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Heres the part 2

(Pardon me for my mistakes and enjoy reading .)

In evening

Everyone is sitting in the living area and having their tea and snacks and chitchatting with each other .after sometime sheetal came downstairs and went near to them and sat beside mami .

” Hello hi bye bye !! Ms.bladiful ( bloodyful ) how are you feeling now ?? ” Mami asked to her.

Sheetal got irritated but then with her fake smile ” i am fine mami ji ”

” You took your medicine ?? ” Asked Nani

” Jii Nani ji !! I am very grateful to you all ,you all taking care of me so much ”

” Kaa hai na Ms .bladiful , we never shy away from taking care of our guest ..you are my Arnav babuas college friend.. hello hi bye bye ” mami said

” Mami ji you can say my name..i mean ..wooo no one called me with any Nick name ever, like you do ”

”Woo sheetal !! The point is ,my mami loves to Nick name everyone ” anjali said

” Yesss yess ,Anjali bitiya is right !! Whats wrong with it ,you are bladiful thats why I am calling you bladiful ,by the way !! Which makeup brand do you use ,foreignwa ka makeupiya use karat hoo ka ??? ”

Others were giggling .

” Its okk mami ji ,you can call me whatever you want ..yes i use foreign brands ” with fake smile

” Sheetal bitiya where is your family ?? ” Nani asked

Sheetal gets sad and said ” wow Nani ji ,i am an orphan ..i have no one whom I can call my own ..and i also lost contact with some of my college friends ..i am alone … ”fake tears welled up in her eyes..

” Don cry bitiya !! We are here Naa ..for you .don call yourself orphan ..if you ever need anything..we are with you ”

” Thankyou Nani ji ” wiped her tears .

” Ms.bladiful why did you come here from America ?? ”

” Woo mami ji !! I was bored living there and working ..so ,i thought to come back here to work and stay .. ”

Arnav also come there and sit beside Anjali ..

” Now , you get time to come !! ” Anjali said to Arnav

” Not again dii !! ”

” What not again ..i know ,you don feel good without someone …it doesn mean you stay in your room all day ”

”Dii !! I was doing my office work ”

Before Anjali says something,mami interrupts

” Hello hi bye bye .!! Ms bladiful ..how was my Arnav bitwa in college was he the angry young man at that time too ?? ”

” No mami ji ..he was not angry man at all .he used to busy in his own work .. by the way Arnav ,you accomplished what you thought ..i mean.. today you are the top businessman ”

”Aur nahi to kaa !! Hamre Arnav bitwa hai jo sochte hai wo pura karte hai ..Ms . Bladiful tumne kya Kiya itne saalo mai ( whatever Arnav bitwa thinks ,he leaves after completing it what have you done in so many years )?? ” ( Arnav Smirked after listening to mamis reply ”

”Mami ji !! I have also worked as a designer in big companies ” she was hiding her embarrassment ..

” Wese Arnav !! You have done what you thought ,what about your lovelife ..i mean dating someone or marriage?? ”

Before Arnav could say anything,Anjali spoke

” He doesn get time from office work ,he don have time to love and marriage is too far ” and winked at everyone which got unnoticed by sheetal becoz she is busy in planning something .

Arnav rolled his eyes because his di has been teasing him since morning.

”Anjali ji !!He was the same in college too..he had nothing to do with girls ..he used to get so many love letters ..girls used to bunk their classes to see him ..he was too famous and hottest guy in our college ”

Everyone looking at Arnav in teasing way and he was like ” what the !! ”

” Ohh hoo chote !! Kya baat hai hottt and famous ..what did you do with those love letters ?? ”

”Ye bhi puchne ki baat hai di !! I have built a museum and kept all the love letters there .. whenever I miss someone ,i go there and read their love letter ”

” You never told me chote !! ”

” Why should I tell you ,you will behind me for marriage ”

Everyone laughing after listening to him .

”Sheetal !!will you help me ?? ” Anjali asked

”Yeah sure ”

” Don know when will chote get married ..so ,youu and .. ”

Before Anjali said something further ,sheetal interruped.

” Anjali ji !! I and Arnav ..i mean we are good friends but. ”

” Hello hi bye bye ms.bladiful ,let Anjali bitiya speak first ,what is she saying ..then interrupts Naa.. ”

Sheetal embarrassed ” sorry ”

” So sheetal ,i was saying that you and chote are college friends ..you know him ..do you have any beautiful friend, for my chote ”

Sheetal with fake laugh ”ohh anajli ji !! So sorry ,but i have only few friends and all of them are married ”

” Ohh hoo chotee!! what will happen to you ..i am very worried ..whether you will get married or not ”

Arnav whispered in Anjalis ear ”dii !! Its too much ,stop your teasing ”

” Nooo ,i won ”

”Now my chote will remain a bachelor, he didn like any girl till now ”

Everyone is giggling. becoz they were having lots of fun teasing him for few days .

” don worry Anjali ji !!he will get someone soon ”

” Aapke muh mai dhai shakkar sheetal ”

” He is always busy with his laptop and phone ,Someone rightly said that he should get married with his laptop and then his office would become his in-laws and he would remain there forever. ”

”Who got the courage to say this to Arnav? ” Sheetal asked

”Only she has the courage to speak anything in front of the great ASR and get him to do anything. ”

” Who ?? ” Aksed curiously

”Hai koi (someone)special !! You will meet her soon ”

”Arnavs girlfriend ”

” Are no no sheetal !! He is single ..koi mile jab na mingle hoga ” and winked at Arnav

”When are you getting married or do you have a boyfriend Ms.bladiful ? ”

”Mami ji !!Like arnav, I too haven found anyone yet ”

”You said this completely wrong, girls die behind my arnav bitwa , he has many options to choose .You said it wrong that my Arnav bitwa didn find any ,he doesn need to find anyone ..but ,you have to Ms bladiful ”

”Yeahh mami.. ”After getting insult from Mami, she did not say anything further.

Thats all for today

Thankyou so much

Lots of love

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