I just stared at her without speaking a word. 

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Confusion preceded the feeling of displeasure. 

Due to the nature of Las Palmas, there was no way for me to know whether she was a classmate or not, as I had attended fewer classes than when I was in Korea due to which I didn’t remember many students. 

In the first place, it was too much to expect me to remember a person’s face.

“You are looking at my face as if there is something scary on my face.”

“Who are you?”


I’m not daunted. 

Now I started to feel bad. 

This girl was definitely rude. 

As I frowned slightly, the uninvited guest raised her palms and showed an exaggerated surprised look.

“Calm down.
I just came to pick you up on Julia’s orders.”

“Who is Julia?” 

“…Our teacher.”

First of all, it was right to assume that we are classmates. 

I think she was clearly on the lookout for the surroundings, but how did she know I was here? 

The girl sitting in front of me smiled as she looked out of the cafe with her head out and said. 

“I’m the only one here.”

“How did you find me?”

“Anna saw your picture posted on social media.
Anna is also a student at our school.
I thought you wouldn’t know..”

“I just took a photo.
How can you come so quickly.”

“Not here, it was taken in the alley outside.
When Julia asked us to see if you got lost, someone told me to go, so I beat the crowd first and found you.” 

I was not completely convinced, but there wasn’t much to find fault with. 

“You’re not going right away, are you? Can I have a drink too?” 

My classmate ordered a grapefruit juice which came soon. 

I put my baguette in my hand down on the plate.

I observed the girl sitting in front as I rummaged through the bean dish with a fork. 

Just like her hair, her eyebrows are also orange, her cheeks have few freckles, her nose is large, and her front teeth are a little big. 

I don’t know. 

No matter how hard I rumbled through my head, I don’t remember her.

“…Don’t feel too bad.
I came because I was so courageous.
I came hard to break through the other kids’ containment.”

“What containment?”

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“You’re sort of a star.
You are a football player who played in La Liga.
You have been on TV, and everyone wants to be friendly with you, not only girls but boys.” 

The classmate who breathed for a moment while drinking grapefruit juice which was brought by the waiter leans over and whispers as if she was going to tell me a great secret.   

“But you don’t speak much at school.
Do you know how curious the kids were even before you debuted!”

To be honest, I felt a little pathetic. 

Unless they were fans of Las Palmas, I was not obliged to satisfy the curiosity of other people. 

“Well, you don’t seem to be interested in the food.”

If you finish drinking, let’s get up.
I’ve had enough food.”

It’s a lie.
To be exact, some of my words are sort of lies.

“I think I can’t eat anymore because I’m burdened, so let’s just get up quickly unless you’re going to leave first.” 

“There’s still a lot of bread left.”

“I have eaten my fill.”

“Then can I eat it?” 

“…… “

“That’s bad.” 

That girl glanced at me while stuffing the baguette in her mouth, still, she didn’t stop talking. 

My eyes were constantly on the floor tiles, and somehow I didn’t like it

“I’m sorry if you’re offended by me.
I was just wondering what you were like.
My dad talks a lot about you.”   

Is your dad a Las Palmas fan?”

“Uh, rather than being a fan, He works there.
Flores Parker, have you ever heard of him?”

I upgraded the rating for my classmate. 

Flores Parker was an analyst in Las Palmas. 

It would be foolish to judge someone based on their background, but I couldn’t help it. 


“Dad always talks about you.
Saying that you were the youngest debut of the team, also the youngest person to score a hat-trick blah blah blah…“


“Half of my dinner time is filled with your story, so it is natural for me to be curious about you?”

” Si ” 

Under the premise of being the daughter of an analyst, it was acceptable to listen to the chatter of the little freckled girl. 

So far. 

“Yesterday, he said that you were so good at the interview, that he kept making a fuss over the meal.
He even said that you have a good relationship with the team players? Well, I was a little worried because he asked me if you were different at school…….”

“What did you say?”


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“What did you say about me at school?”

“Just… He’s less talkative, he’s quiet, he doesn’t say much.”

I lowered this classmate’s rating. 

This girl is dangerous. 

It may be an exaggeration, but it seemed certain that Las Palmas had an indirect influence that would adversely affect me. 

“Don’t say that in the future.”

“Sorry, did you feel bad? I’ll keep my mouth shut in the future!” 

I don’t trust freckles who make fun of me beforehand, I would like to zipper her mouth. 

Yeah, I’ll name this girl Freckles from now on. 

It was past 1: 00 p.m when we left the cafe.   

I followed Freckles through the alleyways where tourists flock. 

Freckles, who moved without a single hesitation, stopped in front of a building called the Museo Canario.   

On the white gate, which looked like the entrance, had a drawing of a huge skull gourd.

“Right here?”

In the morning, I was in the Literary Cabinet, and I was told to take you here if I were to find you.”

When I opened the door and stepped inside, I saw the earthenware shining brightly behind the glass showcase. 

The positive thing is that the exhibition hall was not large, and it was quiet because there were no tourists since it was an old prehistoric museum. 

The strange thing is, there is no one inside except the staff.

“Are you sure they told me to come here? There’s no one.” 

I complained to Freckles as she wandered through the display case, smelling suspicious. 

“Well, They told me to come back to the Literary Cabinet, to be exact, if I haven’t eaten.
But we came early because we had lunch.”

“You only ate the leftover baguette.”

“”it’s okay.
Actually, I’m someone who is not adjusting well to school, haha.
Rather than eating steak from ‘Literary Cabinet’.
I chose to walk around the museum which had an awkward and strange atmosphere.”

“Are you Tonto(Stupid)?”

“Can you express it as bobo instead of Tonto?”

“What a difference.”

“Bobo means idiot.”

“It’s the same thing as being stupid.”

I snorted loudly at her who seem to have gotten offended by my words. 

I sigh, but I can’t help it so I took Freckles out and fed her before the museum was filled with students from Las Palmas. 

It was fortunate that I brought enough coins because I didn’t know the exact price.

When I returned after buying her some additional food, Julia, who had led the students, was hanging around at the entrance to the museum.

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“Kim! Stella! Where did you guys go? You didn’t answer the phone call, I thought you guys went missing.”

“It took me a while to find Kim, and we got lost while returning.” 

Lies trickle out of the mouth of Freckles.
Julia didn’t seem to believe what Freckles said, but she didn’t say anything more. 

I avoided a group of classmates as I climbed to the second floor. 

It was not a pleasant thing to keep seeing prehistoric skulls. 

It was unusual to dig a cave between the cliffs of a huge volcanic island and build a house, and in the end, it was destined to be merged after the Spanish colonial period. 

It was a trivial ending that I had heard countless times from a wine-loving history teacher of the Canary Islands. 

When I lost interest in the museum, I became interested in the ringing cell phone in my pocket. 

I remembered that Uncle Bari would be call me. 

The liquid crystal displays an unknown number, One seems to be Julia’s, and there are two more missed calls. 

There were over a hundred unread text messages on the phone, and I didn’t even think about opening them in the first place.

I went down to the first floor to make a call outside, and Freckles who have been hanging around me came down with me. 

“Why are you following me?”

“Well, things are complicated.” 

Looking at the situation, I think she’s being bullied. 

However, the best I could do for Freckles was to draw a line, so I no longer questioned her. 

Freckles chased me all the way out of the museum.

As I tried to make a call, ignoring the presence of my classmate, a familiar voice came over to my earpiece. 

It was the voice I heard every time in the training field, so I could notice it in a short time. 



“Si! You finally called me on the phone!”

I hang up the phone in a daze and check the next missed phone number. 

I’m not going to panic this time because it was saved as Uncle Bari. 


If it’s really urgent, he’ll call me back. 

“Hola, Kim.
Are you enjoying your day well?”

“It’s terrifying.”

Uncle Bari giggled in a low tone.
He loved my sarcastic way of speaking. 

At least he spoke what he felt openly. 

“Dad asked me to call you.
He told me that you got a call from the club.”

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“It’s nothing.
Let’s meet and talk, as usual, I have something to say.
Call me after school.
I am overflowing with time.”

“All right.
I’ll contact you later.” 

I hung up the phone and thought of going back to the museum, but Freckles was looking at me with a curious expression. 

It was strangely annoying that I hesitated without asking a question.  

If the assumption that this child is being bullied is true, then it seemed to me that I knew the reason.


“I’ve never seen you speaking in a foreign language.
Are you from China?”

“I’m Korean.”

“Oh, sorry.
Was it your Papa?” 


It was cumbersome to answer every single question, but I couldn’t turn her away. 

The thought of being bullied because of freckles was disturbing my mind.

As an adult, I need to know how to deal with it, but I’m still very soft.

“Uh! Agent! I heard about him from my dad.
Was it Berry?” 


“That’s right! Bari! He said his personality wasn’t normal.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Was it last week? He fought so much to the point that the Owner yelled.
My dad was worried since the atmosphere there looked bad all day.”

It was the first time I heard it. 

Why didn’t Uncle Bari tell me about it?

“Uh, it’ll be fine.”

Freckles, looking at my face, said in a slightly subdued voice.

 “My dad was relieved to see you in the interview, was it a renewal? He said it would work out.” 

That’s something to leave behind. 

Discomfort rose like smoke. 

Rather than the fact that there was something Uncle Bari didn’t tell me, I was angry at the owner for yelling at him.

After a while, I had something to ask Uncle Bari. 

However, I had to take care of other important things now. 

Stupid and talkative, but good freckles. 

“You, what’s your name?”

“Me? Stella.
Stella Parker.” 

I decided to issue Freckles a temporary visa to chat with me. 

She seemed to have sprouted from a good source.

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