in a month.

”But you were with her? ” I said quietly so he couldn hear my voice breaking.

”I was, but its been over between us for a while. ” He hung his head.

”I don know why it should matter to me, weve just met. ” I say. Straightening my shoulders.

”I should really be getting back home. My mother will be worried. ”

”Ada, don let this get in the way of finding out who you are. ” He said with a sadness.

”Very well then. Tell me who I am and how you can help me. ” I stated coldly.

”As you wish, Princess. But first, lets have some breakfast. Im famished and I know you must be. ” Just then my stomach growled.

I can remember the last time Id eaten so I nodded my head in agreement.

”Theres some extra clothes there in the closet ” he pointed to the door in the corner of the room. ”You get some clothes on and Ill cook. ” Again, i nodded in agreement, too angry and hurt to verbally agree with him.

I walked into the closet, it wasn huge but it definitely wasn small. I looked around until I found a corner with womens clothing. I didn want to wear anything that belonged to Liliana so looked for the smallest pair of mens breeches I could find and a small blouse that was still a few sizes too big.

I walked out of the bedroom and followed the smell of meat cooking. I walked through a hallway with three more doors. They were all opened so I peeked inside. The first door was a bathroom with a double sink and a huge bathing tub. The second door was another bedroom. This one was much like the first bedroom. Fireplace, empty mantle, dressing table. The third door looked to be an office. It had a nice desk with couches and chairs in it. It had a portrait on the wall above one of the sofas. I walked in to take a closer look, I couldn believe my eyes. There were two men with their arms thrown across the others shoulder, two young boys, and two women on the other sides of the men. I only recognized one person in this photo, it was my mother.

Her porcelain skin radiated beauty and her long hair had began to blow in the wind. Next to her with his arm around her waist was a tall man. He was dark, darker than me. Even in the picture I could feel his power.

”Tap tap tap ” I heard Cyrus knocking on the trim of the door.

I turn to look at him with tears in my eyes ”is this my father? ” I ask.

”It is. Alpha to this pack and king of the wolves in this region. ”

”Wolves? ”

”I know the humans have told you stories of the scary beasts that live outside your town that prey on those who dare step foot outside the town at night, but we
e not all that bad. ”

He must have seen the doubt on my face because he pointed his head down the hall and said ”lets get some food in you before we get into all this. It could be a lot to take in. ”

”Okay ” I agreed. I was starving but I was also overwhelmed. Id never seen a picture of my dad before and theres one in Cyruss house.

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