I drove with speed going to my penthouse, I saw the look in her eyes, those eyes that calmed me down, its just like the same look I saw in my dead girlfriend, the look of losing someone, I sighed as I got home, I gave the key my driver who picked it and drove my car to where it will be. I would love to meet this so-called girl.

”Hey dude, have been calling you all day, won decide to visit ya, ” My best friend said, Andrew, a freaking party idiot, just loves to have fun and ** ladies.

”Where in the hell did you go to? ” He asked as I went to the bar and poured myself a whiskey. I drank them in one gulp as he saw me doing my thing.

”Are you thinking of your girl again? ” He asked as I groaned…

”No, actually I went to see mom and dad, ” I said and he smiled…

”Thats a good thing… Right? ” He said when he saw the burning look on his face, I gulped whiskey at once, poured another one, and looked at him.

”We went to a meeting and I later found out I was sold off to marriage, ” I said with anger on my face and drank the whiskey in a gulp, like seriously??.

”Did you see the girl? Is she cute? Did she have great features like the girl you saved? ”The freak said with his eyes moving up as the pervert he is.

” Can you just act like a normal fool? ” I insulted and he laughed.

”Common dude, you don have to get all sucked up, lets go have fun, lets go to the club. ” He said and I sighed, I think Ill need it.

I went upstairs and went to the bathroom, I entered the shower as the cold water flow down my body, I washed all the sweat off my body and stayed a while, I just can take the mom look off my head, like I was scared for the first time, I turned off the faucet and walked to the dressing room, I cleaned my host and dressed in white, I just love white, bi did my hair and walked downstairs to see the drinking Andrew.

”Lets go ” I pulled the freak who began to run after me, I took my white Ferrari as we ride to the server star club, I entered and the guard opened up, they don even have to ask for my ID, Im the richest in America and I worth more than most old fools, they don even dare ask me if they don want to be dead.

I entered the hall and moise boomed out, everyone was screaming and the girls were already shaking their ass and boobs, I saw how the girls were rushing towards my side for my to pick them, I walked past them and went to my usual spot, the VIP lounge, in that lounge is all I need, in the upper part of the club, is a big complete room for me and my buddy with the prostitute we need, a bed, King size bed and four couch with a medium center table, I sat in the front chair watching the bitches dancing, there is no one I choose that will not come, everyone wants to have a taste of Filo Mil.

I saw a girl dancing with maybe her friends, she just look like the girl I saved from fighting, she sure look sexy including her ass, I told my bouncer to call her for me, they went and talked to her, she looked up and faced them, she continued and they talked to me through my other bouncer who was with me.

”She said she doesn care and shes not coming, ” I growled and told the dude to force her here.

”Force her here, said the boss. ” He said and I watched as they held her, she punched one of them with a punch, the other tried to get her and she gave the guy a kick on his prick, he bent as she gave him a kick in the face, wow shes brutal. The other tried attacking her when her friend broke a bottle on his head which made those two idiots out, I looked at her as she gave me a ** you sign, like seriously, didn she hear my name? Does she not know me?

I told my other bouncer to bring two bitches for me, he went and came back with two sexy bitch, I gave Andrew one and I took the moderate one, she came with me and I kissed her, I pressed her boobs and her ass, I threw her on the bed and pulled off my crosses, I brought out my dick and added apit, I thrust it into her warm hold, she gasped holding my ass, II kept banging her hard as she was saying stupid words and her moans just want me to ** her and cum immediately.

Ohh lord, here that spot, yeah hit that spot baby she said moaning loudly, I slapped her ass and kept on thrusting harder. I pulled her ass up and dug her from behind, I banged her with all the anger in me, first, the woman made me weak, and secondly that bitch, I kept on thrusting as she was holding the sheet screaming loud.

”Ahh, yes! Oh, my pussy Yes, ** me, lord. Im yours to tame. Yea kills me with your massive tool. ” She said as I was hitting her womb with my dick.

She doesn even worth taming but killing yes she is worth killing, I came hard into her push after she had poured liked four times, I turned her ass towards me, I spat to it and dug my dick forcefully into her asshole, she screamed when I did that, she held the bed and we **ed for like 30minutes, I was sweating and so was she weak, I banged her as I reached my limit, I groaned into her ass, I removed my dick and gave her to clean which she dis, she wanted to kiss me and I pushed her back to the bed, I threw her hounds of money on her chest as she laughed happily…


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