I carried Adalene through town, the field of pine, across the small creek and into my cabin. Its a quaint two bedroom cabin. I don need much since I live on my own. I moved out of the pack house when my brother Cohen took over as pack alpha. We all knew it was temporary but I don think he really expected the princess to be alive. When The Wolf King was killed my father Caspian, beta to the king, took over as pack alpha. The wolf packs of the region decided to wait to declare another king until King Stonewells heir came of age.

My father told me they hid the kings wife and child with a spell and in a human town to keep the Wolf King heir safe from all who wished to dethrone the Stonewells.

My brother had tried to make the wolf packs vote in a new king. Putting his name in the running. They agreed that if the heir wasn found within twenty years, they would hold a vote.

I felt her for the first time that afternoon, a tug in my chest. Pulling me to the human village where I saw the most beautiful girl. The wind blew her scent of lavender and honey. I breathed in deep and felt my heart almost burst. I had been waiting for 7 years to find my mate but I was the son of a beta, how could my mate be a human? I could tell she couldn feel the bond as I did, so I watched. I watched her hike through the trees, breathing in nature.

I was so enthralled in watching her that I didn notice the mountain lion sneak up on her.

Just as I seen it, it pounced on her knocking her unconscious.

Without a second thought, without even removing my clothes, I shifted. Running full speed to the animal that was trying to make a meal of my mate. I leapt onto the beast and sank my teeth into its neck, I shook it while I clawed its body. When I felt the neck snap, I threw it against a tree.

The light was fading but I needed to make sure she was okay. I walked until I found a stick big enough to make a torch out of. I found my ripped clothes and tied it around the stick to make the fire last longer. I heard her waking as I was heading back to her and I could feel she was scared and hurt. She passed out again before I could reach her so I opted to stay to make sure no other animals made a meal of her while she slept.

I meant to put some distance between us before morning but Id fallen asleep against a tree just before dawn.

I awoke to a startled gasp. Shit, this wasn good.

She was breathtaking but I had to reel it in. She was human and would never understand the mate bond. If I pursued this, it would have to be slow. I caught her looking at my length that had grown hard at the thought of her and my wolf went wild inside.

”You shouldn be out here! ” I said. It came out more harsh than I intended but I was trying to control myself.

I decided Id make sure she got to the human town safely since she was injured, so we walked. She started asking questions, I suppose I was being mulish by ignoring her but the longer she was near me the more my wolf wanted her and then she stopped. I turned around and stepped to her, so close I could smell her. I leaned down and breathed her in. I could smell her desire but something else too. It smelled almost like the pack house. Then I felt it, her wolf. She was right on the surface trying to get out. How could I not know she was a wolf? Perhaps shes a half breed and thats why shes in the human town.

I stepped away and walked her home without another word. I came back every day to watch her. I watched her walk, I watched her write, I watched her pick flowers, and I watched her with her friend. The moment I saw her mother, I knew. Ive seen her in photos with King Stonewell. My mate was the heir and princess of the region. My father told me her wolf was locked inside and she wouldn shift on her eighteenth birthday like we wolves usually do. The spell that hid her and her mother all these years made sure no one would know she was a wolf and I knew I had some research to do.

I would help my mate reclaim her rightful place as the Queen Wolf and Id be by her side. I never thought Id have a position in the pack hierarchy because I was a second born son.

When the king and alpha to the pack died, his beta, my father, became alpha because he had no heir of age.

When my father died, his firstborn became alpha and the son of his beta became the pack beta and if something happened to the temporary alpha, his beta would become alpha. I was content with it, with my life and my home. I trained the young wolves who recently shifted, in battle. I was a level 10 but my brother didn like that I could stand my ground with him so he had me training at level 1.

My wolf was pulling me to her and I could hardly resist anymore. As I was standing there watching her, she suddenly looked up. All this time Ive been watching her, she finally noticed me.

She seemed out of sorts as we talked.

”Tomorrow is my birthday. Mother is putting on a coming of age celebration in my honor tonight. She says Ill have many suitors. ” She said, oblivious to the war I was fighting with my beast. He wanted out, he wanted her. But hed have to wait.

”Ill see you tonight, little one. ” I growled as I turned away. She grabbed my arm and sparks flew where she touched.

I turned back and pulled her to me as sparks danced on my body.

”You have no idea what you
e doing, Princess. ” I managed to get out through clenched teeth. ”You cannot fathom how long the beast inside me has been waiting for you. ”

Oh Goddess I wanted her.

”Who are you? ” She whispered shakily.

I couldn answer in that moment. My only thought was I had to get away from her. She has to know who she is, what she is, before anything can happen.

”Ill see you tonight Adalene. ” I whisper as I plant a soft kiss on her forehead.

When I arrived at her party, there were men lined up to see her. To talk to her. To dance with her. To court her. I felt my wolf begin to scratch at the surface. I had to get her away from them. I walked past the line and grabbed her hand. She was stunning. I couldn fathom how the Goddess made this radiant woman my mate. We danced and talked.

You look stunning, Princess. ” I whisper in her ear as I held her close.

”Am I really a princess? ” She asks sounding dumbfounded.

”Your mother had a talk with you, I presume? ”

”I suppose. It doesn make much sense to me. ” She says.

”Cyrus. My name is Cyrus Catori. ” I say, looking down into those beautiful brown eyes.

”Meet me outside in one hour. ”

”Why? ” She questions.

”I can feel your beast. She wants out and shell be coming out whether you
e ready or not. I can help you. ” I warn her.

”Okay. One hour ” she agrees.

I couldn be happier, not only does she know who she is, but, she trusts me. After the dance is over I make my way out the door. I have to be alone to think about what to tell her. Theyve locked away her wolf and I can find the missing piece to unlock her.

I can wait anymore so I make my way back to her. I share my wolfs happiness in knowing we are headed back to our mate.

I hear screaming in the distance and I know its Ada. I run to her trying not to shift. Shifting in the human village is not allowed and would cause me to be banished from the pack.

When I reach her, I see a man on top of her and smell her blood.

I yank him off of her and slam him into the ground. I land blow after blow as he begs for his life. I should end it now, he doesn deserve another breath.

Adas sobs pull me out of my trance and I rush to scoop her up. She fights me and it breaks my heart.

”Its me Princess, Im not going to hurt you. ” I whisper softly.

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