The Luna Talia

The Beginning Of The Escape

Talia P.O.V

Skyler calls me and says that Nina wants us both to hang out there at their Packhouse and I am contemplation my decision on going because I honestly don have the energy nor patience to see him and talk to him especially since that blond girl he was kissing is probably there as well but we will see.

Later on that day, my friend from school text me just to check on me, I don feel like talking to anyone so I just look at the message and say all is well we can talk later.

My brother Ben walks into my room with his mate and just has big smiles on their faces and I just sit on my bed looking at them dumb because like what are they doing just standing there smiling . They walk slowly toward me and Ben says we have some really good news and because you weren at breakfast this morning you missed the announcement. His mate Anna is glowing differently today but she says with him : WERE HAVING A BABY!!! I jump off of bed in excitement and hug both of them and say CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I am so happy for you guys .

They smile and say thank you then walk out.

My heart warms up from that beautiful news then suddenly Skyler bust in my room and says little sis come on its time to go to Ninas house he says with a big smile lol . I just drag myself off of my bed and look him in the eyes with serious facial expression and say if I see him I am rejecting him I don care for all of that mate shit anymore I have to much shit going on with me to be entangled with more drama with this annoying little alpha .

Skyler just nods his head and agree with me and says alright little sis lets go I got your back if he tries anything .

When we finally arrive to Ninas pack we just in her room chilling well I am on my phone texting my auntie that lives in Spain with her mate who is the pack leader of the largest pack in Europe .

I am telling her that I want to come stay with her for a while because I need a break from being here specially because of this mate situation, thankfully I haven seen him because there would have been a big argument and more heartbreak.

My auntie Polly says I can come just make sure that my parents are cool with it I jump up in joy and Skyler and Nina look at me weird lol so I tell them I am travelling tomorrow Skyler says I wish I could come with you sis I miss Spain I haven been there in a while .I say to bad lol I am dipping getting out of this country I ask Nina where is the kitchen because I am hungry and their house is huge, she gave me instruction so I walked out and followed her directions ,as I neared towards the kitchen I began to smell my mates scent (eye roll) I am so not talking to him I swear I say to myself .

Soon as I enter the room he turns his head and calls my name and says can we talk I look him straight in the eyes and say no, he says my name again and I say :Xavier I am so not talking to you, say something else and I will say something you do not want me to do ,He shuts up and just walks away.

My wolf wants him so bad just to be in his arms but she is as stubborn as me . I make a sandwich as fast as I can because I so do not want to be around him I hurry up and walk fast to Ninas room and eat my sandwich, I tell them I am going to leave soon .

I put on my shoes and tell my mom through mind link that I am about to come she says cool ,Skyler says he is going to spend the night I said cool and began to walk out because I have and early flight in morning I need to pack a lot of clothes because I will stay for some time. When I was walking down the stairs to leave their pack house Xavier stands in front of the door and says before you leave can I just say a few things I don expect you to forgive me or anything I just need to get this off of my chest before you leave .

Fine I say speak.

Xavier P.O.V

I am so sorry for my actions and I know me saying this won make things better but I just hope that you can give me a chance to correct my mistake and that girl is now gone so you do not have to worry about seeing her . I am so sorry even my wolf cannot forgive me and I know I do not deserve you after what Ive done, but just please I need you in my life, I have lost so much already .

She just stares at me in silence not speaking a word although her eyes speaks what shes yet to say.

She runs away with a frown on her face and suddenly and says I am not doing this with you .

When those words left her mouth my heart shattered in fright because this still means she can reject me or will. I run out of the house and rip out of my clothes and transform into my wolf form and run into the forest as fast as I can to get away from everything and everyone I am so disappointed in myself and so is my my wolf he is so angry with me because it was my fault that our mate hates us right now .

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