The Last White Witch

Who Wears The Crown??

The white Witches were seated in their chamber, they were ten in numbers, the wall was painted in black and white with images of some animals, at the corner was three black pots which contained water, not just an ordinary water, then one of the elders brought the issue of kingship up since King Theo had died three weeks ago, and the throne can be left without a King to seat on the throne.

”Grandma, who do you think should be the King? ” Sapphire asked Grandma, an old woman who was in a white apparel, a crown was on her head.

”Sapphire, ” Grandma called softly, she stood up and went over to the three black pots at the corner while others watched her in silent, opening it one by one, placing the covers on the floor, dipping her hands into it and chanted some words, then the water turned to black and covered it back.

”Yes? ” Sapphire bowed her head.

”Who do you guys want between Prince George and Prince Dalton? ” Grandma asked, closing her eyes and exhaled.

”Prince Dalton, ” Sapphire answered, staring at others.

” Prince Dalton, ” Said Rina, a young lady who had the power of fire, she can burn things alive.

”Prince Dalton, ” Erica spoke out, Erica had power of water.

” Prince Dalton, ” Amelia, the pregnant woman cut in, Amelia had the power to control.

”Prince Dalton, ” Alicia interjected, Alicia had the power to appear and disappear.

”Prince George, ” Felicia, Katherine, Piper, and Dorothy said in unison.

”Five people chose Prince Dalton while four people chose Prince George, ” Grandma stated. ”Majority carry the vote. ”

”Grandma, who do you want to be the King? ” Piper asked.

”Hmm, ” Grandma heaved a sigh. ”I want Prince Dalton. ”

”Is there anything special about Prince Dalton? ” Dorothy asked rudely and hissed loudly while Grandma shook her head.

”What?? ” Sapphire exclaimed in disbelief, standing up.

”Did you just hissed, Dorothy? ” Erica butted in, angrily.

”Shut up, shes free to hiss, ” Felicia interrupted, eyeing Erica.

”Im very sure shes pained because we chose Prince Dalton over Prince George, the arrogant Prince, ” Rina voiced out, glaring hard at Dorothy who was stamping her feet on the ground in anger.

Then they began to bicker while Grandma watched them silently.

”Stop it! ” Grandma commanded, getting annoyed with their silly argument. ”Why are you guys fighting over it? ”

e sorry, Grandma, ” They chorused, bowing their heads.

”This isn the time to argue…. ” Grandma paused, kooling. ”We need to consult our Goddess, Amira. ” Grandma continued and pointed at the three black pots. ” Katherine, bring the three black pots here. ”

”Okay, ” Katherine nodded, closing her eyes, muttering, then the three black pots appeared in front of Grandma.

”Oh, wow! ” Dorothy clapped her hands.

”Whats so special about that, huh? I have power than her, ” Sapphire bragged. ”Her power can beat mine. ”

”Mtcheeeeewww, Mrs Braggart, ” Katherine hissed.

”Another word from you guys, and Ill send you guys out, ” Grandma stated sternly. ”Are you guys kids? You all have children, yes or no? ”

”Don be annoyed, Grandma, ” Rina pleaded.

”Alright, lets continue, ” Grandma said, opening the three black pots, and chanted with her eyes closed. ”Ficci Soopji ersssim! ”

Everywhere became silent, the sky had became dark, and darkness filled everywhere, heavy winds began to blow sands through the window while others covered their eyes, so that the sands won get into their eyes.

”Ficci Soopji ersssim, ” Grandma chanted again, opening her eyes slowly.

A figure appeared, walking towards them, perhaps she was the Goddess Grandma was talking about, the way she walks speaks of authority. She was wearing a long, white garment embroidered in gold with astrological symbols, her face was painted in black and white, she had a long black hair, four bracelets were worn around her hands and six leg chains were on her legs.

”Hail the mighty Goddess Amira, ” Grandma commanded, bowing her heads with her two hands up.

”Long live, Goddess! Long live, our mighty Goddess! ” They all echoed and bent down, bowing their heads with their two hands up.

Goddess Amira was known to be powerful, she knows everything.

”Arise! ” The Goddess said, gesturing with her hands.

”Thank you, Goddess, ” They all stood up and sat down on the floor, avoiding the Goddesss gaze. It was said that whenever you are

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