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(Sheetal and Khushi Face off)

In morning

Everyone comes to the dining table to have breakfast..except sheetal and our Arshi

”Where is our birthday boy ?? Hello hi bye bye !!It seems that the night has become a bit more beautiful after a long time ” mami said

Everyone were giggling

” Matee ,His night became beautiful night and my night became horrible night in my life and dii ,i said naa ..he is ASR ,not anyone else ” akash said

”What happened bitwa ??? ”

”Matee, don ask what happened , ask what didn happen ”

”Tell us !! ”

”first he closed the door with payal and did not allow me to enter the room and When I went to sleep in the guest room..They hid the alarm clock in room everywhere , my midnight went out to turn off the alarms and then when I went to sleep, the army of mosquitoes attacked me. ”

Everyone laughing at him ..

”Akash bitwa tumhara to bye bye ho gaya ”

”I already said don mess with chote ” Nani said

” Don worry akash bhai ,Tonights plan is ready naa .. ”Anjali said ..

”Yesss di today I will not leave him , ASR will never forget tonight in his life ”

”you both are making the same mistake again ”said Nani

”Taking panga with the lion will be too dangerous hello hi bye bye ”

”Even if its our last day, we will do ..hai na dii ”

”Yesss akash bhai ”

Payal is coming from kitchen ”It seems that from now on I will have to sleep alone, that too without listening to the sound of snoring. How wonderful isn it ? ”

”Payal darling ,you are always on bhais side ”

” I love teasing you like you always on my sisters side ”

”Huhh !! Okk ”

In Arnavs room

Arnav sleep broke and He looked beside him , his love was sleeping peacefully and kissed on her forehead and gets up quietly and goes to freshen up .

Arnav got ready, closed the door properly and went downstairs.

Mami saw him coming down and teasing him ”it seems that someones romantic night is over ”

Arnav rolled his eyes ,Because his family never leaves a chance to tease him..He goes to the dinning table and sits on the chair next to Anjali.

”Chote did you not feel like getting up today? ” She teased him .

”Who would like to wake up when someone has a beautiful lady with him ? ”

”Kya baat hai bhai subha subha romantic mood mai hai ?? ”

Everyone wished him and he took the blessings of the nani and mami ..

”And how was your night?? did you like the surprise?? ” Asked Anjali

”Its was amazing and Not everyone should be told every details about the night. ”

” Ohh bhai means something something ”

”Many thing akash ,i know a lot about you too.. yesterday photoshoot … ”

”Bhai noooo ,please ”

”Then stop teasing me ”

”what happened yesterday in photoshoot ??? ” Payal asked

”Wo payal ….wait ill show you . ”

”Bhai no please please ”

”Payal ..sorry not now ,but i will show you later ”

”Tum to gaye Akash,Let me just look at the picture for once, what is it? ”

”Payal, Bhai is joking like this,why are you so serious hai na Bhai,i am right na ”

”Noo !! Absolutely not akash ”

”Bhai ,Why are you trying to destroy my inhabited house??? ”

” am I doing something? You were taking panga with me ”

”Okk enough !! You both ” Anjali said

”Chote where is Khush?? ”

”Still sleeping,she was tired from travelling and preparation , so i didn wake her up ”

”Okk good ,let her sleep for some more time ”

” You have to come to farmhouse in the evening ”

”But why farmhouse ?? ”

”Ohh my dear chote !!Theres still picture left ,night suprise was just a trailer ”

”what are you going to do now, all of you together ??? ”

”Bhai ,If we tell now what is the fun then later ”

”Akash Whatever you do, do it thoughtfully. ”

”Bhai soch lia !!what will happen now will be seen ”

”Okk !! ”

Sheetal comes there and sits next to nk and wish everyone.

”Good morning everyone ”

Everyone also wished her .

Arnav looks at the sheetal and asks Anjali

”Dii ,Can you see me?? ”

”Yess chote !! what kind of question is this?? ”

”good!! i didn disappear ”

”Chote what happened?? ”

”Woo di !!Sheetal came to wish me a birthday at midnight, I thought I would disappear in the morning, thats why she was in such a hurry to wish me ”

”Wo wo !!I was thirsty, so I had come to drink water, so I thought, wishing Arnav, I felt that he had a habit of waking up college till late. ”

”Aree Ms .bladiful !! Along with your own beauty sleep, what is the need to spoil the beauty sleep of others? Bishh (wish)to tum subha bhi kar deti ,Never disturb me in the middle of my beauty sleep , got disturbed becoz of you ,to phir hamre facewa ka to Helloo Hii nahi bye bye ho jayee ”

Others were giggling

”Sure mami ji !!I will never disturb beauty sleep ”

”Yesss sheetal !!make sure ,otherwise you will be gone forever ohh i forget sheetal ,After breakfast you are coming with us to farmhouse chotes birthday party ”

”Who else is coming? ”

”Only family member ,bcoz chote doesn like parties and all ..he just agreed on our behest ”

”Okk sure ”

everyone finished their breakfast.

”Okk bye chote!! We are going , please be on time ”

”Okk dii ”

”Arnav is not coming?? ”

”he will come later.. ”

”Why ?? ”

”Ms .bladiful you ask a lot of questions !! ”

”Hehhe mami ji !! Wo to bas ese hi ”

”Hurry up everyone, a lot of preparation has to be done ” Anjali said

”Okk bye everyone ”

everyone left from there and Arnav also left for his room .

He entered inside and looked towards his bed where his wifey sleeping in her Taekwondo


He goes near to bed and sits .Bends a bit and caresses khushis cheeks lovingly and whispered ”good morning mithu ”

”Nooo ”

”Don you want to get up ”

”Noo ”nodded her head .

”everyone had their breakfast ..are you not hungry?? ”

”Nnooo ”

”Aren your rats hungry too?? ”

”they are sleeping with me ”in her sleepy voice

”Ohh!! It should be written in history that today Mrs.khushi singh raizada and her beloved hungry rats did not feel hungry today .hayee mithu ki Devi maiyaa ye chamatkar kese kar diya aapne(how did you do this miracle) ”

”Aaaruuu ,don disturb me naa..im so tired,my rats are too tired ,let us sleep peacefully ”

”can i relieve your tiredness ”

”Nooo!!! ”

”Whyy ?? ”

” we have to go to the party too ”

”Everyone has gone to farmhouse, only me and you are left, we have a lot of time for the party and we should take advantage of this ”

”You just need a chance ”

”Why should I miss a chance and that too when I have such a beautiful wife ”

And he put his other hand inside her shirt ..start carssing her back ..

”Aarruuuu… ” And he shut her mouth by putting his lips on hers and began to relieve her tiredness .

In evening

Both started getting ready to go to the farmhouse..after sometime they left the Raizada mansion ..

All the preparations were done in the farmhouse and just waiting for the birthday boy.

And after some they reached farmhouse and entered inside, both were holding each others hand And both had a lovely smile on their faces

Everyone looking towards them in aww

”No one should have an evil eye, how cute and perfect they are looking together ” said Nani

”Yes yess sasuma !! made for each other ,good eyes hello hi evil eyes bye bye ”

One person was shocked to see them and that person is Sheetal . ” Who is she with Arnav and how happy Arnav looks with her ”

On seeing everyone, khushi screams and runs to them ”dii ,Nani ,mami ,jiji ,nanhe bhai and bb Bhai (she calls akash as bb -(bodybuilder )and one by one hugged everyone.

”mithu is half mad and my family is half mad and all together are completely mad and make me completely mad.Whatever madness was lacking for so many days, it will be fulfilled now. I do not know what will happen now, and today I do not know what these madgroup have thought. ” Arnav muttering to himself..

Khushi suprise to see a new member . And looked towards Anjali to ask.

Anjali got a naughty idea

”Chote come here ” Anjali called arnav and he went near to her and stood beside Khushi

Anjali also called sheetal .

”Khush ,she is sheetal .. your aarus college classmate and friend and sheetal she is Khushi chotes girlfriend ”

And she also told Khushi ,how she met sheetal.

”Whatt ?? ”sheetal in shocked

Khushi got confused and looked at arnav.

Arnav whispered in her ear ”dii is not leaving a chance to tease me since you are gone, she is fooling Sheetal that I am not married, I do not like any girl and she has to get me married ”

Khushi were silently giggling ..

” sheetal why are you shocked?? ” Asked Anjali ..

”Woo wo Anjali ji !You said that Arnav has no girlfriend ..And suddenly you introduced his girlfriend ”

”Oo woo sheetal we were all joking ”

And Anjali gesture Arnav not to speak anything .

”Why ??don you like me ,Sheetal?? ” Asked Khushi

”Ohh no no its nothing like that ..Ms.. ”

”Ohh let me introduce myself ,i am Khushi Gupta ”

”Ohh nice to meet you khushi finally mai Arnav ki girlfriend se mil hi li so,When are you two getting married? ”

Anjali winked at Khushi ..and Khushi understood her gesture .

”Ohh sheetal !!I am also thinking here, when will we get married? ”

Arnav nodded his head and mutter to himself ”now sheetal is gone by their craziness ”

”Why ??you both love each other ,so what is the problem now ?? ”

”Ohh sheetal you don know anything !! Is Laadgovernor ko boyfriend banne ke liye bahut papad bele hai Mane ,ab pata nahi shadi karne ke liye aur kitna papad belna padega (I have a lot of papad to make boyfriend first, I don know what to do to get married!) ”

”I also wondered how you became Arnavs girlfriend ”

”Why? Whats wrong with khush that she can become chotes girlfriend ”

”Ohh no no Anjali ji you are taking wrong ,i mean to say Arnav don like any girls and also don like their presence around him ”

”Sheetal ,Looks like you know a lot about Aaru ”said Khushi

”Not more we were friends naa ”

”Sorry sheetal ,but we were only classmates ” Arnav said

” Yeah same Arnav ”

”And sheetal ,Khush is not any girl ,anyone fall in love with her ”Anjali said

”But according to me there is huge difference in classmate and friend sheetal ” said Khushi

”Ohh Khushi .i mean both ,okk leave it where do you leave ?? ”

”With us in our home ”said Anjali

”Whatt ?? but i didn see you ”

”Sheetal Why are you getting shocked again and again?? You didn see Khushi because she had gone somewhere ”

”Wo Anjali ji , i mean live-in before marriage ”?? ”

”Why ??This is common in America and a lot happens there before marriage. ”

”Yess Anjali ji !! Don mind But All this is not common in India. How did Nani agree, she is so old-fashioned ?? ”

”Ohh sheetal !!Our Nani looks old fashioned but has very modern thinking ,you don know about anything yet ”

”Thats good ”

”Yeah sheetal !!You will also fail in front of our nani. ” Khushi said

”Sheetal!!I will have to with him , no matter what, tell me about your love life? ”Khushi asked

”I am still single ”

”Ohh Khush !! She is not getting anyone ”

”Can find or didn like any?? ” Khushi asked

”You can say so both ”said sheetal

”Find it quickly, what if I didn get married, I was relieved to see your marriage ”

”You don have any problem, can I find the boy for you?? Don s know if you have become old while looking for a boy??then it will be difficult ”

Anjali and Arnav were giggling

”Theres no need for it !! ”

”i am just helping you ”

”Hmmm! i will come in a while ”

She trying to save herself from answering more questions to them .

” Okk enjoy the party sheetal ”khushi said

Sheetal left from there .

”Now,what are you two going to do with her ,you both have become very naughty ”

”Chotte !!Till now both of us have not even done anything, lets have some fun with her ,you are not going to stop us ,ham bhi to dekhe dusri howard student mai kitna dimag hai ”

”Phir sheetal to gai kaam se ” said Arnav

And they started giggling

Sheetal standing in a corner away from all and muttering to herself angrily ”This khushi does not know where she came from, I had made a good plan, she ruined all the plans, and this nani, becomes very cultured and how she is allowed to live in??.home name is ”shantivan ”lekin Shanti bilkul bhi nahi hai .. Its look like Im in a circus..ek se badhkar ek joker hai yaha I have to do something with this Khushi otherwise how will my plan be successful,Now I also have to find out who is mithu, later I came to know that Arnav has a wife , and Anjali shows her teeth and says I was joking, Arnav is also married. ”

She doesn know that what she is thinking is absolutely right thinking that Arnav has a wife too.

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