en Commander Zhang is not much anymore, I beg to say goodbye first, ” said the healer who then left.

Fang Yin was really on the verge of confusion as to whether he should let his son be killed to keep his husband alive, or let his husband be like that so that his only child could live. A tough choice that Fang Yin had to make.

”Quickly find the descendant of the Wolf King, Li! Search around the mountain ” said Fang Yin.

”Okay, Miss! ” said Li who then hurried away.

Seeing Li who had left, suddenly Fang Yin fell to his knees in front of Commander Zhang who was still unconscious while crying.

”Forgive me! But I have no other choice, I really have no other choice ” Fang Yin said while crying.

Following the advice given by Miss Fang Yin, he invited several soldiers to accompany him to the mountain. But previously he had ordered several soldiers to take Ming Haos head to the kingdom so that the mission he carried out with Commander Zhang was not considered a failure by the King.

”We will not stop looking or go home until we find the descendants of the Wolf King, ” Li said to the soldiers.

The location of the mountain which is quite far from urban areas takes quite a long time to get there, the forest is still very dense, so they have to be really careful and careful. It had been a while until late afternoon, but Li and his troops had yet to find the person. They had searched the entire forest and mountain slopes but there was absolutely no sign of life there.

”Is it true that hes around here, Taun Li? Weve been here almost a full day, but theres no sign of a flicker here at all. We only found wild animals and plants, ” said one of the soldiers.

”Miss Fang Yi told me to look for her here, so just look for it, don make too many excuses, ” Li said.

Li actually knew that the soldiers were getting tired, and so was he. But this concerns Commander Zhangs life which must be saved immediately. Either way, tonight he had to get used to bringing the humans back home to the Wolf Kings descendants, alive or dead.

”Where else should I look for him? ” mumbled Li.

The peak of the mountain was in sight, but Li and his soldiers never found the man he was looking for. When frustration overtook him, he accidentally saw a house lamp not far from where he was standing.

”Maybe hes there, ” said Li, who then walked over to the house alone.

”Where is she? Could it be him? ” Li said after a shirtless boy was sitting on a tree in front of the house.

The child was Fen who happened to be looking at the moon. Almost every night when the moon was full, the Wolf King gene that was in him was always out. That meant Fen was in a difficult condition to control himself, his strength had increased by three times than usual. Li, who initially had doubts if the child was the person he was looking for, immediately became convinced that the child was the descendant of the Wolf King he was looking for because he accidentally saw the childs Wolf eye tattoo on the back because it was highlighted by the house lights.

”Right! Thats the tattoo, ” said Li

Without thinking, Li immediately approached the child and intended to kidnap him. However, Lis intentions had already been read by Fen.

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