The Myriad Of Wells

Prelude (Part Two) - Last Lament -

”The story of truth, are, were, and will forever be before the beginning and ending of the thing we know as time.

Truth was once a mirror in the great hands of Tzai Jargannatha. The mirror fell from he and her and broke into many shard-pieces at their feet.

Smaller hands found the shard-pieces, scattered around the omniverse, and they looked at them and thought only they had the truth. This belief became the greatest of lies in the thoroughfare of life. No truth is any truer than a fellow truth. But the truth that tries to be the truest on the behest of others is a dangerous one, and the only one that needs to be no more.

Every shard-piece is part of the whole mirror. The greater truth. The omniversal truth.

Trust this truth and no more lies can pave your road.

We must reassemble the mirror.

Omnism wills it. ”

~ by Ampharlamor, great gray one.

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