Chapter 2 – The Cheat key only appears after death

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Night falls.

All is quiet and still.

Fangxian was currently within a pitch-black universe with a confused expression.

“I… Was that a dream? A Lucid dream?”

He looked at the scenery of the cosmic galaxy and mumbled thoughtfully.

In a moment’s time, a bright nebula emerged, with countless planets slowly embellishing together, tumbling and swelling, forming a weird colorful gigantic eye.

The huge eye stared at Fengxian.


Daybreak, Fangxian screamed and woke up.
He brushed his forehead and realized that it was drenched with sweat.

“Huh? My eyes…”

He was startled and suddenly felt something was different.

This world, in his eyes, suddenly became clearer than ever.

The dust particles in the air, the lines on the wooden door in the distance, even the wings of insects fluttering when they fly by… Everything, down to the microscopic level, was like a brand new world.

“What’s this… My belated cheat key? Eyes, Giant eye…”

Fangxian vaguely felt that all this had something to do with that weird dream of his, and the source of that weird dream might be from the items he had received yesterday.

“It seems that I have received something incredible.”

Fangxian muttered to himself, but he was a little worried as this frequently implied that there was trouble.

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Just as he got up and was about to eat breakfast…

Suddenly there was a loud noise, shattering the windows and a deep rumbling sound came from the main entrance.

Promptly, several dark shadows rushed in with extremely swift movements.

Before Fangxian could come to his senses, his head was forcefully slammed onto the ground and he could feel the side of his face was in uncomfortably close contact with the ground flooring.

“What is happening?”

His head was a little hazy, there was a piercing pain that was felt on his arms and wrists, and his vision started to turn black.

When he had finally come back to his senses, he was already being held captive in the living room.
A mysterious young man, whom Fangxian had never seen before in his life, sat on the sofa with his legs crossed.
On the table in front of him, was the “The Secret Transcript of the Mysterious Caverns” that he had collected yesterday.

“You… This is trespassing on private property!”

Fangxian struggled but in vain.


“The young man sneered and picked up the transcript on the table: “Did you collect this yesterday?”

“Yes, I did…”

Fangxian decided to improvise and stuck to the principle, ‘A strong man knows to avoid immediate losses’: “I don’t know what it is, you can take it… I won’t tell a soul about what happened here today…”

He had received stolen artifacts before, but he will never confess and at most he would accept a small fine.

But this young man obviously had a lot of power, so Fangxian naturally decided to give in.

He was only a petty civilian and he just wanted to live a simple normal life.

“Not bad, you are a wise man, but anyone who has seen this book must die!” The young man continued lightly: “Its last owner, Wang Daoyi, has already passed away… You can accompany him on your way there.”

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Fangxian trembled.
Judging by the freezing cold atmosphere around them, he could tell that this young man really wanted him dead!

Are you not afraid of the federal laws?”

He struggled while growling at him.


The young man cackled with an evil note: “You don’t even know anything! I am a senior federal agent of an elite district, the number of people I’ve killed…Oh, you don’t know what the elite district is? The residents living there have a lifespan of more than three hundred years old, we can even pick up the ancient practice of traveling across the universe physically… From our understanding, your kind are like ants, even if one is trampled to death so be it…”

The young man got up, deciding it was meaningless to continue speaking: “Finish him!”

Fangxian felt like he was falling into an icy void.

He had no ambition, all he ever wanted was to safely live the life that he was given

But the cruel reality proved otherwise.

If he doesn’t climb up, he will never know about the truth of this world, and how humble and insignificant his life was!

A little shrimp may swim freely in the sea, but the price is when it meets a bigger fish, it can’t escape the fate of being eaten.

“No, I refuse!”

“I just got lucky…”

“I just… I just want to survive… Am I to die based on such a ridiculous reason?”

Glancing at the man in black who was calmly walking over, Fangxian suddenly realized that he wasn’t afraid to die, but rather he was feeling indignant.

Unfortunately, a shrimp’s reluctance is nothing to those of the higher class.

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“Am I going to die? Wonder if there is going to be a next lifetime…”

At the moment before his death, Fangxian’s memory started flashing back, and moments of his life passed by quickly in front of him.

His struggle in the orphanage, studying, entering society, renting a small shop for business… Time really flew past quickly, finally pausing at yesterday’s scene, when he first saw “The Secret Transcript of the Mysterious Caverns”.

Looking back, the contents in one of the pages in that holy parchment suddenly became fathomable to him.

That was a sacrificial practice!

When the young man had just walked to the entrance, a strange sound rang in his ear.

It was in a strange language, the accent was inhuman, but strangely everyone who was hearing it could understand what it meant:

“In that void… The inexplicable existence…
Eye of the starry sky…”

“I… dedicate my flesh and blood, with my life…”

“I curse my enemies…”


“Crap, someone stop him!”

The young man’s complexion changed drastically, his figure flashed and he ran to Fangxian.
With hands that were as fast as lightning, he snapped Fangxian’s neck.

The lightning speed, the inhuman strength… he was like a superhero!

Unfortunately… it was already too late.

There was a trace of mockery that remained in Fangxian’s eyes as he watched his body melt like wax candles, a blood-red flame with a midnight black ignition point burned, consuming everything in its premises.

“Serves you right!”

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He passed out.
The last thing he saw before consciousness faded away was the horror written over the young man’s twisted face.
Fangxian was relieved and felt a hint of happiness.

Just like this… Was he dead?

If you could live twice, it would be worth it.

But if you can travel back in time, you wouldn’t willingly go downstream again.
You must ascend upwards, witness greater heights and sceneries because only then, are you the true master of your own destiny.

Fangxian’s consciousness slowly faded.

At that very moment, a fluorescence emerged in front of ‘the eye’, forming some intelligible words.

The inscriptions were strange, but he could understand its meaning.


  【Natural gift:Eye of the Mysterious Caverns】


“My eyes mutated?”

“This is… My attributes… My real cheat key, why is it only appearing now?”

Fangxian felt puzzled: “How am I still able to think and see?”

During that change of thought, he suddenly felt lethargic.

It was as though his ability to ‘think’ was very exhausting.

As his consciousness gradually blurred, a ‘black hole’ suddenly appeared in the distance.

It was a sheer experience.
Before Fangxian could even be able to react, he was already sucked into the vacuum…

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