My cloth looked dirty and disgusting, oh this bitch is so dead, she was about to slap me when I got hold of her hand, I drew her to me and slapped her before punching her, I groaned angrily as I walked to Grace who began to move backward because my eye or will I say face has changed, I got to her and descend upon her, as I was about to hit her, I was taken away from her, I groaned seeing the bitch who started everything couldn feel my wrath.

”Stop okay, stop, ” A soothing male voice said but the rage in me didn even listen to anything he was saying.

”Can you leave me alone and let me deal with this bitch. ” I yelled trying to release myself but the grip around me was so strong that I was just jingling myself and thats all I could do.

”Hey beautiful, do you know where her car is, so she can go home huh? ” He asked facing Nancy, she smiled with her cheek as red as a tomato.

I was surprised to see everyone wasn surprised or shocked about their Queen fighting but some random strange, I tried looking at the stranger to know the guy who made the whole crowd blown, until Grace decided to ruin the fun and good thought.

She rushed with a good amount of speed and force to hit me but she just got past me. After all, the stranger turned around as she passed beside me and fell on someone embarrassing herself because everyone was laughing and making a big joke of her.

Nancy came and took me to where my car is, the guy left before I could take a glance at his face, it was only his hair I could see and his back is awesome, I got into the car and went home, thankfully, mom and dad are not home because I will be lectured again, I went to my room and change my cloth to black jeans and black top, this time was a Dior product top, I wore my Nike black sneakers.

”You still look awesome babe, ” she said trying to make me smile, I looked at her and laughed.

”I know I am, but Im still gonna kill the bitch ” I said walking to my car, she followed me running as usual and I laughed…

”You should learn how to walk fast dude ” I answered and she laughed…

”I can stress myself and the election, we won know the winner if we are not there, ” Nance said, I smiled as I broke my car and zoomed. We were screaming, including Nance. Her voice was like she had a microphone inserted into her body.

”Common, stop screaming okay? ” I said smacking her head but she still screamed as we were moving 200amh. We got to school not quite long and it couldn be more perfect than the situation we came in. They were about to announce the winner of the election. I could see my posts everywhere and everyone was holding them.

”Are you thinking what Im thinking? ” I said tapping nance who smiled like she was gonna peel.


There was total silence like everyone one wants to know who won the college president. I know I will win but after that happened, there was a stain on my winning. I closed my eyes praying for me to win, oh I hate suspense.


My joy knew no bound, I best the bitch again, everyone was clapping and cheering for me, I walked gently and majestically to the auditorium, I collect the school staff of authority, the staff is only two, the gold and silver, I have the silver then the gold will be with the owner of the school. I raised the staff and smiled happily, I just can be anything or how happy, some notch should go suck it up because they are beaten just like the loser they are.


”Babe, you know how to ** well. ” Cindy said touching my chest, I removed her hand off me and gently puff the smoke out of my mouth.

I really would have continued but first, Im spent, and secondly, Im going to my dads **ing meeting, I burned the cigarette as I walked bath, I was still bathing when my phone rang, I refused to pick It up.

Secondly, Cindy came with her big ass facing me, she walked into the bathroom as I felt like banging her hard, she came to me as we exchange kisses, we began to have lots of like I was pressing her ass and her hands were killing me, she was stroking my dick as I began to make a satisfying moan, she bent and suck my dick, I groaned seeing her do that.

”Don you have a family meeting? ” She breaks and I look up suddenly…

”Shit!!, damn, Im sorry next time ” I rushed out of the bathroom and put on my normal clothes. No matter what the clothes I wear, Im always cute and special.

” You
e gonna call me when you get back okay. ” She said and I nodded, I picked up my car key and went out, I entered into my car and zoomed to the family house, Noah I don understand why they love to disturb me, Im through with college and have a company of my own, even theirs is under me, so why the disturbance huh?

I got home and walked straight to the sitting room ignoring all the greetings and bowing they gave me because my focus was just to know why they called me. I saw my younger sister, she ran and eloped me with a big hug, I smiled and scattered her hair, she frowned as I laughed.

”Sorry sweetie, how is school? ” She grumbled her face and there I knew something happened.

”Whats wrong? ” She sighed and told me something in my hair,

”WHAT!!! ” I yelled looking at her and the stairs also.

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