After the car crash , Isla passed out , engulfed by the strange floating light source. She was not able to shout out to her parents for help . They couldn even hear her in the first place .


Slowly regaining consciousness, Isla looked around to find herself in a dimly lit alley. There was no sign of anyone around her . The depth of the situation she was in immediately kicked in and she jumped up to get out and look for her parents .

She mustve been passed out for a long time cause as soon as she stood up on both her feet , she felt dizzy and fell back onto the dirty ground filled with something sticky that she assumed was mud .

Wary of the silence around her , Isla cautiously walked out from the alley . She thought that she was safe , since she was out of the alley and all …

She was only scared of the weird people that normally lurked around dark areas, until , she saw a man flying 10 feet up in the air .

”I saw her first!! She belongs to ME now!!! ”

It was another man . He was following the flying man at such speed that Isla almost didn notice him . In fact , she wouldn have noticed him if not for his voice zooming past her .

Shocked , Isla subconsciously brought her hands up to cover her mouth in awe , when she noticed that her hands were dripping red , heavy drops of blood .

Was she bleeding? She was not sure . She hadn felt any pain at all from the moment she woke up till present. Where did the blood come from then??

The dim alley she was in a few moments ago lit up bright to show her the horrifying scene of pools of blood scattered here and there like muddy puddles after a rain …..

”Ahhhhhhhhhh!!! ” Isla shouted, when she noticed a full human size skeleton lying in a corner of the alley , with a piece of its skull cracked open .

She couldn absorb anything from what happened till now . Why was she lying in a pool of blood when she wasn even hurt ?? How many were hurt and killed like this ?? She wasn sure . There was just too much blood around her .

”Don worry . You
e next . ”

The man who was flying 10 feet up the air had come to her and was standing only inches away from her . She knew screaming wouldn save her in this situation . Both men who were fighting had incredible speed , and from the looks of it , had incredible strength .

Isla tried her best not to stutter . ”N-ow now, lets talk about whats happening first . Are you going to kill me?? ”

What am I doing?? I should be distracting him, why am I asking for his motive ?? Isla thought when the man stood with no expression to her question .

”Before I answer your question, you asked me if I was going to kill you, you didn ask me for my motive to kill you . ”

Isla tripped on her own leg for a second . Did he just read my mind??? Am I imagining things now?? Isla thought , and in a matter of split seconds …

e not imagining it, I was actually reading your mind. ”

She looked around and realised that the other guy had vanished. He was nowhere to be seen .

Looking at the guy next to her , she realised that he was waiting for a reaction from her.

She blurted out the stupidest question that one could ask a killer .

”Why don you NOT kill today?? Let me live , please. I need to get back to my parents . They must be waiting for me. We were separated after a car crash . I don want to die like this!!!! ”


She mustve only heard the silence for about a minute but time was ticking excruciatingly slowly .

”Bold of you to assume that I was a killer . ”

Isla looked at him swiftly to find a pair of disappointed eyes . Was he a good guy?? She wasn sure but she sure felt that he wasn going to kill her right then .

She kept staring at the mans Emerald eyes until he looked back .

After a few seconds, the man spoke again .

”Do you feel safe enough with me to come to my place ?? Im sorry to be the one breaking this to you , but this isn Earth. ”

Islas heart dropped . Why was she believing this random stranger that she met only a few MINUTES ago?!!!

”I don feel THAT safe but I Do feel a little bit of safety from you . I can tell that you
e not a killer. I hope that stays true . ”

The man held out his right hand . ”Thats enough safety for coming with me. Im Paul . you
e name? ”

”Isla. Isla Hart. ”


Dropping her head low as per the instructions of Paul to not get noticed by the people outside seemed stupid until she saw that it actually worked .

”Its not because you
e good at being invisible , but MY abilities that you
e not noticed till now. ”

”Then why am I dropping my head if you
e already doing magic?? does magic have restrictions. ”

Isla asked while trying to ignore the pain her neck was experiencing.

”No. Magic is basically limitless. I only asked you to do that as a punishment for calling me a killer earlier. ” Paul shrugged his shoulders as Isla stood up straight in fury .

”A**hole. ”

She mumbled under her breath . She wasn surprised when Paul said , ”I heard that. ”


They reached Pauls house. It was painted in Islas favorite color, Matte grey . She looked around the neighbourhood in one glance and still felt sure that she was in earth . She felt like Paul and the other guy were the weird ones .

Isla said nothing when Paul opened the front door without using his hands . ”What more is there to see for me?? ” She thought as she entered the house .

”This place looks expensive! ” She said while trying to bounce on the sofa in the living room .

”Well , it is . It cost me 10,000 bags of blood to get this house. ”

What the …. so you killed? She thought in her mind , hoping that she wouldn have to repeat it in words .

”Why should I kill? I have people for that. ”

He said with a smirk on his face . Isla felt a little vulnerable. She knew nothing about this man and he looked like he was enjoying the situation.

”I was just kidding! You should see your face. Your blood was drained from your whole face . It was so pale! ” Paul started laughing out loud .

She wasn in the mood to be funny .

”Tell me right now , how many did you kill? ”

She asked while holding the collars of his grey hoodie .

He rolled his eyes . ”Zero. The blood is just representation for how much money you have . One bag gives you 50,000 ganes. I gave my own money for the blood . ”

She let go of his shirt. She was on edge and the both of them knew it . Paul looked at the blood drenched clothes of Isla and stood up . He went into a room and came back with a set of clothes. ”Here . The door to the right down the hallway is the bathroom . Go and freshen up . Lets talk serious now. ”

Isla was waiting for the serious part too. She rushed to the bathroom to feel water flowing down her body. wait . ”Hey , by any chance, do you have a pad? ” Isla asked .

Paul coughed. ”uh.. no. I could teleport one here if its an emergency? ”

”You can teleport stuff?? ”

”yeah. Like this. ” He snapped his fingers and the pads were floating in the air .

”Wow . I shouldve been born as a … witch?? you must be a wizard! ” Isla said in realisation.

”You have a pretty fast brain . At least you have ONE advantage. ” He said.

”Well, that means my brain is at its most perfect shape cause I only need to perfect one skill of mine. ” Isla said with a straight face .

”I know what you
e thinking. ” He said to annoy me again .

”AAAHHHHHH! ” I screamed in frustration and stormed back to the bathroom.



”Sir, Im telling you , my daughter was the one driving the car !!! Why is she not found yet??? ” It was Samantha Hart , Islas mother .

After the accident , no one was able to find Isla , niether dead or alive. Samantha and John were going mayhem from all the searching . They were sure that their daughter wouldn run away . Isla was eager to continue with her life . She would never . She could never …

”well find her no matter what , alright dear? ” John tried calming his wife down . She broke down in tears as John patted her back and hoped for the best .

”My baby, where are you??Please come back…. Your mother is very sad… ” He broke down in tears as well .


Isla , after showering , came out to dry her hair . She wasn aware of the creepy silence in the bathroom . She dismissed the silence as soon as it came , assuming that Paul had gone to sleep or something.

Little did she know , A shadow was following her like Isla was its body .

”Hello ”

Isla looked around , scared . What was that?? Did she imagine again???

”Hello , Isla ” The voice was definitely not Pauls.

Within a second , an empty , void, shadow grew next to her . She passed out , again….


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