The cold wind howls ferociously, biting on my exposed skin while I huddle Theo closer to me, shielding her from the harshness of winter.

Soon it will begin snowing, and when that happens, I don know what to do.

We left the airport a long time ago, taking back our belongings as well as my glass dagger, which I was leaving behind in no way, we begin walking away, away from the scene of massacre, away from our one final chance at freedom now gone to waste.

We couldn board the plane, for not only it was too late and we were in no shape, but because there was no use. Where ever we went, Louise would fine us, and that alone makes me feel hopeless.

So here we are, walking the empty streets with no real plan, no real destination, just trying to find a place to avoid the incoming storm.

Theo hasn said a word ever since we left the airport, but I know I can keep her in the dark anymore. She has seen too much. She needs to know. But the only question is, how will all of this sound to a mere five year old?

I want to find a plan to avoid Louise first, but my brain is drawing a blank. The only way is to kill him, but how can I do that on my own? How do I go to South Korea, get close enough to him without security, and end this nightmare once and for all.

Its hopeless. My inner voice says, but I shake my head. There are still ways.

I can wait for him to send his men again, and then go with them to get my so called ill fate, before executing my real plan.

Sounds farfetched, but its worth a try.

Or, I can look for the green eyed hooded figure that saved me.

Come to think of it, who was he? Do I know him?

So far, I can think of anyone. I have never had any male acquaintances for the last five years, steering clearing of them ever since I learnt my lesson years ago.

So who could it be? Someone from my past? But all the male I know from then, are all…dead.

Except Louise.

I sigh out loud, my breath coming out in wisps of fog. We walk on and on, looking at our surroundings and noticing just how much the place was vacant and almost…isolated.

Like no one lives here.

Don they?

It is only then do I realize, that the street lights are buzzing frantically, making me come to a halt.

”Mommy? ” Theo calls out, but my eyes are fixed on the streets light, which, after a series of blinking, finally goes out, bathing the two of us in complete darkness.

”Mommy? ”

”What Theo? ”

”Theres someone standing there. ”

I look towards where Theo points, and sure enough, a figure stands there, right under a street lamp that is still lightened, so all I can see is the silhouette, but judging from the built, I know its a man.

I gulp in a reflex, my eyes trained on the figure which does nothing but stare back at us, unmoving.

This feels…ominous.

”Turn around Theo. ”

”What? ”

”Turn around, quickly, and start walking. Move! Hurry! ”

”Theres someone else behind us mommy. ”


I swiftly turn around, staring at the buff figure of another silhouette, until another joins him, and another, and another, until they keep coming, filling in.

I glance behind me, and the same is everywhere. They are surrounding us.

But who are they? Has Louise sent his men again? Has he heard about Suho and the others already?

My heart beat picks up speed, while I clutch Theo to me. If Louise really sent has for us, then I might as well go, and try to execute my plan.

”Well if it isn the child of Louise Choi! ” the man behind me bellows, making me turn around,

Right. They really are after us.

But why are the calling Louise with his name?

The man walks forward, and just when he does, the street lamp above me flickers on, illuminating his face.

Who on earth is playing with the light?

Don tell me, they actually got one of their men to work with the lights…to give a dramatic effect?

Thats absolute cringe!

The man stands before us, a sinister smirk on his tattooed bald head, almost similar to Suhos. only that they have a huge difference in race.

He isn Korean. None of them are.

Then wh-

Before I can even complete the thought, my eyes fall on the tattoo mark on the mans head, and this time I actually take a good look.

Its not the bleeding Dragon like Suhos. Its something else.

Its a huge ass Scorpion.

The Sorpio Venom Society.

Wait wait…why does this name feel so familiar, like I already knew it…

How else can I know the name then? Of course I know it somehow!

The Scorpio venom society…The Scorpio venom society…The Scorpio-

Ah! Thats right. The Scorpio Venom Society was a rising thug gang five years ago. They weren big, but they were feared among the notable Mafias for stealing away in the blink of an eye.

That was how they begin to grow, because they had taken over USAs biggest crime Lords den, killing him in the process. Their next target had been countless, but at one point, father had started receiving threats from them.

He pretended he didn care, but the way his breath always hitched when he received one of the letters said otherwise.

He was scared indeed, scared of protecting his position and his life. Until Louise Choi showed up…

So why are they here now? What do they want from my baby?

Whatever it is, I know its nothing from the good books. Members from criminal society wanting a child is never good.

Slowly but surely I begin moving towards the shadows, walking backwards in a way to keep an eye on both parties. But the baldy has already sensed my motives as his smirk grows, and he releases a low life.

”Now now, did we scare you? Of course we meant no harm! We just wanted to see the child. ”

Why are they after my child!? What has gotten into them?

Wait…he…he called Theo Louises child. Which means he is not a mere trafficker, he is actually after the first born of the Korean Mafia!

Why am I so dense!? At such a crucial time at that! How could I miss out on this!?

As if to mock me, Suhos words rang in my head, the words he told me before exiting my house.

”Oh and by the way, we are not the only ones after her. Remember that. ”

So this was what he meant. Enemies of Louise and my father, they all now know about her. They know Louise Choi has a child, and a possible heir to the Mafia.

Of course, his own child can be considered his weakness, which was never the case for me. My fathers children were never his weakness. We could be the price for all he cares.

I lift Theo up, her legs wrapping around my hips while I bury her head in my chest shielding her.

When the bald man sees this action, his smile disappears and he stops midway, his face turning all serious. ”Don do what I think you will do. ”

Then what should I do? Stare at your face?

”Im sorry, but you have got the wrong person. ”

So saying, I urge my muscles to move, sprinting away towards the shadows of the buildings while the men throw pursuit.

I run as fast as I can, willing my legs to carry the weight of the two of us while heavy thudding footsteps echo behind us.

”Soralina Russo stop right there! ” The man roared, and his voice feels so close I fear he is right behind me, that he will catch up.

Snow has already begin its downpour, the wind getting harsher by the minute and yet Im a sweaty mess. My mouth us I open as I run, trying to bring enough air to my burning lungs while I feel the muscles in my leg beginning to ache.

How long must I run? When does this chase end? I really wish I knew, to ease my own mind, but the more I run, the more I see no end. They will keep chasing me until they finally catch me.

Its no use. Its no use I-

”Waahh! ” I let out an embarrassing squeal, jumping backwards when something, or more like someone drops from the sky, standing right in front of me, blocking my path.

Its the Green eyed hooded figure.

Get out if my way! Get out so I can run from those men!

He doesn budge an inch. Instead, sharp green eyes peek from the hood and stare at me. Not moving, nothing. And just for that one second, I feel like I have seen those eyes somewhere.

Unlike before, his face isn covered with a cloth, with only the eyes peeking out. This time he has a mask on that starts from his eyebrows to his cheekbones, leaving slits for the eyes.

Yup. Definitely the Green Arrow.

We stare at each other long and hard, doing nothing, saying nothing, just staring. His lips are pressed into a thin line, and I can help but feel like I have seen him somewhere before.

”Who are you? ” I whisper, but soon the mans eyes shifts, looking away from me, glancing behind my back, and then just like the last time, he jumps up, holding onto the rope that pulls him back up on top of the building. Just like that, he is gone. Out of sight.

”Mommy? ”

”Yes baby? ”

”The men are gone. ”

Yeah. Im sure they are.


Im walking again, this time in an underground railway station, were I see vagabonds camping for the night.

They sleep on cardboard sheets, covering themselves with newspaper while some just sit leaning against the wall, a bottle of booze in one hand.

Perhaps this is how we will and up as well, Theo and I. We will soon end up taking shelter on the streets.

But not now. Later. When Im done finding everything out.

Let Louise men come again. This time I won fight, I will let them take me, at least let them try.

Because I know the Green eyed hooded figure will come again, for he is watching me just like Louise Choi.

And when that happens, I will confront him, find out who he is and why he is helping me. What is so much about him that the Scorpio Venom Society men disappeared just by looking at him.

I will find out, but before that, I-

A homeless passes by me, our shoulders bumping into each other and almost throwing me off balance.

”Hey! ” I exclaim, but the lady doesn listen, just keeps walking like as if in a daze. But unlike her, I have notice the paper she dropped behind.

Or maybe she does know, just pretending not to, for when I open the sheet of paper, I realize the bumping wasn a mistake after all. It was a set up.

”Im watching you, Soralina Russo. Remember that. -LC ”

I know Louise. I know, and Im waiting for you. Come for me.

Stopping midway, I place Theo back on the floor, feeling the muscles in my hand cramping up in the process.

Theo looks up at me, but there is no hint of emotion. She almost seems…void.

”How are you feeling baby? ” I ask, forcing a smile while brushing away the stray strands of hair from her face and tugging them behind her ear. Theos reply is almost monotone. ”Cold. ”

”Im sorry luv, but don worry, you will be warm soon. Just a little longer. ” Theo nods to me, not answering nor questioning anything, which rips a hole through my heart.

Have I made her like this? This dense that she won ask questions even in the worst to worst situations? Doesn she want to know?

Whether she wants to know or not, its your job to tell her. The inner voice said, and I can agree more. I have to tell her. But how will a five year old remember?


Oh! Thats right! I can write a letter and leave it for her. In case something happens to me, at least she will know the truth.

The truth behind her past.

So pulling Theo along with me and going to the furthest wall from the vagabonds, I open my hand bag, the only belonging we have left.

From that I pull out the necessary items and sit down crosses legged on the white tiled floor, while Theo curls up in me and is soon asleep.

She must be hungry. We couldn even stop for food.

Making a mental note to buy food later, I begin writing down the letter, bringing the words into ink, the words that are my thoughts, thoughts that I never thought I would recall again.

Thoughts that have been a part of me all along, all this time. Im finally getting them all out, sharing my story with my daughter.

And if you want, I will share it with you too.

— — — — — — — — — — — — —

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