash myself. At first, I started going on weekends, but I soon found out that they fish during the night as such it changes to weekdays. I also discovered that the town has a library, but it opens only during the day and Im unable to make it there without being ”missing ” which they love but if Im discovered afterwards, it gives them an excuse to ”punish ” me which is essentially killing me.

My thieving activities have been noticed by the local populace, but nothing has been done about it. I also started stealing more luxury items but still common like clothes, mainly torn or tattered ones which I don care about. Still better than the shredded clothes I usually are given. I always got male clothes that were either too large or small and damaged even though there is damaged but perfectly fit clothes that they are going to throw out. Nothing new. Anyway, after one of the children accused me of stealing one of their items, which to be fair was stolen just not theirs. I started putting Nova on all of my items. They still call me Nyx which has become my alias at this point so that officially it may become my name at least in the orphanage.

In the sixth month after my birthday which is situated on the 14 months of the year and the 3rd day even though according to the orphanage its the 1st month of the 1st day, so a month older than they say. interestly this world has two extra months but the same number of days, so each month has 26 days approx. with my birth month having an extra day which is called founding day after the foundation of the empire. It is unclear if it was created in honor of the federation that was just created that day.

Two months before my birthday, the mistress of the orphanage suddenly died, some say she fell down the stairs other says she was murdered in her sleep but only one knows what happen which so happens to be me. I didn touch but she was drunk on some illicit substance which I saw going around during my nightly activities, so I just added an ingredient or two to make it stronger and deliberately provoked her and went downstairs and the blind mad woman fell downstairs never to have a peaceful sleep again.

This however means that the orphans get to move orphanages and shockingly enough I wasn on the list of orphans in the orphanages. Its a miracle what burning a piece of paper can accomplish however that also meant that I was kicked to the street. Not the worst place to be just dangerous. Burning the paper did let me learn my name although Steelsmith wasn on for obvious reasons what was my first name… Lilith. Ironic considering, I was often called a demon in human clothing according to the children.

Before the people in charge of moving the orphans came, I already packed many things and hide them outside just in case they were taken fortunately the stuff left behind was taken instead i was given new clothes and a dress a simple dress but a dress nonetheless among other things like some money and a location of a shelter if I ever need it. I was warned if I didn when I grew older, I would be joining the military which doesn sound that bad except that I am practically blind. Oddly enough when I said thank you, he seemed surprised. Odd but hey new world and Im a demi-fox often looked down on and bullied by most people he was actually kind, so I repaid it. I just pickpocketed some money back into his pocket with a note, saying thank you for your kind intentions but I can live this long, I can continue surviving.

Now I can spend time in the library during my weekdays, I can sleep in a tree at night and stay warm in the winter. I only have to worry about food and water both being stealable.

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