”Mom! Im gonna be late for the graduation ceremony! You look good already ! come along now, both of you! ”

She shouted from the front door , waiting for her parents , Samantha and John to come out . Isla had finally finished school.

Her previously blonde , shoulder length hair was now slowly coming back to its chocolate brown shade. Her Hazel eyes were glowing in the sun . Islas face was an oval shape , just like her mother and she had the strength from her father . She could now say her goodbyes to kaylie as soon as the graduation was over , she thought while waiting for her mom . She attended the phone call that came when she was about to enter her car . ”Hey gurl! Where are you?? There is no sight of you here at school ! ”

It was her bestie , Carla .She was a natural blonde haired , blue eyed , yet noticeably short girl the same age as her . Her hair always met with her hips but she cut it a little while ago , resulting in her hair being just above her shoulders. Isla sighed , ”You
e always the early bird. Im guessing you woke up at 5 again. ”

She heard laughter from the other end of the phone . ”You got that right . Now come quickly or youll miss your own graduation! ”

Carla ended the call before she could respond. Samantha, her mother finally got in the car and she began her final drive to school .

During the drive to school , she began going back to her whole life in high school . Even though most of the memories contained stressful work , studying , and bullying from the popular girl , Carla had made it a happy place for her . She was always quiet when Kaylie , The leader of bullies picked on her , but Carla always stood up for her . Isla wanted to give her something special to acknowledge her thanks for doing all the talking while she was unable to .

They reached the school gate and Samantha gasped at the decorations made for the graduation ceremony. Parking the car swiftly and carefully, Isla ran toward the area of the event to try and spot her bestie .

Carla was already wearing her graduation dress . ”Hey Carl ! ” Isla shouted as soon as she spotted Carla . Giving no attention to the boy named Carl who turned to Isla at her shouting his name , she ran to Carla and hugged her tight . ” Oh my ! Why are you acting as if its been years since we saw each other ?? We just had a long call yesterday night ! ” Carla said while trying to ruin Islas hair .

She was taller than Carla so she held her down by the shoulders , laughed in victory and said, ” You never learn , do you ?? ”


The graduation ceremony went by smoothly. Isla felt the time of her month in her lower abdomen and ran to the restroom inside the school. Kaylie watched her run to the school building.

Kaylie had black hair and brown eyes , which was considered average but she always wore the latest trending outfits , bags , and makeup. Her fathers money was what made her the popular girl in school.

Giggling mischievously , Kaylie called out to her best friend and said , ”Why don we have some fun on the last day of school ? I don see that blonde shorty with that dumb girl right now… ”

Both Kaylies and her friends face were lit with excitement as they walked towards the school building ….


”Ah shoot ! Why TODAY of all days ?? ” Isla

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