The Master Key


The driver drove the car in an awkward silence, Tola was quietly thinking of her bed and how she really would love to get back into it. It was just two days since her father departed for work and everything returned to normal: mother and daughter home alone once more.

The car pulled over at the parking lot and Tola waited for the driver to get down and open the door for her, the driver did so and an ever proud Tola got down from the car and proceeded elegantly to her classroom. She wished her father didn have to go so far to work leaving her so alone with her Mum; she was always absently present. Her mind was brought down to earth by some noise makers who chatted loudly as they filled their seats.

” did you hear about the latest couple in town? ”

” no, who are they? ”

” how did you not hear? It is something everyone in the whole school knows about ”

”really? ”

” their relationship started off badly with a fight but now they are inseparable…very inseparable ”

Tola piped up her ears to hear the juicy gist these female gossips were talking about as other students got into class and seriously arranged their things for the school day.

” I seriously didn hear all these ” the girls continued

” are you in this school at all? ”

” before you skin me alive about not knowing, tell me who they are ”

The know it all gossip turned her head from side to side making sure no one was getting in on their chats and lowered her voice as she dropped the bombshell on her friend.

” it is no other than Tolu and Tola ”

” what, are you sure? ”

Tola was astonished at the girls announcement, it certainly was not her that these girls spoke of

” yes now, everybody has been talking about it ”

” wait, which Tola is it? ”

” thats a very stupid question! ”

” you don mean… ”

” the Tola and Tolu in this class of course ”

Tola had to calm herself ; how dare they say that when she was right behind them. She stood up to confront them.

” alright everyone let us start the business of today ” the teacher said as he entered the classroom. Tola had to sit down and procrastinate her meeting with the gossips.

An angry Tola marched up to two unsuspecting girls during break time, the girls seemed oblivious to her presence.

” I will like to know more about that gist you were talking of this morning ” She demanded as the girls turned in astonishment.

The first girl giggled while the other one seemed frightened: she made eye contact to the other girl to stop her mockery to which the first girl ignored.

” I didn know you were listening in on our gist. It was none of your business you know ” the first girl eyed Tola

” it became my business when you mentioned my name in it! ” Tola retorted

” do not worry though, I have no problem with you as long as it is not me you were talking about…. ” She continued but was soon interrupted by the know it all gossip who continued to eye her

” it is you of course! Why don you sit with your husband ” She nudged towards a Tolu who hadn the slightest idea of what was going on. Tola tilted her head towards Tolu, her rival and the boy she almost beat up when he ruined her chance of glory, she might not have minded the girls if the rumor did not have Tolu as the boyfriend. She turned her eyes towards the girl who continued to taunt her and without giving her actions a second thought; she leaped on the girl falling with her to the ground. Tola began pounding her fist into her face. The whole class was silent for a second and then roared with screams and noise as Tolas slaps enunciated all through the classroom. The boys tried to pull Tola away but she didn budge. The poor girl wept amidst the slaps and beatings she received from Tola.

Finally, the fight was brought to an end by the sports teacher who separated the girls and marched Tola up to the principals office.

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