I left the piece of shit and went to the clinic, Carter has been cleaned up but still, he was messed up bad, I went to see how Aiden was doing, he had bandages around his tummy, I felt bad for him, the both of them but I can see anyone yet, I went back to class for the last period I got.

All that the teacher was teaching didn even get to me not to talk about getting to my brain, all my brain to register or think about is those guys, I was just sad and worried about how they feel right now I feel a lot for Aiden, the both of them though but Aiden more, its Carter fault, if he hadn insult Aiden, Aiden would not have punched him that ended up causing many fights.

The class ended and I went to see the boys one more time, both Carter and Aiden were not on their beds, so I walked to the nurse and asked them.

”Do you know where those patients with bleeding faces are? ” I asked and she smiled politely.

”They all went home, they said they don like hospitals and clinics, so they went home. ” She said, I held my hair and groaned. I just hope they didn continue their fight. I ran to the chemistry lab. I dragged Nancy out of there. She was shocked and worried about why I was pulling her like that.

”Whats wrong and why pull my shirt? ” She asked, I glared at her and she shut up.

”Aiden and Carter are not in the clinic room, ” I said as she gasped, we went to the parking lot and didn find their cars, yea! The security camera, we rushed to the security room, and we got access to the previous scene. We found out that Carter went home first while Aiden went to the cafeteria and had some lunch and went home later.

”See, your thoughts are just so bad, ” Nancy said and I smacked her head,

”Im going home, Im not feeling so good, ” I said as I left the security room, lots of people passed by us going to their last class of the day, Im having a class with is literature but I don need it, Im not even interested, I got the parking lot and entered my car,

”See you at home huh? ” I asked as she hit my head, I whimpered in pain as we laughed.

”Of course not, when have you ever gone home and left me here. ” She said as she entered through the other side, I ignited the engine as the car roared to life, I zoomed home playing *gaga* my God, I just love the song so much.

We got home and I packed the car properly, I threw the key to the driver who caught it and smiled.

”Don be late, and make sure you give your date a nice time, okay? ” I said looking at the over-smiling dude.

”Thanks, boss, I appreciate it, but is there something boss? ” He said and I looked at Nancy to excuse us.

”Whats it dan? ” I asked, he began to scratch the back of his head and I became worried.

”Sam! Sam!! ” Nancy called and I turned back glaring at her.

”Hes here! ” She said as I heard the voice.

”Hey, sweetie.. ”

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